this is really really good really really good I missed something here I missed a big spoon problem we have a big spoon problem big problem it's no secret that will happen ease and we lovin our love and we love in our eleven and it's a staple and it's a staple are you guys hungry let's get started how're you guys it's Christina and I'm so happy to be in the kitchen today with my big sister Bianca and my mom and we're very happy to share with you a raw vegan Lebanese recipe today lovin is a Lebanese yogurt yes lovin is a Lebanese yogurt and Lebanon they call it lovin it or lovin either one it's a very common thing to see this kind of yogurt everywhere in Middle Eastern countries even in the u.s. people have you know different types of yogurt that they put on their cereal or in their breakfast smoothies and this recipe is actually a raw vegan version of this coconut yogurt and it's cruelty free it's dairy free it's delicious there's no hormones no chemicals no pus it's made purely from a coconut and we want to thank Victoria Arnstein for this idea in this recipe because she's the one who gave us the idea we love you Victoria and we've made our own modification to make the Lebanese version of it so we really agree Thank You Victoria and we're really excited to share this with you guys today if you haven't already hit the subscribe button because there are a lot of cool fun recipes coming for you we want you to join our family and if you like this video if you liked the recipe be sure to give it a thumbs up we lovin our love and we love in our 11 for this recipe we're going to be using a high speed blender like our Vitamix if you guys are interested in getting a Vitamix you can use the affiliate code on the screen for free shipping when ready you're going to chop up two young coconuts you're gonna scoop out the meat and you're gonna put the meat of two young coconuts into your Vitamix blender after this you're gonna put approximately one to one and a half cups of coconut water from the young coconut into your blender there should be equal parts in this recipe if you want it to be thicker useless coconut water if you want it to be creamier add more coconut water also add in the juice of one lemon or one large tablespoon of lemon juice a pinch of Himalayan pink salt and a very important element here would be one to two capsules of a vegan probiotic here this is what's going to help it rise overnight blend this up until it is completely smooth and creamy and then pour it into a glass bowl you're going to cover it with a towel or with a plate and let it rise for the next 24 hours it's going to look like it's fermenting it's going to look like it's souring up it may taste a little sour but that's exactly what it is supposed to do style everybody must argue okay okay good and then what to do okay then they would put a plate over the 11:11 you put a plate so you cover it up so nothing gets in into it oh and you work you cover the love and then you wrap it up so that way it keeps warm and it ferments so that way maybe you situate the tile in the towel properly so it maintains warmness and the fermentation process begins you put it in on your counter and let it ferment for about 12 to 24 hours after that then you put it in the refrigerator so it can get cold and you then you enjoy it's going to be delicious and what do we typically use lemon with you can add it on you can use it on anything we can use on cereal you can use it on salads salads like a cracker you can make a yogurt smoothie put berries in it you can put it on anything that you would like you get make your own and create your own yogurt dressing anything and it's very healthy and it's very healthy that's gonna rely on it good probiotics for your body and it's cruelty free raw vegan which means that there's no animal products in this recipe it's good for your body the environment and animals and we approve if you approve give this video a thumbs up comment below and let us know what you think hit the subscribe button and I'm so happy to have my sister and my mom my video with me today they're my angel yes thanks for joining us in this challenge thank you thank you mama thumbs oh we want to say thank you again to Victoria aren't seen yes thank you Maria and love to birdie who is not in this video we love you Bernie we have love to our birdie who's in this I do too this is our would we say lovin we do a lot of lovin we do a lot of love and a library a lot of lovin in this house so yeah there's our loving woman family right here yeah we want to give you a lot of lovin to a lot of loving a lot of loving loving loving and dad is in the other room but anywho it's a family affair today we welcome you into our home we thank you for joining us and we'll see you in the next video bye