hi guys and welcome back today's video is going to be on how to create your own cleaning routine I get a lot of questions about this so I've come up with five tips on how I came up with my cleaning routines and how I like revise my cleaning routines all the time so let's go ahead and jump on to these tips and my very first tip is to go about your day doing what you normally do and every time you do a chore go ahead and write that down and write down what time of day you did that chore this is going to give you a good indication of what your daily cleaning routine should look like you should also write down some chores that you didn't get done that you wish you had gotten done so let's say you've missed unloading the dishwasher in the morning that is one of my like number one things I need the dishwasher unloaded every morning and so let's say I missed that then definitely throughout the day I'm gonna realize that if I had unloaded the dishwasher in the morning my day would have gone a lot smoother so keep note of all of those things and it's kind of gonna give you like I said just a really good indication of what you should be doing with your daily cleaning routine so like I was saying in tip number one you kind of want to write down like the time of day or the exact time you ended up doing some chores because that is going to help you out with my tip number two and that is know when it is your best time to clean for me personally I get most of my cleaning done at nighttime I have a three and a four year old and I do love teaching them to clean and they are really good about cleaning but at the same time there are certain things that I just want to do by myself with no one else around I find it very relaxing to clean at night so that's just when I personally like to do most of my work the kids are in bed I don't feel guilty for cleaning my house you know things like that so it's just perfect for me to do most of it at night but figure out what is your best time maybe your kids go to school and so you want to do your cleaning you know while they're at school or something like that I don't know what your schedule is like but just figure out when you find it most relaxing to clean and go ahead and hit up your daily chores at that time number three is don't procrastinate go ahead and write down your list anytime I feel like I am just not motivated at all I would get a pen and paper out and write down my list of things that I need to get done that day and just having it on a list makes me do it the list doesn't have to be the same every day but just making sure that I have the list down gives me a really good idea of what I need to get done that day and it really just holds me accountable you're just way more likely to get it all done if you write it down so I highly recommend that way so we've talked about daily chores but let's talk about weekly chores and tip number four and that is just to either go ahead and set one day aside to do all of your weekly chores like cleaning the bathroom dusting what else Windex seeing those are things that I do once a week and so go ahead and set either one day like let's say Saturday is your day off and you're gonna be able to have a lot more time to clean on Saturdays go ahead and do your entire list your weekly list on that one day or do what I like to do and that is break it up and do one weekly chore a day so on win days I Windex on Thursdays I dust on Fridays I plead my closet that is one of my weekly chores just because like it just gets dirty so fast for me I don't know but cleaning my closet is a once a week thing for me so go ahead and make it your own so just think about things that you personally need to do it might not be on everyone's list but put it on your list and then just go ahead and figure out if you need to do all your weekly chores in one day or if you want to go ahead and break it up that way it's not so overwhelming to put all in one day figure out what is best for you and do that so my very last tip is to have something written out in your house with your daily cleaning routine and your weekly cleaning routine that way everyone in your house can see what needs to be done and maybe go ahead and check things off the list that way someone can come up and see that you haven't cleaned the toilets yet and they might jump on that before you can do it and it's just gonna help you out a ton I know that most husbands actually don't mind cleaning it's just that they don't know where to begin that's what my husband has told me he's like I don't know where I need to help you and so sometimes they just need a little guidance and so having a list and the house really helps out with that because they know what you haven't done and what kind of needs to be done and they're more willing to help out so I hope you guys enjoyed today's video please leave a thumbs up if you like these tips and don't forget to subscribe if you are new to my channel and I will see y'all next time bye so if you've made it this far in the video I have a bonus tip for you guys and that is just to watch other people's cleaning routines on YouTube this is where I get a lot of my ideas as well and so I will have mine put right here on the screen for you guys my weekly and my daily cleaning routine and I'll also link it down in the description box as well and I'm also going to link a few of my other YouTube friends weekly cleaning routines and daily cleaning routines as well so you guys can check those out and let me know in the comments below if you heard the bonus tip because I would love to see who all got to the very end of this video and I will see you guys in my next one bye