we are not licensed practitioners or nutritionists we are not here to tell you what to do we are simply here to share Cynthia story and experience on how she healed her long-standing illnesses and I hope you enjoyed this video you're beautiful you were too amazingly healthy thank you oh I didn't used to used to fall out this creating so much thicker as long as it's ever been it used to never grow past here that's amazing never hi everyone thank you for joining us today I have a very special guest today my friends Cynthia and she's gonna be telling us about her story about how her path to healing and how she healed you have so many symptoms for your whole life and so I'm here to ask her questions so she can share her story with you on how she healed the way that I know her is because her daughter is Amanda and my good friend a man that who lives on the island here we both homeschool our kids and you might know a little bit about her if you know about this necklace that I wear a lot that you have I hang on to it she makes jewelry out of recycled materials and this is my why I'm vegan necklace and I'll put the link in the description box below so you can check out her daughter Amanda's jewelry so so let's get started why don't you just start from the beginning and share your story of like where you were before to where you are today I've lived my life just well I remember since I was 7 years old I've been in the hospital with headaches migraines I had allergies so bad oh my gosh all my life I mean I always had flus colds bronchitis just always sick missed a lot of school and then when I got pregnant with my son I had a pretty good pregnancy but I had a lot of issues – always sick and then I got pregnant with my daughter and I think when I got pregnant the second time with my daughter is when things really started getting worse my health went even more downhill I ended up getting pneumonia a lot and I went to so many doctors I have lists 27 different doctors that I can count since the year about 2005 well basically they would just like well okay let me give you this I've been on every kind of prescription and muscle relaxers painkillers any inflammatory any I mean you name it I had a pharmacy in my cabinet I got to where doctors were telling me you're getting older or or one of them really affected me because here I am I'm going in there and I'm just I'm feeling so miserable I'm in so much pain I'm like why am i hurting so bad my necks hurting my back's hurting and he's he's like well what should I give you what do you want I'm like oh my god you know that hit me that hit me like a brick wall falling on me it's what it felt like and they didn't know really what you had they didn't know how it could be cured they thought it couldn't be cured they couldn't find anything they did x-rays they did MRIs PET scans I can't even name how many x-rays cat scans MRIs I've had in the past physical therapy yes no one could find anything wrong with me yeah I mean they're like well everything looks fine and you thought you look fine yeah I'm fine you're like I'm miserable there's nothing wrong with you and how are your energy levels throughout your lesson all of that I mean I had a lot of issues with my stomach all the time energy oh my gosh I remember laying in bed being so uncomfortable but I was just didn't have the strength to even roll over and change my position you know what I mean yeah that's I yeah I feel like that bad my body hurts so bad I wanted to squeeze my arms and my body just because it felt like if you squeeze it you know you'd just feel something besides that aching and the other time you know me yeah so yeah it got to that point and then one day I had this incident on the freeway where I don't know what happened but it was like a turning point where like okay I'm not gonna go out of the house again because I think if I go around I'm gonna crash and they're blackout and maybe crash and they hurt somebody besides myself II that was your moment that was my moment that scared me so bad and I called the doctor and they said well you need to go to the emergency room and it was on a weekend so when I went they said they thought at first I was having a heart attack so they did all the stress tests and oh no your heart's fine but yet I had abnormal EKGs you know nothing was really normal yeah my my blood pressure was super low I mean my pulse is low and like feeling I'm gonna pass out but no you're fine they did oh there's nothing wrong with you you just had panic attack did you feel like maybe because I didn't know exactly what it was they would just say you're fine type of thing that's what I feel yeah you didn't have any answers for so many years and you're like I just have to live with this my whole life so then I found this doctor after that happened that was my turning point and he actually gave a name for everything I was like oh my gosh I do have something I'm like it was like a relief to know there was something wrong it's not in my head I'm not going crazy right I had Hashimoto's thyroiditis hypothyroidism osteoporosis adrenal failure or Fatimah Lateef yeah adrenal fatigue syndrome yeah so he put a name to it and they had me changed my diet they put me on a lot of prescriptions oh my gosh I was on thyroid medication and I thought were you not on medications before all these well I