– Thanks Hebrew National
for partnering with us on this video. (pleasant, upbeat music) Hello, as a mother of
five kids in six years, and the owner of three
successful businesses, the most common question I get asked is, Jordan, how do you do it all? How do you make motherhood look so easy? Well, today I'm gonna share
with you a little secret. Motherhood is easy. I don't know what all the fuss is about. With a few simple tips,
motherhood is a piece of cake. It all boils down to a few simple things. I always keep a spotless home, and as a result, my
children are respectful of our things, and neat and tidy. I run a strict, but loving household. It is important to show your children your authoritative side so that they remain charming and well behaved. My family sits down together
for a hot meal every night. We enjoy gourmet food,
and great conversation about our day and all the important things we have going on in our lives. – Guys? Hello. Anyone? Guys? Okay moms, let's get real. Motherhood is not like
it looks in the movies. It's messy, (children yelling)
loud, and it's busy, but with a few simple
mom hacks, you can thrive in the back to school chaos. Let me show you how. Let's face it, family life is busy. We end up eating in shifts because of all of our crazy schedules. We love Hebrew National
hot dogs in our house because they're made with
premium cuts of beef, and it's a warm meal, made with love, that still feels like a
real dinner, and gives some variety to all the carbs
my kids are always eating. The quality of the
product makes me feel like a total super hero because
I'm able to feed my family something quick and efficiently, while being substantial and filling. Come on, the kiddos need
a substantial dinner after a long day at school, and Hebrew National remains strict, so I don't have to worry about a thing. (upbeat music) One of my favorite mom
tips is to keep a simple daily to-do chart for your kids. I like to keep mine in the kitchen where they can see it every day. Include tasks for getting ready, getting their school work done,
doing their chores. It not only takes those
tasks off your shoulders, but it teaches your kids
responsibility as well. And then, I like to include a reward for a full chart. Another great mom tip is
to use a ticket system to reward good behavior. See your kids doing something good, give them a ticket, and then each month hold a family store
with inexpensive treats, and trinkets, and little
toys that they can buy. And it really helps you to
focus on positive behaviors, it encourages them a lot
more than punishment does. I recommend keeping snacks
organized and keep them handy. I like to keep bins organized
with tape one, and tape two appropriately labeled
for the type of snack, so that my kids can
pack their own lunches, and then keep your fridge drawer
full of healthy snacks that are washed and ready to eat
for those hungry, hungry kids. If you do not have
recyclable hot dog trays sitting around your
house, go and get some. They make for amazing
plates for on the go eating, and especially work great in the car. My last tip is just embrace
the chaos and let go of perfection. Mom life is crazy, but
it can also be worth it. You just have to let go a little. (upbeat music) (kiss)