hello everyone today I'm gonna be talking about one of my favorite subjects skincare specifically what I think are some of the best products for oily and acne prone skin I would say that the majority of the questions that I receive revolve around skincare which makes me really happy because I love talking about skincare I've noticed that a lot of questions revolve around oily skin and what to use and also having acne or acne prone skin these are two things that I am very familiar with I have oily skin I've also dealt with really bad acne over various points of my life including being an adult so I am going to be sharing some things that I think are really great for just long-term maintenance and care of your skin and I'm going to be breaking everything down into three different sections that I think are important to think about cleansing moisturizing and special treatments one thing I've noticed all across the board when I have face-to-face conversations with people and they're asking me about skincare and what they should be using is that people really aren't washing their faces properly and if you're not washing your face it literally does not matter what you do after because it's just not gonna work or it's not gonna work as well you need to be making sure that your face is clean now there's a difference between being clean and totally stripping your face you really want to find a place where your skin is free of makeup and debris and feeling balanced you definitely do not want to be completely stripping it even if you have oily skin and I know that is something that is so tempting you think I have oily skin I want to get rid of all the oil on my face you don't want to be doing that it's going to make your skin produce even more oil that's going to clog your skin and your skin is just gonna be going crazy and feel really unbalanced and it's just not good for anybody it's not good for your skin it's not good for you because you're gonna be going nuts you really want to focus on finding a happy balance for your skin to remove makeup I am a huge fan of cleansing oils I've been using them for almost 10 years now and I am somebody that has oily skin I regularly use cleansing oils some are definitely way better than others so I'm not gonna sit here and say every cleansing oil is great and won't break you out there definitely are some cleansing oils that leave a residue on your face that are greasy that might break you out that have really strong fragrances so you do need to have an awareness around that I definitely still sing the praises of cleansing oil because when you find a good one they are incredible and nothing else really works like them so one of my favorites is from Tula this is a probiotic skincare line that I've talked about before I love their exfoliating mask oh my god it's amazing this is their kefir replenishing cleansing oil it's a lightweight oil that doesn't feel greasy when you put it on your face so you just pump it out and put it on your face dry and it will melt all of your makeup it doesn't sting your eyes it doesn't leave a weird blur is behind it doesn't have any fragrance in it and it washes off completely clean I would say this is a great option if you are somebody that has more sensitive skin or you're worried about blurriness or stinging around your eye area because that is definitely something that can happen with cleansing oils I am so picky when it comes to makeup removers because I wear waterproof makeup this removes my waterproof makeup really gently and easily and I am just so happy with it if you're wondering how this works it's essentially an oil and oil breakdown so this oil in here goes onto your face and helps break down all of the oil and debris on your skin so then it can wash off completely clean this is really the first step in making sure that all of that surface layer stuff is off of your face I also really love my seller water the simple micellar water is my favorite and I have especially been loving the one with the water boost which is a little bit more hydrating than the regular one I think this is great for a follow-up cleanse if you just want to run a cotton pad over your face and pick up anything that might be left behind because sometimes there are little areas of your face that the cleansing oil doesn't pick up like maybe over here around your ears or down here around your neck area I like to just do a quick little follow-up sometimes and this is also great to use in the morning or maybe on a day when you're not wearing makeup and you don't need to be using a cleansing oil you will be shocked at just the stuff that is floating around in the air that sticks to your face all day I have had so many times where I use this at the end of the day to just do an initial cleanse of my skin and what comes off on my cotton pad is gray it is so gross because it's not makeup or anything that I've chosen to put on my face it is just dirt and gunk from the world outside even if you don't wear makeup and you're not putting things on your face your pores are getting clogged throughout the day just from the air around us for your more traditional basic cleanser I really recommend sticking with a gel cleanser or something that's just on the lighter side I would recommend steering away from things that are super super creamy because a lot of times those can clog your pores but there