was all those years I was on and off the cases of Rolaids and right you know all that stuff tylenols I lived on Tylenol painkillers and anxiety and any inflammatory I mean you name it they had it because they didn't know it was wrong with me right I had all these items like and then you came to this doctor and you got you new medications yeah I didn't hit any I got off all of that I mean I haven't even had a Tylenol sounds so but the problem is okay I got off of all those medications for pain and all of that but he put me on armor thyroid the gesture on estrogen and cortisol and I thought oh my gosh yeah I'm feeling so much better because at the same time I'll change my diet I started eating a lot more vegetables oh and I quit eating the dairy I cut back on the milk I thought oh this is great I'm feeling so much better yeah a lot of the symptoms went away I can walk on my feet my feet strong you know all the inflammation was gone because I mean I got so bad I had gout you know they told me how do you put someone so young yeah but yeah I've had everything yeah went to this new doctor he did put me on a diet where I didn't have any sugar for three months no fruit no sugar it was just basically paleo my you know eat meat eat chicken eggs oh I would eat lots of fat yeah not knowing that actually the eggs were making anything I lost some symptoms but then I gained others some yes like all the eggs eating more eggs calls for my rash to get worse yeah I'm thinking but no fruit no fruit and I think that just killed me because I craved fruit like crazy that was the hardest thing I thought yeah I thought I was eating really really healthy yeah thinking that okay fruit is my enemy right now I cannot have any fruit because they did stress about the candida and I started feeling a little better but then quickly I started feeling really bad again I started right away well right away I lost a lot of weight wow this is working and I'm feeling better yeah but then I started developing a lot of new symptoms yeah I started gaining weight yeah again then I went to back to my doctor for my yearly visit I mean although I went there all the time cuz I kept having symptoms all along the way then I went back to my visit and I asked him am I ever gonna be able to get off of all these medications because this is a lot I'm carrying around you know pill containers and they you had to carry around two of them with you no because I'm so many pills he said no no you know your your body basically what you have is your body is attacking itself I was like oh my gosh still gives me good so I'm thinking about that because I'm thinking okay my body has just been attacking itself all my life there's no cure and I couldn't believe that and I was like no that can't be and so that was the last time I went to that doctor because I just couldn't accept that ya know cuz like you knew in your heart yeah I knew that was it right yeah I can't imagine that yeah I'm gonna have to be on drugs the rest of my entire life that would be really defeating and what were the added symptoms you got from taking all these other medications oh when I started taking the medications I started getting weird sensations in my feet like I felt like I was having like needles sticking in my toes I had stomach issues I ended up getting more rashes I started getting more headaches and I figured that out on my own I quit taking one of the medications and which I would never say to do that I mean I always ask your doctor once the doctor told me I couldn't be cured that basically I was going to be on medication the rest of my life and that there is experience that no one gets off all that medication you don't get off of hormones you don't have office i roid I said no I just can't accept that and I started doing my own reading I went and visited my daughter we started talking about nutrition and then I found out about Anthony William is big I went to the bookstore and I got it immediately and it came right to me yeah weird case you don't know Anthony William is the medical medium his book is called medical medium it is really really amazing his message is powerful and it has helped heal so many people and that's why your story is so powerful because of how long you went through all these symptoms and illnesses that nobody can help you and then even the one who knew what it was with P R and T I'm sure you had really good intentions but that's all that's what oh yeah and for you know you felt better at first a little bit but then all these other new things came in that that's not good enough either you know I guess I found Anthony Williams back and I read I couldn't put it down I mean I would stay up at night reading that book and all day I told everybody about it you know what's so funny is that my story is kind of like that when I was at my lowest point like when I was at my lowest point of when I had the eating disorder of anorexia and I wanted to heal so bad but everything I ate made me feel like such crap and I didn't feel well and I was gaining weight and I just I just felt awful poor digestion poor energy acne all these things and then someone told me about the raw food diet like fresh fruits and vegetables and I just picked up all these raw food books and it was like I literally could not put them down so I think when you're at your lowest point and