hey guys welcome back to my channel so today's video is going to be these two crazy kids dressing me for a week what was your favorite part about dressing mommy for a week she thinks that these kids dressed three for a week and I let them do everything completely on their own and I just wore whatever they told me to they were actually really good at it I was very impressed and surprised there were a lot of outfits that I wouldn't have picked out normally by myself but they actually ended up looking really good so I'm gonna go ahead and show you guys these clips now we did Sunday or Monday through Sunday so are you guys excited about this video yeah alright let's get started alright day 1 can you pick out a shirt for mommy yeah any shirt you want you like that oh I bet they're gonna pick different things okay well that's gonna be too hot for today yeah alright alright so we'll go with what Ross said Hey gonna do this one Julie can you pick out some pants for me alright these are all the clean pants I have for today we've got pants and shorts and this is a skirt those are pants so what's it gonna be you picked my shirt let's let Julie pick the pants [Music] this skirt yeah all right sounds good I'd like that blue line right here all right final decision that was easy all right so my husband knows that the kids are picking out clothes for me every day this week so I want to see his reaction of this outfit they did yeah I know do you see the blue shoes too it really does is not bad not bad for a three and four-year-old so on Monday we ended up with this leopard print outfit with a lot of accessories and these blue shoes to match it this one was definitely one of the crazier outfits the earrings really didn't match at all but I wore them anyway because they wanted me to on Tuesday this one was Ross's absolute favorite day he told me over and over that day how good I looked every time he saw me he picked out the shirt and so he was like ooh mommy I love that shirt I love blue on you blue is his absolute favorite color so he just gave me compliments all day long about this shirt [Music] Wednesday was actually one of my favorite days that we did they picked out this cute Minnie Mouse shirt for me and they also picked out some black pants which I wasn't too crazy about because it was in the 90s that day so it was pretty hot to wear those black pants but I wore them anyway and then I also really loved the touch of the white hat that they put with this they were very creative and really wanted everything to match this day so they did really well one day for now and they're gonna pick out my clothes again he's already ready yeah what'd you find that one that would be beautiful all right for Thursday's outfit we ended up with this purple top with lots of sparkles that's exactly what Julie wanted and blue pants because Ross's favorite color is blue once again and he picked out the pants for this day this is definitely one of the outfits that I never would have put together on my own but I love it and I'll definitely be wearing it again on Friday I really don't know what happened I think my kids wanted me to look homeless this day or something so they picked out this dress for me and then they picked out the jacket to go with it and then they also picked out some of these brown shoes that did not match at all but hey I went with it because they were picking out my clothes everyday and I just did what they wanted me to [Music] and they made up with it on Saturday because this is probably my absolute favorite outfit that they picked out for me I got these green pants recently at Target it was in the clearance section and this top I got lots of questions about on my Instagram it's from Rainbow and I think it was only ten dollars but definitely will be wearing this one again – and then last day is Sunday and they picked out this green wraparound dress for me and also these black and white earrings which didn't really match at all but it was the very last day and I was willing to go ahead and do it for them wrong sake leave it a thumbs up for me and Julie [Music] [Music] [Music]