yay hello everybody how are you okay I have the chat here on my phone so if you see me looking at my phone I am reading what you guys are saying so let's do a sound check is the sound good let me know in the chat hi everybody hello okay just let me know in the chat if sound is all good if the visual is all good and then I'll get into everything okay yay oh my god it's working yes this is a miracle moment it's very very exciting for Eileen and I here because lives don't like us typically with the sound so okay yeah I'm glad that it's working for everybody so I'm gonna be checking the chat throughout this and yeah don't be seeing what you guys say but thank you so much for coming this was kind of like a last minute live that I decided to do just because I've been really enjoying some Korean skincare products and I get asked a lot about what skincare I use in general but I wanted to do something separate for these because they're just different from some of the things that we're typically used to seeing out like in Sephora and just stores that we easily have access to here in the states also tato is here sleeping clearly he's very excited about this so if you have any questions throughout this let me know in the chat and I will do my best to answer okay also somebody just said Heather loved your phone case thank you very much this is probably my favorite phone case I've ever had okay so I have five products here and just so you guys know you can get all of these products from a website called glow recipe so you can find all of these things there I think I'm not sure actually about this one but everything else you can find on glow recipe so if you're interested in these that's just so you know because these can be harder to find if you're looking at stores like Sephora so let's see where to start I guess let's start with the first thing that I've really fallen in love with recently this has been getting a ton of like hype recently I suppose because it is now in Sephora and it is buy glow recipe so it is their brand and it is their original product it's the watermelon glow sleeping mask and this first of all the packaging is just really nice I love the color it's a really light millennial pink and it kind of looks like an ice cube and it's really solid too so this is quite heavy it's definitely not something that would travel well I mean you could travel with this but it's definitely got some weight to it so you'd want to deep off this so that is what it looks like really nice packaging and then on the inside first it smells like watermelon and not fake watermelon it smells like real watermelon like if you were to take a slice of fresh watermelon and just sniff it that's what this smells like and I love that I love that it doesn't have a weird artificial scent to it and the texture is really gooey it's like a gel slime a consistency and you have to give it a little bit of a mix before you use it and you would normally use the spatula for this but I'm just digging my finger into it so it does have like almost like a snotty consistency to it and the way that I use this is I've been using it like every other night and it is the last step in my nighttime skincare routine so after I'm finished washing my face putting on serums all of that stuff I put this on at the very end and no sorry I'm not supposed to put stuff there because it messes with the sound wait let me just wipe this off because I have like snot masks on my hand okay there we go it feels really nice on my arm just saying okay so I put this on as the last step and I put on a fairly thick layer so I really like scoop it out put it on my face wait for it to dry before I full-on get into bed and I sleep with this on and when I wake up in the morning you can kind of see the mask like peeling a little bit so you just have these little bits kind of like hanging off your face which is why I go into the bathroom and I'll use my simple micellar water and just kind of wipe all of that off as a pre cleanse before washing my face but when I get up in the morning my skin is just so glowy it's super hydrated really glowy and it's because this mask has natural aah A's in it so natural alpha hydroxy acids which exfoliate your skin while you're sleeping but it's also infused with a ton of moisturizers so it's really hydrating your skin at the same time and this is one of the only eh-eh treatments that I really love because typically they dry my skin out I don't like it it just makes my skin feel irritated but this is one of the only things that I've used with Naha in it or AJ's in it that hasn't irritated my skin has it made my skin feel dry my skin just looks so plump and so glowy when I wake up in the morning and it's just awesome to use and you can also use this as a mask that you take off in like 10 to 15 minutes so you can really just pile it on your face leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse it off so there's that option as well but I really love it as a sleeping mask so it can really get in there overnight and I haven't been wearing foundation recently I'm not wearing any today I'm just wearing a really light skin tint but I just posted a picture on Instagram where I'm not even wearing a skin tint I'm literally wearing nothing except blush on my face and my skin has just been so happy so I'm just gonna check the comments right now also for everybody asking what my lipstick color is oh it's over there I can't move because I don't want to mess up the sound but it's a Lancome lipstick I've looked at the name too so I wouldn't over for this and I can't remember what it is but it's a Lancome lipstick I will go on my Instagram story after this and I'll post the lipstick color when I can move because I'm literally in this like playpen of live equipment so let's see what is being said here um Richard asked when did you start using screw Korean skincare I have been using Korean skincare for a while one of my masks Giselle I have been using Asian beauty products just in general for a while so if you've been watching my videos for a long time then you will remember that asian beauty products have just always kind of been something that I'm interested in and specifically Korean skincare is always just really innovative