hey guys and welcome back to my channel today we're gonna declutter and organize and deep clean and basically do everything in the bathroom that needs to be done wait until you guys see the before it's crazy like my closet where I keep all of my like beauty products and cleaning products towels and basically everything that I need in the bathroom is a disaster like it's not organized whatsoever it's gotten out of hand really bad so I want to like how to move things around I have some of like our medicine in there and I kind of want to move that down to the kitchen and clear out some space for some other things so we're gonna go ahead and get started on this it's probably gonna be a long video but you guys love my long videos every time I do a longer video you guys are saying that you love that so this video is probably gonna be pretty long so I hope you guys decide to either clean along with me or enjoy this video but yeah it's probably gonna be a long one because I got a lot to do this is the before of the closet that I have in here I mean look at all this like this is crazy this is ridiculous all of this just really needs to be organized and decluttered I know that there's like hardly anything in this gel bottle and it hasn't even been thrown away yet so yeah there's just tons of stuff it needs to go look at this I have way too many towels some of these need to go down to the kitchen obviously like these well I could probably keep this up here because this is just microfiber so I could probably clean with this today actually but yeah there's a lot of like kitchen towels in here too and it doesn't belong I just need all of my smaller towels I mean washcloths but yeah so we're gonna work on this first the first thing I like to do when I'm decluttering is start with a blank slate so I started taking everything off the shelves and putting it on the bathroom counter that way I had more room when I was going to go through everything [Music] before I go through the items I wipe down the shelves with the method multi-surface spray so then I went through all of my products and got rid of anything that was expired or I knew I wasn't gonna use anymore I wasn't really focusing on organizing at this moment just trying to figure out what I wanted to keep and what I didn't want to keep going through everything and touching each and every item and actually giving each and every item some thought whether I wanted to keep it or not [Music] now that I've figured all of that out I group like things into sections and then I start putting them away in these white containers that I got from Burke's outlet [Music] next thing to do is declutter all of my finger nail polishes and my essential oils [Music] [Music] for my essential oils I decided to get a jewelry case that hangs on the door and store all of my essential oils in here this is definitely one of my favorite storage solutions that I have in my house now [Music] [Music] now that I've organized all of that is time to go through the feminine products and the first aid items I also had a few other like miscellaneous products in these bins that I ended up just getting rid of [Music] [Applause] the last thing I did to declutter the bathroom closet was go through all of the washcloths and get rid of any that really looked dingy and then I also ended up taking all of the kitchen towels down into the kitchen where they belong [Music] just finished this is what it ended up looking like I'm really happy with it I ended up putting all of my like body wash and lotions over here and I think I just have like some random things like deodorant and my perfume and fingernail polish remover but over here I have anything like hair related and teeth related and I think that's all I ended up with in this one so I've got like my shampoos and hair spray and thin teeth whitening stuff over here and then I really decluttered my fingernail polish because I've been getting my nails painted gel nails and so I'm really not using that much fingernail polish but Julie still likes to get her finger nails painted so I kept her favorite ones and then I just have a few other things over here right here I ended up putting our q-tips and also some of these little pads for like taking off your makeup and then I just put all of my like washcloths over here in this one some towels looks really nice smell that I don't have like our beach towels in here I ended up putting our beach towels in the guest bathroom just because like it looks so much nicer and the kids used like the guest bathroom so they can use the beach towels but and then over here I ended up putting all of our band-aids and the heating pads and basically like first-aid stuff this is where I put all of my feminine products in here and thin over in this one I put all of my like cleaning washcloths so anything microfiber that I'm gonna end up cleaning with went in this box and then above here I just have our like overnight bag this is like what we use whenever we go out of town and we'll just put like our toothpaste in and all that so I just kept that up there and our extra q-tips I also forgot to show you guys I've always kept my toilet paper down here and this little thing I've had this since we moved in you guys have probably seen that before and then I also have our scale over here last but not least over here on the back side of the door I just