you're so desperate and you're like I have to heal this like I have to get better there has to be a better answer it's like you you just can't you can't put it I mean I sleep with it but I mean even though it's been a year now since yeah it's been a year a little over a year that book almost goes with me everywhere I started following Anthony's recommendations from the book affected me right away I started feeling a lot better eating the fruits and vegetables I guess because I didn't have I wasn't eating those things that inflamed my body I cut out all eggs dairy milk me I didn't eat anything from an animal yeah nothing you started right away right away that's been over a little over here okay corn soy gluten I do not eat any gluten at all and I think like it's a general rule if you're focusing on whole plant foods that don't have an ingredient list then your yes a lot I do a lot better just eating fruits and vegetables oh my gosh he has a smoothie it's got five ingredients wild Maine blueberries a dulls the cilantro a wine spirulina and the barley barley grass yes to juice counter heavy-metal detox smoothie like he I drink that every day cuz I love it I had bananas Tara and I said orange juice I tend to do like the barley grass juice powder and spirulina in the smoothies and then I do like the dulse in the cilantro in like a salad that day and then like the blueberry Osun that double raised in this movie as well yeah we feel so good yeah so you started you cut out the meat and the eggs and the gluten and you started feeling better and you know you didn't have to be afraid of fruit anymore okay I was all about the like pro fruit oh now is the very same isn't so good for you we measure and potatoes right at that I was always afraid of meat and create all the doctors well you're eating too much sugar you're gonna quit eating fruit and then they also say like don't eat carbs like you know like a potatoes like is this this potato fear like potatoes and sweet potatoes are are like something to be feared so then you did you started following his diet and his recommendations and you started taking his supplements he recommend yeah and you oh yeah I got off of all the doctor stuff even the supplements he had me on I mean I went all for it my heart told me that everything is bad it was everything about me I mean it just let's just all right you to it this place I was reading well I went just completely Anthony Williams you know just did everything he said as much as I possibly could what I could get cuz I mean I don't have a really good grocery store at my house a nice you know long trip but I did basically eating like the smoothies and the fruits and the vegetables I cut out everything he said everything he said that was bad for you and I mean I started feeling better immediately right away ended up I'm off of all my all my medications from the doctor I got off of it and that's what helped me get off all all my medications I started doing Anthony Williams diet and I took myself off of everything I took myself off all the medications very slowly and that way I didn't have any I didn't have any symptoms like you know if you just totally quit taking something you're just gonna you're gonna end up in shock at the hospital emergency room because I found that with eating the way Anthony Williams said to eat sometimes telling me I need to get off of this yeah and you didn't have a doctor to help you get off those medications no I did your doctor didn't want to help you get off them you thought it wasn't possible I asked my doctor if I could get off of our everything and he said no you there's you cannot get off of everything you're gonna be on this stuff all your lawyer in no way are you recommending people just just you know get off your medications on your own definitely find a doctor who can help you get off the medications it's not something to just be like oh you can get off your medications on your own you're a very special case that now you were able to do it but we would never just recommend this is what you should do but this this is what you did and my doctors were very very surprised yeah yes so what they were like well I went back to the doctor and I actually switched doctors when that doctor told me that I've been going to and beyond him for the rest of my life I was like I couldn't accept it no I mean I wanted to get healed I don't want to put a bandaid on it forever yeah totally so I switched doctors and I went to another one for my yearly visit by the time I switched you know went for my next yearly I had already gone a whole year yeah almost of going vegan and following Anthony Williams diet and you know recommendations on supplements and stuff and I went there basically to get blood work the doctor I remember he came into the room first thing they do you know they ask you well what are you today are you still taking this this in him and I was like no no no no no and then I get my blood work back and well he's looking at it and I had improvements on everything even my osteoporosis is reversing Wow and he's he's like well when did you quit taking this this and this mess and I'm like well yeah yeah yeah and that just confirmed it for me then okay this is working what I'm doing without any medication so and that's another thing with the medications they had me on instead of getting