all of the maze hi guys it's been raining in Maui all over the islands of last three weeks and you've been loving it our entire yard is green and the plants and gardeners in silver and flourishing so I wanted to show you a typical day for us when it's raining less today because we aren't always out at a waterfall hike or the beach or homeschool group so this is how we spend our day as a family indoors for chilly winter Hawaii where sandy tends to wake up first around 6:00 or 6:30 a.m. and I get up with him in the morning while dad and Elvis sleep in sometimes we play a board game together or read books until they wake up but Andrew has this waking left by 7:30 because he likes again early start to his day the brain is stopped for a bit when we woke up so we ran outside to the garden to grab some greens because we wanted to make it green use with the veggies we had on hand okay okay let's go making some green juice okay okay can you put all the kale on the cutting board we got a lot to do so you ready I'm gonna take off my sweater so I don't get anything messy I'll hand you but you can juice you push it harder a little bit on strong muscles pushing very hard oh it's dripping did you get it hey wanna stand on the chair below it might be easier for balance that better no it was a little bit too low yeah that better yeah oh my god you could yeah lose until nine o'clock Elvis sandy made you juice and he brought it to you hi thank you it's the best pages you ever had what are you doing sandy why hi my name is Elvis we're doing Joey this is Star Wars after our thing juice the voice video the video in youtube by cosmic kids yoga as you can see it's full of fun adventure then I squeeze in a twenty minute yoga video for myself and got ready for the day and days like these I take full opportunity to get some work done it wasn't raining at the time but still totally gloomy everywhere so Andrew did some gardening with the boys in the yard well I got some everything worked out hey guys it is a very gloomy rainy day out here so I'm just gonna stay inside and edit and work on some video footage and some photo edits and I thought I would just address real quick in this video some questions I received quite often where people say what camera gear do I use what editing software do I use for my videos and stuff like that when it comes to editing my videos I use Final Cut Pro I love it and for photo editing I use Lightroom lately I've really really just enjoyed learning how to edit in Lightroom a little bit better so I actually have been using Skillshare to continue my learning journey for photo editing if you don't know what Skillshare is Skillshare is an online learning community for creators with more than 17,000 classes in videography productivity photography even drawing classes and more if you're interested in like upgrading your camera gear or starting a YouTube channel or learning how to create and edit videos Skillshare is a perfect place to go because there's specific classes for all different types of things you're looking for there's even classes specific to learning how to use Final Cut Pro so let's say you're just getting into YouTube or and you want to start a YouTube channel but you're not sure how to edit and it's just kind of confusing when it comes to Final Cut Pro then you can go onto Skillshare and find your class that's the civic to learning the ins and outs and all the details about Final Cut Pro I'm learning more and more in regards to how to edit in Lightroom so I'm taking a class on editing in Lightroom Skillshare is great for people who want to make their passion their full-time job or people who want to start their own business or just progress in their own lives in an area that they're passionate about so I partnered up with Skillshare because I think there's such an awesome company Premium Membership begins around $10 a month for unlimited access to learning but the first 700 members who click the link in the description box below will get two months for free these spots are gonna go quick some should be one of the first ones to click so the vlogging camera I use is the camera that is on right now which is the canon g7x it's really compact it's a great portable camera it has the slip screen so that way I can talk to you face to face the other camera that I use for pretty much everything else for photos and for up close shots and videos and sometimes in videos I use it for the whole thing like the video a day in our Hawaii life big island abundance the whole video was shot on this camera pretty much obsessed with this camera it's the Fuji film XT 2 and I have two different lenses I use the 16 millimeter lens and a 35 millimeter lens it's a crop sensor I'm really not tech savvy just so you know like I'm I sound tech savvy right now but I am anti tech stuff I really don't do well with it and I'm confused by it all the time what I love about this camera is that it has great stability it's quite light for being a super awesome camera so I have the battery power grip attached at the bottom which adds two extra batteries to it so it makes it great for video filming because it does have high quality footage so it takes up a lot of space to film so it's even lighter if you don't have the battery pack on it so by itself it's a great camera if you're mainly wanting to use for photos and not filming this is the 16 millimeter lens I have on right now so those are basically the two main tools that used for filming the other main tool I use is called the monkey pod my friend Bonnie had recommended to me and it is a total GameChanger if you're vlogging if you're filming it doesn't work very well on the big camera because this is so heavy but it does work really well for the g7x so for our drone shots andrew flies the drone we use the DJI Matic pro we're very happy with it it's compact super tiny so that's pretty much it I hope this is helpful in regards to content how I'm creating how I'm learning and growing I'm gonna add some photos for a bit and then I'm gonna go hang out with the boys for the rest of the day loses two so now Elvis is making me a smoothie mr. nice surprise huh love are you making every week on so exciting it sounds so good and sandy needs to get out of the tub are you ready to gather the tub okay let's rinse ewok I won't get in your eyes mommy mommy hold you here thank you so much for making me a smoothie I'm so excited no problem not like a hard fish go away yeah that's all of us on the screen huh mm-hmm I love you all there's mango and you let Elvis feed you well Jesus you took too much huh okay okay here let me pour all's well can I say twine all of it yes please thanks so much for making me a smoothie you're welcome it looks perfect Oh would you wash that for me too try it it seriously is the best in such a long time Boston building much more traveling me