oh I'm very close hello she the one person that is in here right now um oh I should probably get some water there's two people look at that hi Jessica hi Fiona yay more people arriving hello everyone um I just realized that I need some water so I'm just gonna grab a glass of water and then I'll be right back cuz I have coffee here I need some hydration so I'll just be sad hello okay how's everyone doing um do most people have a day off today slash who celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday and who did not thank you Diana looks like you guys have a day off today which is awesome I'm doing really well I had a great Thanksgiving yesterday made a lot of food and it was all incredible so yeah it was a really good time it's really interesting to see like who has celebrated Thanksgiving and who hasn't celebrated it what did you guys do yesterday whether you celebrated it or you did it a lot of Canadians saying that they already had their Thanksgiving Abigail is saying that I should do another meetup in New York which I definitely want to do for sure okay so I'm seeing gay life and wives love that username was with my girlfriend and had food lol I think that sounds like an amazing Thanksgiving okay I'm just going through the comments it like takes me a second I don't have my lane to help me today so I'm gonna be a little bit slower than usual because usually Ilene is with me and she helps me read through comments cuz they come in really fast [Laughter] you just saw a comment that made me laugh where's my sweater from fiona is asking this is from Club Monaco I really love Club Monaco sweaters they're really soft and comfortable and you know I love me some stripes why not add some more stripes to my wardrobe and then I'm wearing Ragan bone jeans and smart wool socks so these are actually some of my favorite socks for cold weather I can still wear my sneakers but they're really thin and super warm and not edgy which is why I really like smart wool cuz my feet just get really cold in general even if it's not freezing outside but a smart wool socks help keep my feet nice and toasty and I also put fuzzy insoles inside of my shoes to keep my feet extra warm and I'm not wearing any makeup today aside from I filled in my brows and used a little claw see a boy brow and a little tiny bit of the RMS living Luminizer in the corner of my eyes but no mascara today I'm liking it though okay um let's see what's your favorite place to shop Black Friday deals honestly I haven't really done Black Friday in a while um not doing it this year just not really I just haven't really been into shopping unless they like absolutely need something / or Christmas presents or if anybody knows of any really great deals going on I would not be opposed to knowing about them because I just feel like I don't really know what's happening in general this year with like shopping so if you know of any awesome deals please let me know that are happening online um how do you feel about the fact that 2018 is six weeks away I am shocked this year went by so fast but I'm really excited for 2018 2017 was great but I think that I definitely spent a chunk of the year just kind of having a like it wasn't like a difficult time like I've experienced in the past it's just I describe it to people as like just true Saturn returned feelings where you just kind of feel yourself going through a realignment period and you're just really waiting things oh my gosh ade is going to 8088 I'm not sure if I'm saying that correctly but going to they're going to their first Pride Parade which is really exciting do you take the subway or cars in New York I do both depends so I actually have a story to share with you guys from yesterday actually I guess it started the day before yesterday so I made cornbread dressing it's actually my friend Claire's recipe and we I've made it with her before but I did not have to cut up all the chilies that the recipe calls for and there's some hot chilies in that recipe and I cut up a lot of hot chilies with my hands and didn't wear gloves and my hands were on fire for like over 12 hours and it sucked I was in a lot of pain and I definitely was googling things and nothing was working and I accidentally scratched my nose at one point and it went up my nostril and down to my bottom lip and my face like all in here was just on fire then my hands were on fire and I told my mom about it and she was really disappointed in me and started lecturing me cuz she was like my mom's Thai so she cooks with hot chilies and she was like didn't you learn anything for me but my hands are totally fine now it honestly doesn't do anything to your hands externally like it's a chemical that is inside of the hot chili Chili's it starts with a C and it just sinks into your skin and causes a burning sensation but it doesn't like do anything to your skin like it's not like having a burn on your skin like this is from an actual burn from my curling wand but it doesn't do anything like that it's more of just like an internal feeling of it feels like you have a really really bad burn like you just are on fire have you tried dipping them in milk dairy counteracts the cause of burning from spicy foods I did actually I so on my face this worked I rubbed it my note the inside of my nose the outside of my house and all around my mouth with rubbing alcohol because I was reading online that that helps clean off the oil from the chili so then I followed up with a wet paper towel soaked in milk and put that on my face and then followed up with olive oil on my face and that worked on my on my face really quickly but on my hands it did not work and I was just in pain for a really long time and actually ended up falling asleep holding an ice pack okay so Emily McPeak thank you so much for your super chat that's so sweet of you Emily writes hi Ingrid thanks for making up lip uplifting and fun videos and being a ray of internet sunshine oh my gosh thank you also thanks for recommending Cheryl Strayed 'he's brave enough i picked it up right after moving to a new town and it changed my life oh my goodness Emily I'm so happy to hear that that is really amazing brave enough is just such an awesome book if you guys aren't familiar with it it is a collection of Cheryl Strayed just Cheryl Strayed quotes across various writing that she's done so from different books the dear sugar columns and it's just a really great book that you can carry around with you because it's small and I have read through that book countless times and every time I pick it up I feel like I take something new away from it and I always describe her writing as specifically that book the brave enough but as the hug that you never knew that you needed it's really just a great book to have around it's called brave enough it's a little green book by the way great Christmas gift or great holiday gift whatever you happen to celebrate and everybody that I know who has picked up that book and flipped through it really loves it okay so um yeah I think I finished my Hot Chili Peppers story fell asleep with an ice pack the shocking thing is though when I woke up yesterday morning most of the burning sensation was gone but there was still a little bit of a tingle in my fingers which was insane because it was over 12 hours later and then I touched some pepper jack cheese and ignited like these six fingers again 23andme results coming yes I actually just got them and I was sharing them yesterday at Thanksgiving oh my gosh it is so fascinating I'm really excited to share my results because