better results and everything nothing got better actually my osteoporosis went from osteopenia to osteoporosis even more they got worse each year and then they said oh no that's normal when you're on medication yeah it's gonna keep getting worse and if my osteoporosis is gonna keep getting worse no doesn't know I'm the opposite yeah that was the opposite so the doctor I was to say the least very shocked at the end every shot right yeah see like you got off your medications feeling totally normal I mean I never knew what normal was right and sick I'll mentor like right like I went almost a year you know even now I really don't have anything going on no symptoms at all and I've never had that I've never gone a whole year without a cold or a flu or pneumonia or bronchitis or migraines or in the hospital for something or energy and I have energy yeah I'm not on these medication yeah so everything online told me that I'm not gonna be able to get off of all the medication I'm not gonna you know I'm never gonna feel completely right I guess and they were saying there's no cure yeah everything said there was no cure the doctor told me there's no cure for this and I have not had any problems at all I mean I get a trying to I've gotta cleanse my liver I gotta fix that I've got all the medications you take I've got still clean up from yeah and taking all their medications so I think that probably damaged my liver a lot yeah as long as some of the other drugs I've taken on my life you know medications once I get my you know keep up with this I I'm I can't even imagine how good I'm gonna feel one yeah yeah and that is like how profound from Anthony landslip medical medium life-changing foods and then his new book coming out called thyroid healing which you've pre or every ordered it yeah and something so powerful that I think was so cool is like how you were told by that doctor that your body is attacking itself and then you read his book and it says your body is not as hacking itself yes that really was a major thing for me to know that it's not me it's not my body and and now you do know that that's true because yeah I know when you're sick yeah for the first time in your life how are you feeling I feel great I feel really good and I can do so much more I mean there's just so many things I have I used to not be able to hold a glass now I have a lot of strength in my head and I have stamina oh my I didn't go when I live in my hike I'm so happy for you there's so many illnesses that are told are not curable and the only thing you can do is take medication for the rest of your life when really doctors are taught in medical school you know they're totally taught about human anatomy biology drugs and their effect on the body if I ever get an accident I need surgery major surgery I want straight to the doctor you know I'm so glad for those sir yeah but when it comes to nutrition most medical doctors are not taught very much about nutrition the average medical doctor in America is actually a taught one course of nutrition and their entire medical schooling unless they go for extra schooling like for extra and nutrition was training and that is really amazing because it's really common for people to be like my doctor says I can't eat this or I should eat this and it's like well where's your doctor you know information do you learn in medical school like because most doctors aren't taught very much about nutrition and then even then there's a lot of nutrition advice that is extremely biased that's bought out by these big food industries you know many books on nutrition and I read so many that they all say different things yeah like what do you believe yeah I know I knew in my heart that that was going to heal me when I read his back you just knit yeah I knew it I called a man that when I first got a bit yeah and I got this book I haven't been able to put it down and she was telling me throughout the month like my mom is feeling so much better she's off this one occasion she got that one definitely on one medication next time she's not even on that medication anymore everything which is like huge remote use and I got her that's better yeah daughter only knew you that way it being sick and now you're so much better and yeah yeah yeah so we definitely recommend Anthony Williams book so many stories like hurt so many people have healed from their illnesses that they were sought their whole life they were told their whole life that they'll never be cured well I'm so happy for your story thank you for sharing your story with everyone and yeah I hope you find it helpful and I think her story's really inspiring that's why I wanted to have her on my channel and that's pretty much it I'll put the links in the description box below to Anthony Williams books if you want to check them out we just really love him and his book so it's amazing guy so that manually why they talking about it any husband has saved me I really think that does I don't know happy if I kept taking all those medications right her this is just a disclaimer as well we are not trying to say that we are medical doctors or the moon this is what needs to be and we're simply just like sharing her story and and her experience and what happened to her and how she transformed okay well we're gonna sign off now thank you for joining thank you bye-bye you