hey guys welcome back to my channel today's video is gonna be another late night chat and we are going to do my cleaning Q&A and I'm also gonna fold some laundry while I do this there's something going around called the laundry chat and you guys suggested that I do that a lot of you guys said that I should do it on one of my cleaning videos so that's what we're doing today and while I do this I'm going to answer some of your cleaning questions that I asked you guys on my Instagram and I seriously have no idea what these questions are I basically just screenshot a bunch of random stuff from that picture that I've posted asking you guys for questions and so I have no idea what I got so we're gonna go ahead and get started hopefully I can multitask I suck at multitasking so hopefully I can like pay attention to this and also pay attention to my laundry too alright so before I start my laundry I'm gonna read the first question and Selena Crawford or Cranford said do you ever feel overwhelmed with housework with two kids I feel guilty when I clean because of my kids but I feel guilty if I don't clean because I'm a wife and my house can go from spotless to disaster in ten minutes I feel you girl okay so to answer your first question do you ever feel overwhelmed with housework with two kids um sometimes I do sometimes like I feel like I'm really on top of things especially if I'm sticking to my routine but if I'm not sticking to my routine then it's just it can definitely get overwhelming pretty quickly and like you said just go from like spotless to a disaster in like no time flat next question is from Chaz 786 and it says what is one area slash thing that makes you feel the biggest difference when you're cleaning and they love my cleaning videos thank you so much and the one area I would have to say is my kitchen and the master bedroom for some reason like I really don't mind toys being around so for the majority of the time our playroom is a mess like seriously we probably clean that room like once maybe twice a week and there's just gonna be toys everywhere and I've just come to accept that but if my kitchen is clean if I can keep dishes out of my sink and my countertop cleaned off and our bed is made in our master bedroom and everything is kind of picked up off the floor then I feel like I've done my job all right so the next question is from Ashby Kepley I hope I'm saying Elle's names right but anyway she said how do you motivate your kiddos to help you clean so Julie is like me she always wants to help clean like it's just in her nature and I think some of that has to do with the fact that like she just loves to be with me she's a mommy's girl and she just really wants to do anything that I'm doing so I really don't have to motivate her to clean unless it's the playroom then her legs are so tired and she doesn't want to clean it's crazy how that is like if she is doing a mommy thing like if she's vacuuming if she's wiping down counters if she's doing anything an adult would do she's down for it but when it comes to cleaning up her own mess she's like I don't want to do that Ross is the total opposite way he's down to clean up his own mess but doesn't want to clean up anyone else's so I would say that's how I am too I don't mind cleaning up my own mess if I made it but if I'm cleaning up someone else's I'm like you better get in here and help me I guess to really like try to motivate them to clean is something that I talked about in my house you like discipline your kids video I'll link that down below if you guys haven't seen it but praising them when they do something right telling them how proud you are when they actually do to the stuff and I feel like that really makes the biggest difference because my kids always want me to be proud of them I think most kids want their parents to be proud of them so just really like encouraging a lot when they're actually cleaning motivates them also another tip that I have for you guys is the Power Hour bless Kimberly's heart for creating that Power Hour because it has not only helped so many people on you and myself but it's also helped my kids out with wanting to clean because they think that power hours are just so fun they just something about like racing around the house and having to do something really fast they think that that is so much fun so that is one way like when Julia is like no I don't want to clean the playroom I'm like okay Power Hour we're gonna put on like 10 minutes we're gonna get this playroom cleaned and they start racing around they think it's fun okay so the next question comes from Hannah E I want to say Wiley or I want to say Wiley I hope I'm saying it right anyway she said what made you want to start cleaning consistently and I thought that this was a really good question because this is something that I started doing I want to say it was after I had Julie um I never was one to like want to clean my house I was a pretty clean person but I didn't love cleaning for sure but whenever I had Julie she was a really hard baby to begin with and like for the first three months it was so bad like I wasn't getting any sleep I was getting like an hour's worth of sleep in between feeding her and it was just a mess so that's when I really learned to push myself to get things done before they need to be done basically with her it was like you never know what's gonna pop up you never know if she's gonna have a bad day you never know if she's gonna want to be up all night or you know who knows and so that is when I really learned to just get things done even if they don't quite need to be done yet go ahead and get it done because later on today you might have a really fussy baby or the next day you might have a really fussy baby and you would have wished you had gotten that chore done when everything was fine and happy so that is one thing that really like started me into like dedicating myself to actually cleaning my house just having that state of mind after I had Ross things went so smoothly because I was just getting things done before they actually needed to be done and like I was saying before about the cleaning routine definitely have a cleaning routine if you like want to get like on a consistent cleaning routine write it down speaking of when my kids were younger question comes