I found them really interesting so yeah it's just it's cool to see the detail that they go into I didn't know that it was going to be as detailed as it was yeah if you're thinking of doing 23andme I definitely recommend it I did the ancestry and the health to be completely honest I was really afraid of the health part once I found out that it tells you if you have variants for like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's and all of that and I was like oh I don't know if I wouldn't know that but I guess we're gonna find out anyway and it really was not as scary um once I was going through it because they have like a whole disclaimer that they go through because I'm sure they've like so many people have just like freaked out and it is quite comforting so it's not a diagnosis it's not telling you that this will for sure happen because there are lots of other factors that play into people having these diseases so they just tell you if you have a variant but that doesn't mean anything doesn't mean that you're guaranteed to get it okay let's see what is your favorite store to shop um I like different places I really like and other stories I think they have really good basics there I like the clean lines it's like Scandinavian style but then they also have good they have a good mix of trendy pieces as well for I also really like theory and Club Monaco because I feel like my goal in life is to if you watch Grayson Frankie Jane Fonda's character grace like she is my style icon like that is what I want I want to have her wardrobe when I am older I just want to be living my life in cashmere oh cool Melissa just shared Amazon has a 23 and medial health and ancestry for $99 for Black Friday that's awesome because normally if you do the health it's a lot more expensive so that's a great deal I think it's like an extra $100 at least to do the health on top of the ancestry what Elizabeth is asking what is one skin product you use religiously so um I guess the thing that I've been using two things the tatcha excuse me the touch of rice polish I really love that cleanser a lot it has definitely changed my skin and also glossy a super pure even though I hate how tiny it is it's only half an ounce and it's like thirty dollars or something and I I am subscribed so I just get it like delivered and I have to order two each time so I have a subscription for two every month because there's like nothing in the bottle but it really works so I keep using it and I haven't found anything I like better I did see that glossier has 20% off everything and free shipping today so that's a great deal but I wish they would make their packaging bigger so I don't have to buy two every month I just kind of feel like it's a ripoff but it works so it's not that much of a rebuff at least it's effective Miriam is also asking where my sweater is from it's from Club Monaco and it's this season too so I think we come out with sweaters like this every season I there's another sweater that they make that I really like that has a turtleneck on it and a batwing sleeve and every year I look at the colors that come out because I've had the grey one for probably like five years and they come out with new colors every year so last year or maybe two years ago I got the camel color that came out this year they finally came out with the cream color so I got the cream color um do you use your black slip-on bands anymore I actually haven't worn them in a long time because I wore them so much they're just kind of like now but I got a pair of Uggs sneakers that I am pretty obsessed with and if you guys want to see them I will show them to you oh go grab them but I am so happy with them they're so comfortable and I can't believe that ugh makes them I know that egg makes like shoes outside of their traditional boots but these are awesome I think they're gonna be I've worn them in the rain that they're amazing I think they'll be really good in the snow they're warm they're comfortable okay I'll show you guys I'm really just talking these ugh cheese up I'll be right back all right here we go other sneakers so these are I believe they're called the olive this is like the style name I wonder if it's isn't in here it doesn't say but I'm pretty sure it's olive so I got them in black they come in on at least one other color but I think they're really cool so you can see they are uggs and they're really really light which I love and on the inside so I put my little liner on the inside it looks like a good lining and these are just little insoles that I get off of Amazon and they help keep my feet warm in colder weather and they also add a little bit of cushion too which I like but these shoes on their own without the insole inside I'll have a lot of cushion to them so they're really really nice to walk in and I feel like they support my feet really well because while there's cushion there's still support which I love and then there's this zipper so you can just slip your shoe on it's a lot easier to put on especially with high tops I really don't like it when there is no kind of zipper anywhere either I like a zipper either at the back like my bands have and I love how these have a zipper on the side so you can really get your foot in easily but these are great so here's the other one and I have loved them they're super comfortable and I feel like they're a little bit nicer than my vans they're just a little bit sleeker so I'm really pleased with them and they're not expensive I also have tape on the bottom of aides from walking around yesterday so you from the streets of New York some trash don't throw that away okay so I'm going to answer maybe like one or two more questions and and I have to get going somebody asked tacos or burritos oh dear this hard it really depends on what mood I'm in I'm really like both but I guess if I had to choose I choose tacos um let's see okay one more question oh my god Jen that this won't be the last question that I answer but Jenny is asking if I've had Texas breakfast tacos and yes I have they're amazing okay all right and take it take me a second to read through these um I'm sure this is very riveting contact me just like staring at the camera okay I will answer this one Jesse and cherlene what do you use for everyday simple makeup so today I barely have makeup on but here are the things that I really love so if I am this is typically what I will wear in my everyday life if I wear something on my skin I really like the glossy skin tan or the Laura Mercier oil-free tinted moisturizers I also really love this raw eyebrow pencil for filling in my brows then the glossy a boy brow to keep my brows in place covergirl plumpify mascara I'm not wearing mascara today and I'm into it just giving my lashes a break the RMS living Luminizer which I have on today on the inner corner it just creates a really natural like glow and brightness on your face and for blush I will either wear one of the gloss eight cloud paints or one of the hourglass blushes from the ambient lighting palette and then on my lips either one of the fresh sugar lip treatments or this French lip balm that I love especially in winter when your lips get really dry this is the rebbe de miel lip balm so it's like a honey lip balm it's really thick and really hydrating okay so that's gonna be up for today thank you everyone for coming to this live and I'll see you guys on the Internet bye I hope you guys are having an awesome day off if you do in fact have the day off today which I'm assuming if you're here you'll probably do okay bye everyone