hey everyone Eden here with millennial moms thanks for joining us you know fancy food can be fun but is it really family friendly I'm a mom of four kids and we are always on the go and sometimes there's no time for fanciness so today I'm going to explore some shortcuts and see if anybody can tell the difference if you're new to millennial mom's you want to go ahead and join this party by clicking this red subscribe button right here and you always want to give us a thumbs up because it makes us so good about ourselves where I live in Houston summer lasts longer than most and so I'm always looking for ways to cool off and I came across this really lovely beautiful refreshing looking recipe for coconut lemonade and as I was cooking through the blog I realized there are so many steps to this and I just have never gotten around to it and I thought there has to be an easier way I wonder if I can substitute anything in here to make this go any faster so today what I'm gonna do is I'm going to follow the recipe that's posted online and then I'm going to substitute the lemonade two different ways one with concentrate and one with just a bottle of lemonade and see if anyone can tell which one's the fancy one and which one's the shortcut so or the fancy recipe we're going to start off by zesting one lemon and it's smells so good go ahead and set the zest aside and you're going to get six regular-sized lemons cut them in half and we're going to juice them I have an electric juicer and all I have to do is push down on the top of the juicer and it turns and squeezes out all the juice and traps most of the pulp and the seed so go ahead and do all that it as much as you can out and then set to society now we're going to make the simple syrup you're going to combine the zest from earlier a cup of water and 1 cup of sugar to a small pot you're gonna bring it to a boil and then let it simmer until the mixture starts to thicken and then you're gonna take it off the heat and let it sit so it's looking a little bit further while that's the game I'm going to take my cans of coconut cream not coconut milk but coconut cream the original recipe calls for a hand of organic coconut green from Trader Joe's I did not have a Trader Joe's by me at the time when I got this so I found actually in the alcohol aisle of my grocery store [Music] anyway I am going to combine well the recipe only calls for one can but I'm gonna use this same cream for all 3 recipes so I'm gonna actually add in two cans and blend it until it's nice and smooth ok now it's time to bring everybody together here so we're going to take four cups of water which I already have in my picture I'm going to stir in about a cup of this simple syrup and I'm gonna put in my lemon juice and I'll bout a cup of the coconut cream and I'm gonna mix nice [Music] our second recipe we're going for the bottle so in this instance in our last original recipe we had about five cups of liquid and so we're going to take this bottle lemonade and we're going to use five cups of it and the same amount of coconut cream that we used last time our last recipe we're going to use concentrate now this concentrate calls for four and a third pan of water and to make it easier on myself I decided to make that six and a half cups of water each can list 12 ounces so that equaled about six and a half cups of water and because we had a little more liquid this time I gave it more coconut cream mixture to the drink so now it's time to see which one is best lemonade a B or C I have some family and friends waiting in the wings to try it out let's see what they think the rezident lemonade lover in our house is my daughter Darby and she loves everything lemon and sour and so I thought she'd be the best person to start with so I blindfolded her I'm gonna pour her a cup of each of these lemonade's and she's gonna tell me which lemonade she likes the best [Music] okay which one did you like the best okay okay so you picked B and why did you like B because they like it was sour with the moon's also like you could taste the coconut so which one did you like the least see how come it was like too sweet but also too sour those weird to do something exciting to lose sour like so okay we don't want that all right thanks start [Music] okay thank you for your honest opinion okay Leisha here is lemonade [Music] which one did you like the best they're actually really similar and I go yeah [Music] but [Music] okay sounds good okay here is which one did you like the best a B or C you ready to burst my met how come you like this okay and which ones do you like which one that's a key event right see okay awesome thank you honey okay Zahra I'm going to give you a taste of lemonade a B or C and you're going to tell me which one you like the best after you tried them all okay [Music] when did you like the best thank you okay so the folks are in we have one third for a one-note forty and four votes for B he's the winner so even just did you know which was which well tell us the winner was the bottled lemon juice and coconut free mixture sure a was the original and C was the concentrate which was actually like the least so here you have it fancy against family friendly family friendly wins but fancies fun to try so they become and B little on some of your favorite fancy recipe shortcut and if you'd like to try the original coconut lemonade recipe the link port is in the description box below to see more videos from millennial moms click here to see more from me click right up here and click this little kissy button to subscribe if you haven't already done so links to my own channel and socials are in the description box below have a great day everyone bye [Music]