I just want to start by saying I love you and if you have asked me this question it doesn't mean I don't like you I just have a certain response I get all the time the question how do I start a yoga practice I'm a total beginner I don't know where to start give me some tips I think that is a really strange question um it's kind of like asking oh I hear to kill a mockingbirds a really good book can you tell me how to start I just don't even know how to start like I'd love some tips the answer to that question is you open the book and you start reading the first page and the answer to start doing yoga is so simple it's just start just start there's like I don't understand what you're afraid of I really don't to be rude and I don't want to come off like a jerk but I'm honestly a very nice person I promise but I want to encourage you and motivate you and give you a little kick in the butt because if you're asking me the question how do I start yoga I mean first of all I'm not even a yoga teacher like I've been doing yoga every day for like two and a half years which is like a miniscule amount and I like posting about my yoga journey and everything but I'm not an expert and I'm I don't have all the answers but I do notice if you are a beginner and you want to start with yoga practice just start I don't care if it's a class I don't care if it's a video I don't care if it's a website I don't care if you're just kind of looking up stuff on an app or whatever um there are so many ways to start yoga practice these days and you just need to start I've seen a lot of people start yoga practices who are absolutely beginners and they don't ask questions they just kind of jump in but I think some people are afraid and I want to dress your fear if you are afraid of starting a yoga practice I want you to take a step back and ask yourself the question what am I afraid of there's nothing scary about yoga I mean unless you're doing a crazy inversion that you're not ready for that might be a little scary but just a beginner yoga club what is scary about that someone even commented and said I feel I'm afraid of looking stupid so I don't want to do a class I'm sorry but what it's like I look stupid every single day of my life like that is part of who I am and that is our god-given right is to look stupid if you feel like you look stupid in yoga class like who who cares who cares what you look like not only that you're not not going to look stupid because everyone around you is doing the same thing I'm just I'm just like kind of confused and if you're going to get our yoga class the teacher understand you are a beginner this is your first time you can even go up to the teacher before him and say this is my very first class and they will create a safe space for you to practice alright I think one reason I get this question all the time and so many other people who post about their yoga journey on Instagram and like certified yoga teachers why they get this question all the time is because I think you feel like if I ask this question that's me taking my first step to yoga it's like I wanted to yoga but I'm scared or I'm lazy or I just don't want to quite start just yet so I'm just going to ask the question how do I start and then I'm going to sit back and then maybe that person doesn't answer and then I'm like well I can't start yoga now because they didn't tell me how but it's so silly guys stop if you messaged me or commented or said something or even just put something out to the universe or told your friends or anything I'm interested in yoga I kind of want to try it just try it just do what yoga classes it's not that hard wow I am giving you tough love today guys on the other hand there are so many people who have like I can't even count how many people have told me um that they just watched me doing yoga online on my Instagram and then they started to practice and there was no communication between us no like hi what do i do how do I start something some videos like they just did it and then maybe month later they message me like I've been doing yoga every day for a few months now and I love it it's totally change my life and I'm like that's freaking amazing I'm so proud of you now that I've gotten that out of the way that is the big thing I wanted to say is just start find a video go to a class just start no no no no no no no listen you might be saying oh that was not what I wanted to hear I really wanted you to tell me that I needed to take six months in order to prepare I needed to touch my toes every day and then go to yoga class I'm sorry that's not the answer but because you probably want some like concrete stuff and if you're like a true beginner and you're like yo what what yoga and never what what is that then I do have some things for you but what I really want you to remember is this idea of just start tip number one is to get a map data yoga mat a real one because I think a lot of people who are just kind of beginning yoga they're like oh this here's a towel um no you can't use a towel I'm sorry just get rid of that and get a mat I don't care if it cost seven dollars from Daiso or if it was like a hundred dollar mat from one of these expensive companies the reason is on a towel you will slip and it will not be comfortable and you'll be like yoga so hard don't practice on a towel practice on a yoga mat tip number two is to find studios around you if you are in the u.s. it is very likely you live near one or maybe seven yoga studios so go check out the yoga studios and try their beginner packages almost every yoga studio has a package for people like you who want to start yoga we kind of split dip your toe in or maybe you want to jump all in but maybe you can't afford it just try their beginner package I know core power yoga has like one free week of yoga or something like that and then the secret is to go to the next studio and do their beginner package and just keep doing beginner packages around your area and finding different studios but it will really help you to be in class and to like