put all of my essential oils in here I think this is going to be a really good way to store my essential oils 1/2 waiting to buy more essential oils until I got a better storage solution so I think this is gonna work really good and I think I'm gonna have these things filled up really fast so these are the two trash bags that I ended up filling up with things I'm always amazed at how much stuff I end up getting rid of so anyway I'm really happy with how everything got organized and now it's time to deep clean the bathroom I don't feel like I have that much to do because all of my cabinets are pretty much organized for the most part so I just need to take everything out and wipe it down and put it all back but I also need to like clean off the mirror and clean out the sink let me show you guys the sink real quick like look at this there's like toothpaste and moly hair all in it so all of this stuff needs to be clean I also need to clean off this little dish right here so things like that the whole bathroom just needs to be deep clean so here we go so when I like to clean I like to clean top to bottom and so what I do is start with my mirror first and to clean my mirror off I'm using the method surface spray my absolute favorite spray for my mirrors and windows and then I move down to the countertops and I wipe those down and you can use just the same product the method surface spray because it's for any type of surface but it works well on mirrors and windows as well but I just used that to wipe down the countertops and then I also clean out the sinks I know you will always be the [Music] when I was finished with that I took everything out of all of the cabinets and just wiped down all of the cabinet spaces and then I put everything back inside of them and kind of just like rearranged and organized how I wanted it to be [Music] no I know you will always be the [Music] Oh [Music] do it all for you I'll be enough be enough for you baby I'll do it I'll do it all for you I'll be enough be enough for you how could you make me feel like [Music] always [Music] Oh Oh always [Music] versus I could add a yes that need to start the rubberband the roadside play your bet harmony and the old horns gone my god the knife and I can't be sir on my scale [Music] from where [Music] do my there's no road good [Music] this morning I took fear Allah SME to see the for Prasanna excuse us for – for a penny but they've Arkana car and when I [Music] now that I've done all of that I just wiped down the Front's of the cabinets and then I also wiped down the shower and you guys are gonna see in a minute it looks disgusting when I show you guys the rag I ended up getting so much stuff off of the shower that I didn't even realize was there there's no [Music] something's got [Music] tomorrow [Music] some things God [Music] [Music] then I went over and picked up our bath mat and just threw that in the washing machine hindsight I wish I would have thrown these in before that way I could have had them drying and had it all clean by the end of this video but oh well at least they're getting washed not tomorrow there's no as soon as I was done with that I went in with the vacuum and just started vacuuming I love my vacuum because you can vacuum on all sorts of surfaces it doesn't have to be carpet it can be tile like this or hardwood it really doesn't matter it all picks it up really well and then I also took the attachment off of it and then went around in like the corners just making sure I got all of the dust and dog hair off of everything [Music] before I started mopping I wanted to go ahead and do the toilet that way you know if anything splattered on the floor then I wouldn't have to mop that area again so I just started wiping down the toilet with the auntie back from method [Music] and then I'm using seventh generation toilet bowl cleaner this is one of my favorites right now I really recommend it so before I start cleaning my floors I wanted to show you guys what I'm using I used this mrs. Meyers tub and tile cleaner a lot but this one I've been using for a while and I was almost out of it so I recently picked up this method foaming bathroom cleaner and it is in the eucalyptus and mint scent you guys know that I love that scent so I was really excited to try it out in this video and it worked really well it cleaned the floors really well it didn't leave any residue and it smelled really good so I'm definitely going to be repurchasing this one I really liked it and I personally like to mop my floors by hand mostly because like especially in the bathrooms I tend to get like hairspray on the floor and I feel like when I'm mopping with just a regular mop it doesn't do as good of a job so what I do is go ahead and wipe it down wipe down half of the floor and then I wipe it up with a towel and then I move on to the other side of the bathroom [Music] I hope you guys enjoyed today's video please leave a thumbs up if you enjoy d clutters and deep cleans and I'll definitely do some more for you guys I think next week I have a declutter and deep clean my master bedroom I plan on doing that one really soon so you guys be on the lookout if you like videos like this and be sure to subscribe to my channel if you are new I've got a giveaway going on right now for all of my subscribers so be sure to check that out and I'll see y'all in the next video bye