are some creamy cleansers that won't clog your pores but to be on the safe side Gel cleansers are usually a little bit better these are two gel cleansers that I really love the glow recipe blueberry bounce gentle cleanser and then the Lamesa and glow recipe green tea foaming cleansing gel this one is a drugstore option that you can find at Target I only have the little travel-size since I it's so tiny but I really love it and I actually have another travel size that I'm gonna be taking with me this weekend when I travel it's awesome because it's gentle it has little green tea leaves in it it smells really good and it just gives you a nice gentle cleanse the blueberry bounce is pretty similar there's little blueberry pieces in it which I love and it gives you a nice gentle cleanse it lathers up perfectly not too much but not too little and neither of these will strip your skin so your face will feel clean your pores will be cleaned out but you're not going to have that dry tight feeling afterward the one additional thing that you can do with the blueberry bounce cleanser is you can leave this on your face as a quick mask this is a gel that you can put all over your face leave it on for like 10 minutes and then wash your face and it'll provide you with a deep cleanse so it's like a mask and a cleanser all-in-one which i think is awesome you also want to make sure that you are exfoliating your skin regularly and I would definitely recommend just paying attention to what your skin can handle and what it can't handle because some people can handle a more abrasive exfoliation and other people need things that are more gentle something that is a Holy Grail product for me that I use regularly I've gone through so many tubs of this cleanser is the tatcha polished classic rice enzyme powder this is a powder cleanser that has an enzymatic exfoliation so it's not gonna feel like a sugar scrub or something that has grittiness to it this is going to exfoli your skin gently and consistently over time as you use it and that's why I really love this because it's not a super harsh scrub but I definitely see the results from it and it doesn't take long to see results either this will leave your skin feeling super clean really bright and glowy and just looking and feeling healthy it's gentle enough to use on a regular basis they also have an extra gentle formula and they also make one specifically for oily skin as well but my favorite is definitely just the original one if you watch my videos then you've definitely seen me use this before you just pour the powder into your hands mix it with a little bit of water and it lathers up and then you just put it on your face and wash your face like you normally would and I would say after about a week or two of using this cleanser you will notice a huge difference in your skin your pores are gonna be cleaner your skin is going to feel softer and your skin tone is also just going to look a little bit more even – this is something that is definitely a splurge item but it is so worth it it has transformed my skin and just my cleansing routine in general all right my oily skin acne prone friends let's talk about moisturizing because I know that this is something that can be really scary when you have oily acne prone skin you don't want to be using moisturizer because you feel like you already have a ton of moisturizer on your face the natural oil on your face is not doing the same thing as a moisturizer and so what you want to do is be feeding your skin with things that will help your skin just balance itself out so you don't want to be depriving it of moisture because it's going to be creating more oil that's gonna clog your skin if you give it moisture that won't clog your pores your skin is just gonna even out and it's not gonna be producing excess oil I'm gonna talk about toner first before getting into the traditional moisturizers because I do think that toner is important I've kind of gone back and forth on this over the years but at this point in my life I really landed in a place where I think it makes a difference and I do think it's important so this is the one me sabai glow recipe green tea serum toner again something that you can find at Target and this is a really great toner because it has a really bouncy cushiony texture but it's really light I put maybe like a quarter sized amount in my hand and then I Pat it all over my face and I just let it sink in before putting on my moisturizer I also have a crumb from breakfast in my teeth real cool this toner will help balance out your skin and also help give it an initial boost of moisture when you put this on your face it helps your pores to just stay open so then the other things that you're putting on afterwards can really start to sink into your skin I've been using this regularly and I've definitely noticed a difference in my skin's brightness as well like my overall skin tone is just very even and this isn't sticky or greasy it just really sinks into your skin nicely it has a lovely fresh scent to it and I think that it is an awesome product to be using after you cleanse your skin it really does make a difference even though when you're putting it on your face it doesn't feel like it's really doing anything but I've definitely had days where I haven't used this and I feel like my moisturizer doesn't go on as well it's not really