they're always doing something that is ahead of everybody else they always have really amazing formulas and that's why it's something that I have been just like hyper interested in recently so I've really been more focused on that but I love Japanese skincare as well and it's just fun to explore you know things from different countries different cultures because you really get a grasp for what the people they're like using what their concerns are you know I think Korean skincare Japanese skincare they always have sunscreens that are ahead of hours they work better they feel better they're just like years ahead of where we currently are so speaking of sunscreen I do have a sunscreen that I have really been loving it is by I'm not sure how to say like say this brand name it's make P : re M so I'm not exactly sure if it's like make prem pierre am not totally sure but that's what it's called and I love this packaging because it says moisturizing serum no in all caps so it's an exclamation point moisturizing sunblock so you know it is not a serum it is sunblock and this is a capsule son gel with SPF 50 PA + + + so I have really been loving this sunscreen and if you are familiar with glossier then you know that they came out with a sunscreen that is clear and or you know when it comes out it's not clear but when you rub it into your skin it goes clear and it was something that a lot of people hadn't seen but in Korean skincare it has existed for quite some time so this is what it looks like it's a gel consistency when you pump it out also there's way more of this than the glossier one so this has 2.5 3 fluid ounces and the glossy one is what one else yeah so it's over double the amount that you get with the glossy a sunscreen this has a higher SPF to it and it's also more moisturizing so it feels hydrating without feeling greasy and then it just blends in to be completely clear and this is honestly such a pleasure to wear on my face it just works so well with any makeup that I'm wearing even if I'm not wearing makeup it's not drying out my skin and I think it also smells really nice – there isn't a hint of sunscreen smell in this at all so that this is quickly becoming one of my all-time favorite sunscreens for my face I really really love this so if you're looking for a face sunscreen I definitely recommend this because you're getting a really great amount of product you are getting something that's hydrating but not greasy and also something that has great sun protection alright let's see okay something else from the same brand this has only 12 ingredients in it and it is called this safe me relief moisture cream and it looks like this and I will say that this is one of the few moisturizers that I would recommend as a day moist and a night moisturizer usually it's one of the other but I would recommend very few for both and this is something that I would say is amazing to use both in the morning in the middle of the day and at night I guess that would be more than both because both things anyway you know what I mean so I have really been loving this I put it on my face today as my moisturizer and I really love it because it provides just an amazing amount of hydration throughout the day without making you feel like there's a thick layer of cream on your face so when you open it up one the packaging is really great it just feels really nice it's super solid it's not heavy though and I love how the lid like clicks into place just so seamlessly so it's really locked and nothing is gonna spill out and inside is just a really nice whipped cream it literally looks like whipped cream and it feels so nice and cooling and refreshing on your skin it doesn't clump up if you want to put makeup over it and at nighttime I've been using this as my night cream I'll just put a second layer of it so it's a little bit thicker and a little bit more hydrating and I've been loving it it doesn't have any scent to it so it's really easy and gentle on your skin it's not irritating and I love it it's one of the best moisturizers I've ever used and I love that it's something that I can easily use both day and night it just makes everything a lot easier okay so I am going to check the comments here what's going on guys let's see see some watermelon emojis which makes me happy let's see yeah does that Lynn is asking if the mask hardens so she's asking if the watermelon mask gets hard no so it stays flexible with your skin the entire night so it doesn't feel like a peel-off mask it doesn't feel dry and tight on your skin it literally just feels like a cooling gel that sinks into your skin it doesn't feel like anything which was really interesting because a lot of times with masks you can feel it but this just feels really nice and then it doesn't rub off on your pillow at night it stays on your face and it's just in the morning when you see like a few areas just kind of peeling but it's not like sticking on your sheets and your pillows and making a mess everywhere so that's another reason why I really like it because it doesn't feel like you have a thick mask on and it doesn't feel tight and uncomfortable okay speaking of another mask this is something that I have not seen at all in like Western Beauty so this is something that has been newly introduced to me it is a padding water pack so this is a mask that you use in the shower and it's a splash mask so you just splash it on your face and then you splash it off this is from the brand Blythe and it is the energy yellow citrus and honey mask for tone toning up and vitalizing so it says deep cleansing moisturizing balancing and lifting and this is what it looks like it's just this liquid in this bottle so what I do is I get in the shower I wash my hair all of that this is the last thing that I used in the shower before getting out I will wash my face with a cleanser in the shower and then I will pour out a capful this liquid into here and then pour the capful into my hand so at this point in the shower my pores are nice and open from the steam and your skin is just more receptive to the products that you're using because your pores are open so anything that you use is just gonna work better and so once I have it in my hand then i whoops there goes my other