see people and meet with teachers and everything and just get started also when you're in a class and if you feel like a posture is too hard for you just raise your hand and ask for modification if your teacher has already given you one tip number three is to do yoga via YouTube there are countless yoga channels on YouTube and it's pretty incredible and it's amazing that we have this in this day and age just find beginner yoga video beginner 30 minute video beginner back bending video beginner split whatever and do that video at home push your cross cable sides lay your yoga mat out and just do the video my next tip is to focus on your breath this might seem a little basic but it's actually the foundation of yoga is your breath in your yoga class that you go to when you do your beginner package tomorrow probably right you need to get well the teacher will likely say something like inhale lift up exhale fold inhale halfway exhale fold and the idea is it's one breath per movement just focus on your breath that's all I'll say my next tip is to try all different kinds of yoga there are so many different kinds of yoga out there Ashtanga and vinyasa and Bikram and all these different kinds try them all the next six don't wear socks next don't try postures until you're fully warm and ready for them don't backbend first thing in the morning some tips to doing yoga at home is make it a routine it's really helpful if you do it every single day and it just it's easy to make a habit of that and do it in the same place every day next is get blocks and even if you are an advanced yogi you still need blocks and they're really helpful when you're a beginner because there are some postures where you need to support yourself my next tip is don't do yoga on carpet if carpet all you got then by all means do it on carpet that's what you've got but it is better to do it on card on a hard surface also I'm going to plug my friends website here because I have been a member of their website ever since I started my daily practice that is how I served my daily practice the website is called bribing plant-based calm and it was created by Michelle and Jay my two friends and they are amazing and they're so dedicated and passionate about what they do and really good at it the website has amazing content and it's unlimited Yoga for $13.99 a month which is incredible because a lot of single yoga classes these days cost at least 20 bucks so that's an amazing deal so $14 a month gives you unlimited yoga that is what I do and that is how I have been practicing yoga and on the site there are tons of beginner videos I once had someone tell me that they wanted to sign up for thrive in plant base but Michelle looks so bendy and flexible and beautiful and so advanced at yoga that I was just so intimidated I didn't do it she has a big in her videos guys like all so many beginner videos that can't be your Excuse stop that makes you so tired of it right sign-ups exciting plant-based it's a really wonderful website I'm sorry as we go my next tip my final tip is to practice at home without a video whether you sign up for a package of user class or you sign up in Sargent plant base or you find another yoga series online that you like turn off the video roll your mat out at home and just do yoga by yourself your intuitive your smart and it's a very natural grounding organic practice that you have the ability to do I'm not saying like do a full flow or a full hour of practice all by yourself if you are just beginning but I truly believe that this is the best way for you to grow in your practice and for you to learn about your body and for you to have a deep spiritual emotional connection on your mat it is a life changing trust me I mean the paten yoga classes and the yoga videos are also so important and that's where you really are learning new things all timebut – surely deep in your practice you got to practice with just music or just your breath with no video do what you remember if you don't know a lot about yoga you're like I don't even know what were your one is like that's fine just take like five minutes to do yoga on your own and just do a little bit just do a little bit on your own and then every day increase a little bit more and practice something just do some handstands or work on crow or or just sit in child's pose or just stretch your hamstrings do something on your own it is life changing I've linked below some of Michelle's beginning videos from her YouTube channel there are so many yoga teachers out there I personally connect with Michelle's style it's vinyasa yoga and it's really hot and beautiful and sexy and I love it and if that's what you connect with amazing but just know that there are so many different styles of you got there and I'm not going to just link random videos below because that's not what I do but just google it and try it I really hope we're cool over good sorry I yelled sorry I cried no I'm not sorry I'm not sorry I did that I've got emotions damn it and I'm going to express them but I will tell you that I want you to know that we were good it's cool you guys can ask me any questions you want I just got that question so much and I needed to give you guys a kick in the pants because if you just because because you asking how to start yoga is not starting yoga I think you know the answer you know it so stop making excuses stop asking questions and I'm going to close with it I am personally it's very experienced with this concept of asking questions before doing I have been wanting to write a novel since I was 7 years old I have always loved writing and for years I asked questions and that's not how you start something I would ask people how do you but how do you do that and and then like what do i do is I present and then make excuses that's not how you start once I stopped asking truthfully one of my dear dear friends ila Morley told me Hannah you need to stop asking questions and just write your novel and I just heard her and I listened and I did it and that's what you're going to do okay thanks