hey guys welcome back to my channel so today's video is going to be how I curl my hair this is probably my number one requested video right now so I'm gonna do it for you guys today and I wanted to show you guys the one that I'm using or the curling iron it's ion IO in and had this thing for forever I mean probably like ten years but this is what it looks like I don't have the exact measurements and I can't find it on here but hopefully you guys can just look at this it doesn't have to be exact so if you find one that is different but it kind of looks like this it'll probably do the job I feel like this is all about the technique and not really like what you're using but how you're using it also I wanted to mention the lipstick I'm wearing because I know a ton of you guys are gonna ask but it's a Mary Kay lipstick and I spell it H aut but I think it's just hot pink but it looks like this and I am obsessed with it right now I'll have that link down below if you guys want to go check that out but let's go ahead and get on into this hair tutorials the first thing I like to do is section my hair off so I just grab the top part kind of like you're just doing a half-and-half hairdo and I just grab the top part of it and put this part up in a bun and then I'll curl this bottom part first [Music] so I always section it off into two sides and then I'll go ahead and just start with one side and my technique to this is you don't open up the curling iron like that you just leave it together and use it more like a curling one and always put it behind your hair instead of in front of your hair because you don't want your curls go like this you want them to go away from your face so I said it behind my hair and then you just start wrapping it around like this you just hold it there for a few seconds I never really time it but you don't want to leave it there very long because you don't want the curls to be too tight so this is the kind of curl you end up with and that's perfect to me so with the hair basically another thing that I try to do is make sure the hair is laying really flat on there so sometimes your hair can get twisted up I'll show you guys kind of what I mean like that you don't want to curl it like that try to make it like as flat as possible on the curling iron so I'm going to go ahead and finish the bottom part and then I'll come back on and show you guys the top part [Music] [Music] so now that I'm about to start the top part I also section that off and I just go where I normally part my hair so I'll have more on this side and I just go ahead and I normally do this side first just so it's over with because it normally only takes like three curls and this side is done [Music] all right so now that I have these pieces looked where my shorter layers are what I do is curl it the old-fashioned way so that's why I like using a curling iron over just a plain one because you do have the option to open it up if you need to and so what I like to do is go ahead and open it up also curling away from the face like the rest of the hair is going and then just curl that like you normally would let that down but I feel like this gives the top of my hair kind of like a looser look instead of like if I had curled these pieces the same way I was curling these they would be way too tight and just like super like at the top of my head so what I like to do is just do it the old-fashioned way once I get to these smaller layers now a hairspray and the hairspray I'm using is freeze it and you guys know that I swear by John Frieda so that is like my ride-or-die hairspray but last time I was at Walmart they were out of stock on John Frieda and this is the second one I would go for it they don't have John Frieda I always go for freeze it I feel like this is like the next best thing if not just as good as John Frieda so what I do is just go ahead and hairspray and I kind of I don't want to add any more volume to this side because my hair parts to this side so I feel like it's already very volume eyes but I also like to come over here and pick up my hair right here try to make sure you don't have any like spiral curls if you do just go ahead and break those up but I like to grab my hair kind of at the root and hairspray it there to give it just as much volume on this side as it has on this side [Music] then the last thing I like to do is kind of just run my fingers through it because it does have those tight like spiral curls I like to just run my fingers through it real quick and loosen all those pearls up and as you go throughout the day they're gonna loosen up even more so you don't want to loosen them up too much but just get them where you want them to be and just keep in mind that they're probably you don't loosen throughout the day as well so that is it for my how I curl my hair tutorial I hope you guys enjoyed it and found it helpful please leave it a thumbs up if you did and don't forget to hit that subscribe button if you are new to my channel and I also have a giveaway going on right now that I will link down below and I will see you guys in the next video bye [Music]