– Where's my shoe? Oh my gosh, shoes. (upbeat music) Hello, welcome back to Millennial Moms. If you're new here, I am Kimmy, and I encourage you to
hit that subscribe button down below so you don't miss any videos, and give this one a great big thumbs up! Well, today I'm gonna be sharing with you three tips that can help
you in your night routine to have a great morning. But there are some things
that I try to do every night, I'm not perfect at it,
there's nights I just crash, but there are three areas
that I'm gonna share with you that are gonna help you
feel prepared for tomorrow and help you feel more calm and just be more centered as a mom. We put a lot on these
shoulders, and in our hearts, so we have to find time for us. The first tip I have for you, is to be prepared for tomorrow. First thing you're gonna do, and you can do this while the kids are up or right when they go to bed, in fact I encourage that you
get the kids involved in this, especially if they're older, because they can handle responsibility. But get the backpacks to a
destination, like a landing zone. I have a landing zone by my garage door, it has hooks where we can put book bags, I have this place for shoes, so you're not doing the
whole, “where's my shoe?” Oh my gosh, shoes. They disappear like socks, right? Know where your keys are. I am horrible at keeping track of keys. Okay, biggest thing to
do, is check your planner. What is going on tomorrow? So that way you don't wake
up tomorrow morning and go, “oh my goodness we have
a dentist appointment “or a doctor's appointment, “now I gotta go back to the school, “pick the kids up, get 'em out, “I haven't even showered yet.” (laughing) Does this sound familiar? Try to pick out the kids
clothes the night before. I will have to say that
I'm really bad at this, but we're getting better. And the biggest thing
to help you the next day feel calm, is to make dinner. Do you need to pull your crockpot out and just stick it on the counter to remind yourself that you're
gonna have a crockpot meal? Do you need to take
something out of the freezer and put it in the refrigerator
to help it thaw out? So think about dinner so that way you're one step ahead when
you wake up in the morning. You have gotten dinner done,
maybe you've cleaned up dinner, you've wrangled the kids,
you've got their jammies on, which is no easy feat. You've put 'em to bed, you
probably brought them water, tucked 'em in about a zillion
times, read another story. Does this sound familiar? Now the kids are in bed,
and you are wiped out. Okay, once you've gotten all the responsibility part out of the way, let's have me time, okay? You've been a busy lady. What could we do for us for me time, and prepare for tomorrow? I have seen results where if
you take care of yourself, at night, you can wake up
calmer and to face your day. And I have noticed that
when I do these things, I feel so much better the next day. So, number two, pamper yourself. Start that bubble bath, the
kids are sleeping, let's go. So when you get outta the
bath, lotion yourself up. There's something comforting
about loving yourself and just rubbing lotion on you. It's like your giving yourself a hug. And while you're doing this,
have some really nice music on. Preferably music that doesn't have words, something soothing like spa music. If you like to meditate
at this time, go for it. I love sitting at my vanity at night. If I've taken a shower that night, I'll dry my hair, I'll put
on my lotion on my face, and prepare to go to bed. If you don't shower at night, take the time to still wash your face. And while you're brushing your
teeth, have that music going and pamper yourself
still with some lotion, or lotion up your face,
take off your makeup. The third thing that you
could do in your night routine to help you be calm and
feel good for the next day, is to journal. Yeah, it is a good thing to
get out all that frustration, everything that we go through as moms, as parents, and write it out. You can even write the ugly. I suggest you do this first. Write it out, all your
frustrations, things that happen. “I can't believe this
happened today, I'm so upset”. Or “this hurt me today”. Take that paper, I want
you to crumple it up, and I want you to throw it in the trash. Okay? Get all that off you. It's done, we're moving on. And the next thing I like to do, is I have a journal where
I write the good things that happened in the day. We already know there's frustrating stuff, but I wanna focus on the day where I found the nuggets of joy, the awesome nuggets of being
a mom, and a gratitude. But we need to empty out the negative and put in the positive. Well, those are the
three tips I have for you to have a good night routine to help set you up for the next day. If you have any tips of what you do in your night routine to help you out, please leave it in the comments below, so we can all learn from one another. If you'd like to see more videos here at Millennial Moms,
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