I can't help myself I love you and nobody else [Music] [Laughter] hey you guys it's Christina hey you guys it's Sandra and we're so happy to be in the kitchen with you today with you today yes we are gonna be showing you how to make a nut milk and not just any nut milk but a raw vegan nut milk we're gonna use almonds you can use cashews I have people ask me all the time how to make a simple nut milk for those who are trying to transition into a vegan a raw or even a vegetarian lifestyle making a delicious and simple nut milk is essential especially when trying to transition and trying to make some delicious recipes you can make a simple nut milk or you can really jazz it up and you can make different kinds of nut milks and we're gonna show you all of that today we're super excited if you haven't already hit the subscribe button and join the family as we have fun making different healthy recipes raw vegan recipes spending time with family and so much more I'm so happy to have you guys with us I've been a raw vegan for 12 years mom has been doing a 21-day challenge with me on you know going raw vegan and having a great time and we've been having fun together and we're so excited to have you join us if you like this video don't forget to give it a thumbs up and don't forget to comment below and ask me what other recipes that you would like to see me make a raw vegan version of one of the benefits of making your own nut milk is that it is a dairy-free cruelty free milk product and some people spell it my LK to let you know that it's vegan there are many different reasons why I do not support the consumption of dairy but just a few of them are that dairy is not healthy for your body it's extremely cruel to animals especially animals who are factory farmed and it is awful for the environment for those of you who care about your body the animals or the environment a nut milk is a much more compassionate way to live your life to feed your body and to take care of your family your friends everyone around you and I personally believe that nut milks are far more delicious than animal milk if you guys want to check out another one of my videos that I made about why dairy and why milk is bad for you I'll put the link in the description below Rob Egan recipes can taste just as good if not better than the cooked alternative version and I can validate that that is really true very true all that being said I'm excited to share this recipe with you let's get started let's get started let's get started in here let's get started in here to make this nut milk I'm gonna be using my Vitamix blender and you can use any high-speed blender of your choice if you guys are interested in a high speed blender I highly recommend a Vitamix it is one of my favorite kitchen tools and if you use the affiliate code on the screen you can get free shipping on any Vitamix order the first step in making any simple nut milk is soaking your nuts for approximately eight hours mom stop laughing the first step in making any type of nut milk whether it be almond milk cashew milk macadamia nut milk or more the first step that you need to do is soak your nuts in water for about eight hours we're gonna be using almonds today but another one of my favorite nuts make milk out of our cashews because it comes out creamy and sweet we soaked these almonds in water for about eight hours and then in the morning we peeled off the skin after you soak almonds for a period of time the skin slips off very easily and you're left with this beautiful almond nut it's white and it's creamy and I find that it makes your milk come out even more beautiful and sweet after you've done this you're going to put your almonds in the blender add in approximately three to four cups of raw coconut water if you don't have coconut water you can use water as well it's just as good I have just come to love using coconut water to make my milks because it makes it even sweeter and more delicious than any milk that I could possibly taste after this I'm gonna take one vanilla bean and I'm going to scrape out the vanilla in the middle and then I'm going to put that little bit into the blender as well if you want to add in some cinnamon voila ladies and gentlemen you are making a delicious delicious nut milk here if you want to leave out the cinnamon you can do that to blend this up until it is completely creamy and smooth and looks like a liquid and even though it's gonna look just like milk the next step that you want to do is you want to take a giant bowl and a strainer and you want to make sure that you strain everything into this bowl you're gonna see a lot of pulp come out and this is okay you can save the pulp and use it later in a recipe and make some type of a date nut bar you can make little truffles but for the purpose of making a very smooth and delicious milk we're going to strain out the pulp here after you strain out the pulp what you are left with is a beautiful delicious creamy cruelty-free beautiful raw vegan nut milk and keep in mind that this is almond milk but you can do this with cashews macadamia nut Brazil nuts and so much more you're gonna be left with a bit of almond pulp and there's so much that you can do with this pulp especially if you're using different types of nuts you can take this and make it into a nut cheese you can make this into a raw cream cheese you can use this in a type of dessert if you want to make it into a raw truffle ball or add some rock cacao to it you don't have to throw away your nut pulp you can use it to make so many other things and I think perhaps we'll show you how to do that in a future video so hang on to your pulp if you're looking for something to do with this amazing nut milk a recommendation that I have is to blend it with some frozen raspberries and maybe perhaps even some Sunwarrior vanilla protein powder to make it even creamier and then you're going to have a creamy raspberry vanilla protein milkshake it tastes so amazing you can add a banana in there trust me when I say there are so many different things you can do with nut milks this is just the base recipe and then from there the sky's the limit you can be infinitely creative all right mom you ready for a taste test I'm ready let's do it in the cinnamon in here okay Cheers let's see the verdict here I like them vanilla has a wonderful smooth after effect I really like that you know it's funny I don't really remember too much wood no it don't taste like but this I just know it tastes so much better this is this is very good really very thing if you guys like this video and if you approve of this nut milk be sure to give this video a thumbs up comment below and let us know your thoughts and be sure to hit the subscribe button join the family you guys we're so happy to have you here and if you want to see me on my other social media you can find me on Facebook Pinterest Instagram Twitter all the above at fully raw and plutocracy alright you guys I have enjoyed having you here with us today and I cannot wait to see you in my next video sending you all my hugs and my love bye