sinking into my skin it's just kind of sitting on top another thing from the WA me psycho recipe line which I don't know if you can tell by now but I'm obsessed with I'm also obsessed with the fact that you can get it at Target so it's super accessible and I think the price point is so reasonable for the products that you're getting this is the green tea moisturizer this is a really light oil-free moisturizer that won't clog your skin it has the same scent as everything else in the green tea line it's really hydrating but it's not gonna feel heavy on your skin you can see that it immediately just goes into my skin I love wearing this it leaves your skin feeling really soft and smooth makeup goes on really well on top of it it also works really well if you're not wearing makeup – I will say that I definitely prefer this as a daytime moisturizer I have used it at night but my preference is during the day for sure another daytime moisturizer that I really love that is actually almost completely gone I'm really just scraping the bottom here this is another thing from tatcha this is the water creme which I have talked about in my videos before I think this is a great splurge option for oily skin the consistency is really unlike anything else out there because it's a true gel cream formula it's really bouncy and springy I wish I had more product to like show you that I want to save the last bit of product that I have in here it's really lightweight it sinks into your skin I would say this is a great option if you have especially oily skin like if you're on the super super oily side I feel like it really balances out your skin and I notice it immediately when I put it on my face I also think this is a great option if you have sensitive skin as well because I definitely use this on my face when I've experienced really bad breakouts or just redness and irritation and I feel like tatra does a really great job at making products helps soothe any kind of irritation the last moisturizer I have is from make Prem this is the safe meal relief moisture cream this is the one true cream that I would recommend for an oily acne prone skin type on a daily basis it's one of the only moisturizers that I've ever used that I enjoy using during the day and at night a little bit goes a long way with this and I feel like during the day it really makes my skin feel plump and supple it's a great base for makeup and then at night I feel like it really just hydrates my skin overnight and when I wake up in the morning my skin is brighter it feels really hydrated and moisturized but not greasy this is also really gentle when I had a cut underneath my eye this was the only moisturizer that I could use that didn't irritate it because it didn't have a fragrance or anything in it I love this moisturizer and I think it is a great option for people with oily and acne prone skin who want to be effectively moisturizing their skin and also just have one moisturizer that they can use day and night for special treatments the first thing I have is the glossy a super pure serum this is a niacin amide and zinc serum that I am obsessed with I am NOT obsessed with the fact though that you only get half an ounce of product so I've subscribed myself to a monthly subscription of two of these because I go through about two a month I use this after my toner and this helps calm any redness and soothe breakouts I have noticed a huge difference in my skin with regular use but I will say if you're not using proper moisturizers after this this can be dry so definitely keep that in mind but if you do follow up with a good moisturizer afterwards this is amazing and even though you don't get immediate results from it I think after a couple weeks to a month of regular use you definitely notice and overall change in your skin sunscreen I cannot stress sunscreen enough no matter what your skin type is but especially if you have oily acne prone skin and you're dealing with hyperpigmentation so hyperpigmentation is discoloration left behind by any spots that you have that is definitely something I experienced no matter what whether I pick it a pimple or not I get a dark mark my skin scar is very easily and is also very prone to discoloration people ask me a lot how I deal with hyperpigmentation and my two main tips are exfoliating regularly so the tatcha cleanser is huge for me in that department and then using sunscreen if you're not wearing sunscreen when you go outside it just makes sense when you think about it on a basic level you go outside in the Sun you have discoloration on your face the UV rays from the Sun are going to make your skin darker in general it's gonna make your skin produce more melanin so the spots that you do have are going to get darker if you're not putting on sunscreen this is something that I really struggled with for a long time because I wasn't wearing sunscreen regularly and I was like why won't this hyperpigmentation go away and it was really deceiving because sometimes having makeup on your face can make you feel like you're shielding yourself from the Sun and environmental factors but it's really not even if your makeup has SPF in it you need to be wearing an actual sunscreen this is the make Prem UV defense me blu-ray Sun gel with SPF 50 I really like make Prem and their sunscreens because they're really light this is a light lotion consistency I