from brandy Alba and she said love your channel thank you so much and how did you find the motivation to cook slash clean every day when your babies were younger my youngest two are 11 months apart Wow girl I actually have friends who had their babies 10 months apart so that was pretty quick but okay so definitely didn't cook and clean every single day I guess for the most part like I was cleaning I was keeping up with stuff and like I was talking about before I tried to do things like before they actually needed done especially when they were so young my kids are 14 months apart if anyone doesn't know that but I didn't cook every day just because like the babies were so young they weren't eating my food anyway and back then my husband was working 24-hour shifts and so he wasn't home on like normally 2 or 3 days out of the week so it would just be me eating like adult food sometimes and I would not cook on those days I would just get like something easy to pop in the microwave maybe I would cook leftovers or make leftovers that we had from a meal before so I could just pop it in the microwave and heat it up but I would say that I took about two or three days off a week from cooking and that helped me out a lot especially when your babies are that little things don't have to be perfect if you guys have sandwiches for dinner that is fun it's like I put way too much pressure on myself sometimes definitely thinking back just how perfect I tried to be when my babies were that young and that is actually my number one regret in life is that I didn't take the time for me when my babies were that young and like actually realize like I just pushed out a human being I just had two babies 14 months apart or 11 months apart in your case give yourself a break like you don't have to cook and clean every day like you have just done something so amazing and you obviously want to like try your best but at the same time you have to learn how to like cut yourself some slack too and that's something I wish I had done and if I could go back and do it all over again I definitely would be a lot easier on myself I can seriously sit here and answer these questions all night but I'm on my spare pants and I have one more question I'm gonna answer and this is from oh man albita Sophia that's a really pretty name okay so anyway she says how often do you clean every day every other day and with kids how many times out of the day do you clean um okay so I do clean every day and I have a morning routine and a night routine and I would say I think a lot of people actually ask this how long do I or how long does it take me to clean during the day and I would say my morning routine normally takes me about an hour maybe 45 minutes like it's no more than an hour and I actually have a video on my simple morning routine so you guys can see exactly what I do and then my nighttime routine is what I'm doing right now I'm pulling laundry I just started some laundry upstairs that I will do tomorrow while I have the kids in the bath my husband will help me vacuum he will put the dishes in the dishwasher so I can unload them the next morning we kind of really just trade off and know what needs to be done so at night I would say my cleaning routine probably lasts about the same maybe 45 minutes to an hour so if you combine all that like during the day I'm really just picking up toys here and there if they're in the way or straightening up pillows if the kids knocked him down or wiping the counter off if you know I suppose a little bit coffee you know just something like that but I'm not like dedicating myself to cleaning unless I'm filming for you guys then it is kind of like let me give you guys something that will motivate you so unless I'm filming I'm really not cleaning for that long I do really love those filming like cleaning days because I get a lot done on those days that I don't normally get done like my ultimate cleaner with me where I just clean all day that is like I will get done some of my like monthly chores in those so I try to do those like maybe twice a month where I just really clean my butt off all day and catch up on stuff that hasn't been done in a while but for the most part I'll do a Power Hour I'll do my morning routine I'll do my night routine and that's about it like I'm not cleaning all day but I definitely do clean every single day I cannot go to bed with my house a mess I really just can't do it sometimes I'll skip my morning routine but I definitely will never skip my nighttime routine because that sets me up for a good day the next day so my nighttime routine is a definite must and I always try to do my morning routine but it doesn't always get done she also asked how often do I clean throughout the day with kids and like I said I clean maybe I clean the playroom with them maybe like twice a week once a week sometimes and so it's really just like picking up clothes from you know the bathtub when I took their clothes off when they got in the bathtub or little things like that but I'm not like dedicating myself to cleaning up after them all day long I hope you guys enjoyed this video leave it a thumbs up like I said I can answer your questions all day long maybe I'll have to come back for part two leave this video a thumbs up if you guys want to see part 2 or let me know in the comments below and I can do that for y'all so I did just want to tell you guys I love you all so much like seriously you all have been some of the best subscribers ever y'all are so sweet to me and I have gotten so many messages lately especially on my Instagram that I wish I could get back to but I would seriously be on my phone 24 hours a day and I just love you guys so much and I wanted to tell you all that if you have written me on Instagram or emailed me then just know that I have read it I've read every single one of them I might not be able to respond to all of them so I did just want to get on here and let you guys know how much I really appreciate that and appreciate you all being my subscribers and watching my videos and thinking I'm cool enough to watch if you are new to my channel don't forget to hit that subscribe button I do cleaning videos mommy and lifestyle videos so if y'all like stuff like that hit that subscribe button and I will see y'all in the next video bye