mask once I have it in my hand I just throw it onto my face and I start just patting it on my face for 15 seconds and the reason why the period of putting it on is so short is because this mask is so highly concentrated that you don't need any more time than that so just splash it on your face and then Pat it around almost like you're giving yourself a gentle face facial massage and then you just rinse it off under the string from your shower so I just take the water and splash it on my face and every time I do this I tell myself just pretend that you're in a new tradition a Neutrogena commercial washing your face you know how they have like the big splash up I just pretend like I'm in an Neutrogena commercial in my shower and splash my face until it rinses off and you can feel when it's off your face because when it's on your face it just kind of feels almost like you have a light like gel or serum on your face and then when it rinses off you can feel that it's gone so after I rinse it off I get out of the shower I don't touch my face I only just wipe my eye area dry and I let everything else air dry so I don't wipe my face with a towel I really just let everything sink into my skin and then I follow up with like a toner and a moisturizer and all of that but that is the way that you're supposed to use this mask and this is something that's awesome to use if you really want just like an instant wakeup and super glowy skin this is so awesome for that especially if you're like getting in the morning you feel like you didn't really get that much sleep your skin is looking kind of dull this is something that's instantly going to make it look more dewy and just brighter and more awake and I also really love how it smells this citrus smell is really great for that okay a little chat check what's going on mo is asking where my top is from my top is from a ritzy ax and I really love it actually my jeans are from a ritzy tattoo but you can't see those I'm going to be doing a haul soon by the way so you can see some new things that I got from a ritzy ax and some other places okay whoa okay the track just like sped up super fast alright last thing that I have I actually use this last night which is why it's in a ziplock bag because I saved it this is kind of gross looking but this is a seaweed mask it is made from actual seaweed and I can't say that I've ever put real seaweed on my face so this is the mask it's like dry now so it kind of feels like a seaweed snack almost but it is an organic facial mask pack from the brand one Misa that is the sheet mask packaging can you smell this Eileen smells like the ocean okay this smells like the ocean and it comes in two pieces and you can see that it is like literal seaweed that you are putting on your face and I used this last night so I was so curious about it and I thought it was just gonna be like a regular sheet mask that had some seaweed essence in it but no you get some real seaweed and I actually really liked it because my skin was a little bit red yesterday because we were taking some photos for a video that I shot yesterday and my face was just like in the Sun and I was so hot and so my skin was a little bit red not sunburned but just like hot and I put this mask on at night and it just made all the redness go away it was super calming a little bit weird like having that smell like smell that it smells like seaweed they you smell when you're watching I think space is like it so it smells like that so it's not like the most pleasant scent in the world but it's also not something that I find super gross either it's just different and I loved how my skin felt afterwards it just felt really really hydrated really calm and just nice so it's not doing any this mask isn't meant to do anything crazy it's just meant to like moisturize your skin relax you and just kind of calm things and that's exactly what it did so I'm pretty happy with it but I'm still just so amazed that seaweed like what almost hello I will say I do like sheet masks that come in two different pieces because they're just a little bit easier to put on so those are all the things that I have been loving recently in terms of Korean skincare these are all things that I'm like obsessed with right now especially the masks they are just really awesome they're different and they're just really wonderful to use like the user experience of all of these products just makes you feel good when you're using them the textures are just so well thought out and the smells the way that your skin feels and looks it's just really transformative I think so I'm just loving these products and if you are interested in these you can check them out on glow recipe this isn't sponsored or anything it's just a site where you can easily access products like this that typically aren't found in stores like Sephora and Ulta and things that we have here in the States so oh by the way I will say the one thing that is available at Sephora this watermelon mask has sold out seven times since it launched earlier this year so this mask is a big deal if you read the reviews people are freaking obsessed with this I went down a rabbit hole of reading reviews on Sephora and everybody like this has a four and a half star rating which is like almost unheard of and there are so many reviews and that rarely happens with products especially skin care products for so many people with so many different kinds of skin and you know different concerns to love one product so I think that's pretty impressive so I'm gonna do one last check let's see um I will definitely let you guys know what my lip color is on my Instagram stories after this I'm gonna go grab the tube it's right there but I can't move right now cuz I'll mess up the sound so yeah I think that is gonna be it for today thank you so much everybody for watching if you have any questions that I didn't see in the track because I was talking you can damn me on Instagram or leave a comment on my most recent Instagram photo that tends to be the place where I respond the most and I see the most things there so just giving you guys a little tip if you have questions after this all right thank you everybody for watching I hope you have an awesome day see you later bye [Music]