also really like the gel that they have I would also recommend that for oily skin but they just blend in really nicely they don't smell like a sunscreen this is SPF 50 and they leave your skin feeling hydrated and also protected I love their formulas because a lot of times sunscreen will make your skin feel really tight or just overly greasy and I think that they have found the perfect balance of hydration and just giving your skin breathability and movement so I don't feel like my skin is tight during the day I feel like it's just my natural happy skin for masks I love that this Sunday Riley Saturn sulfur acne treatment masque this has sulfur niacinamide and zinc in it this is kind of like the glossier serum but in a mask with sulfur in it and I love how gentle this is on the skin you can use it as a mask all over your face or as a spot treatment and I have talked about this before my one issue with this mask is the texture when you're using it as a spot treatment because I feel like it's a little difficult to work with but as a mask all over your face it's really great it spreads out evenly you just need a thin layer I feel like it's a really gentle way to treat existing spots but also prevent new ones I personally don't like using things all over my face that are super harsh that's gonna make my skin really red and irritated because at the end of the day ultimately it just doesn't feel good I feel like it just takes your skin longer to recover from that as opposed to gently taking care of it consistently over time thing that I have is the glow recipe watermelon mask I have talked about this so much because I'm obsessed with it and I really think this is great for all skin types but I think it's especially great for oily acne prone skin I've also read a lot of reviews for this mask and so many people with this skin type love this mask and see really similar result so this is a sleeping mask that you put on before bed and you wear it overnight and then you rinse it off in the morning this not only brightens your skin but it really gives your skin an amazing dose of hyaluronic acid which is really hydrating and is gonna help balance out your skin and when you're sleeping at night that is when your skin is regenerating your cells are actually repairing themselves overnight and so you want to make sure that you're giving your skin good things at nighttime I love using this like one to two times every week and I notice a huge difference in my skin it feels really balanced and bright this will also help with your skin tone because it does have that brightening aspect to it and I find that it also really helps with redness and irritation too this is a miracle worker like it is worth the hype I just keep hyping this up because I love it so much I'm just gonna put this out there and say this is one of the best masks I've ever used in my entire life it is incredible alright so those are all of the products that I think are really great for oily and acne prone skin obviously there's a lot of variation amongst this skin type and people have specific needs and specific wants so hopefully you found this helpful and there was something that you can take away from this video that will help supplement your already existing routine or maybe if you want to switch up your entire routine completely I hope that there are some tips here that you found helpful skincare is so personal and I think it's important to just garner an awareness of what you need over time just be patient it's a journey which I know is frustrating to hear but I think if you really pay attention to how your skin responds to different things you will really learn a lot about your skin because your skin will just tell you what's happening you just have to pay attention and listen to it I think overall when it comes to taking care of your skin be patient with yourself and the process and don't beat yourself up for not having quote-unquote perfect skin because there is no such thing as perfect skin we all go through periods of time where our skin responds to life in different ways and that's okay it's normal I think if you relinquish yourself from this pressure to have perfect skin and really focus on just taking care of your skin long term consistently over time and listening to what it's telling you you will be so happy like I get pimples now I actually have one like right here and right here I don't know if you can really see it on camera because the lights blow things out a little bit but now when I have breakouts it just doesn't affect me as much because I really think that I've had this shift in my mindset where I know that I'm taking care of my skin and sometimes there are just certain things in life that are out of my control like my hormones and things like that that are gonna make me break out and that's okay because I'm human and I'm gonna have pimples sometimes but I know at the end of the day that I am taking care of my skin and listening to it and that's what's important to me all right so that is gonna be it for my video today I hope that you enjoyed it I know that I did a lot of talking today I'm a little bit out of breath tbh so I'm gonna go and drink a ton of water now which is also really great for your skin don't forget to subscribe to my channel because I'm more videos coming your way I hope you guys have an awesome day and I will see you later bye