hey guys welcome back to my channel today's video we're gonna do a laundry chat but I found something on Pinterest and it's 21 questions to ask your kids and so I thought this would be a fun idea to do for a laundry chat and give you guys something to do whenever you're folding your laundry you can also ask your kids these questions it's all questions about mommy so we're fixing to find out what they actually think about me are you guys ready yeah okay question is what does mommy always say to you hey I got to work on the computer okay what makes mommy happy me that's right yeah what makes mommy happy playing with you yes your eyes what makes mommy sad we don't be good yeah yes when y'all fight and you don't be good that makes mommy sad how does mommy make you laugh Nadel I think that yes it would faces yeah what was mommy like when I was a kid oh yeah me couldn't pick me up yeah Oh what was that Oh what was mommy like as a kid what do you think why can't that I yeah I watched Pocahontas oldest mommy that's a hard question as a hard one yeah take take a guess how old do you think mommy is Kevin – 72 7 – just 7 and – yeah you think I'm 9 how tall is mommy just about this tall yeah right now Rostow how tall do you think mommy is about that tall yeah what is mommy's favorite thing to do [Music] no that's food what's mommy's favorite thing to do we play lucky cat yeah playing with you guys yeah that's my favorite thing to do yeah yeah – yeah you got so much to say about this one okay what do you think mommy does when you guys aren't around like when you're at Amy's house and you're having fun over there what do you think mommy's doing working working that's probably right and Colin and me and Collin gammy to check up on you guys yeah if mommy becomes famous what would it be for do you know what famous means it means like everyone knows you so what would that what would mommy be famous for going to jail yeah why would I go to jail yeah but is mommy bad no you kind of got lost on that one huh what is mommy really good at giving you guys back and washing you yeah y'all enjoy that and wiping your butt mommy's really good at that all right what is mommy bad at what am I not good at standing on my head that's right what does mommy do for her job and work at work and calm and call people yeah okay and film yeah what do you think I do Ross Amy what do you think mommy does for work what I get comfy and I work on the computer yeah you guys know this one what is mommy's favorite food creme brulee what makes you proud of Mommy you're proud of mommy because I have fun with you yeah why are you proud of Mommy oh because because you make money for us because I make money for you yeah me Tim oh yes so you guys can have toys and you're proud of that aren't staredown are and chocolate monsters at Walmart and we get animals inside yeah that's very cool yeah I do remember that when we were at Nana's yeah and we ate nuts yeah if mommy was a cartoon character who would she be like if mommy was like a Disney Princess yeah I would be Tiana yeah why got that idea cuz she's your favorite yeah yeah if mommy was a Disney princess who who do you think I would be Jack da Kristoff yeah mommy remind you of Kristoff yeah or are you like Kristoff [Music] iMovie Elsa and Elsa yeah yeah what do you and mommy do together Bob long journey we fold laundry yeah and watch a movie together yeah what do you and mommy do together let me think play with each other yeah me too are we the same wait sometimes like dress sometimes we dress alike oh yeah yeah be the same sometimes we like dress up the thing sometimes yeah Ross how are me and you the same when we came to income the teller we are when we change them to the color we are yeah but we not right now do it killer and Victor are not than that but we like when we were the same blue jeans yeah Julia didn't it Oh gotcha okay our being and you different what's not the same right now we're not the same thing yeah blue pink blue pink yeah Ross how are me and you different because you like em yeah okay we doing do it well do you know mommy loves you Pat's leg play together yeah cuz I play with you and I spend time with you yeah one more question and wait how do you know mommy loves you play a lot don't like you because I play with you too yeah Birds mommy's favorite place to go shopping Kenzi comes Jimmy John's girl that's your favorite place to go mommy likes chick-fil-a me too yeah where do you think is mommy's favorite place to go la the spa alright guys so that's it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed it and we'll do this with your kids while you're folding laundry and subscribe to my channel if you are new and hit a thumbs up if you like this video and we'll see y'all in the next one thumbs up bye [Music] versus I could add a yes they need to start the rubberband [Music]