hello hello um so I mean and I just got back from Paris debacle getting back though we got back a day later because okay can somebody out there please also share in our I don't want to say hatred but strong dislike of Delta because every time we have flown Delta or Air France which is in the same Alliance we have something happen where it's like our bags go missing for days and we have to wear the same clothes or were delayed or what we think we're gonna die because there's like really bad weather there yeah when we went to Mexico we were like landing and then the the pilot changed his mind at the last second and we were just shooting back up into this guy and that was terrifying and it was super turbulent and then coming back from Paris we missed our connecting flight because it took so long for luggage to come out that there was just no way that we could get to this other terminal to make our flight so we had to stay in New York because we had a connection in New York so we had to stay in New York for the night which is definitely not the worst thing in the world but it's still like when you are traveling and something like that happens it can definitely be disheartening so yeah but we had an amazing time in Paris it was so wonderful Eileen and I loved being there this is our second time that we've been in Paris together and we always have a lot of fun we were there for this summit for international day of the girl which was amazing because all of these women and girls from all over the world came to this summit to celebrate International Day of the girl which was a day last week where girls in over 60 countries we're taking over different high-level positions anywhere from like a CEO accompany to holding public office and it's just really amazing because it allows girls to see the possibilities that are out there and for other girls to see the possibilities that are out there so it was a really productive I I think summit and also it was just a huge honor to be there and to meet these girls who are so powerful and also so young and doing such cool things in their countries it really is incredible to see how much this young younger generation cares so that was our Paris experience we also ate a lot of beige things so oh my god okay to the person that asked if we speak French here is the story Eileen okay I have I have taken a very basic level French class a long time ago so I can like read menus and things Eileen took a French class last year and both of us are terrified to use our French we we were talking about this and we were leaving but whenever somebody would come up to us and just start speaking in French we would get so scared we would just freak out like everything that we knew in our brains just like got erased and we would just freeze and get so scared I just feel like Aileen just said it was so awkward and yes it really was so I just felt so bad because these people were just speaking to us normally and we were just freaking out but yeah eventually towards like the end of the trip we started to become a little bit more comfortable but my French is terrible and you kind of just have to bite the bullet and just try and go for it and yeah when we would be at places and we would try using our French and then they would just speak to us in English because their accents were so bad we're like no we suck we suck so much so yeah that was definitely funny but we still had a great time France is awesome and the people I met some viewers while I was there which was so amazing because everybody was so nice and they just really wanted us to enjoy Paris and I I loved having those experiences on the street so it was just really cool and I felt like we were personally being welcomed there it was really amazing so thank you to everybody in Paris for just being so welcoming okay so oh um someone's asking if I'm gonna be sharing my videos from the trip I did vlog so I just have to edit that and then it'll be so going into the unboxing Taylor is asking what am I going to be unboxing I have a random assortment of things to start off with a shower curtain so this is a personal order of mine from Amazon I ordered a shower curtain if you watch my New York City apartment tour you recognize this shower curtain because it is the exact same thing so I just told Eileen this story and she just started laughing such a weird story and I can't believe I'm about to say this on the internet but the reason why I have the same shout I ordered the same shower curtain is because my mom came and stayed at my place and then when I came home my shower curtain was gone and replaced with another one my perfectly good shower curtain by the way was replaced with a shower curtain that has these weird boat solid I didn't say anything to her because Eileen – she was like what did you say your mom I was like nothing it just I just accepted it I accepted the weird shower curtain cuz in my mind I was like okay my mom did this I'm just gonna like border another one so that's the weird shower curtain um story but yeah I don't know why my mom felt compelled to change my shower curtain but I know that I like this shower curtain because I had it in New York and so I got it again I really like cotton shower curtains this is a hundred percent cotton because you can wash them so you can just throw them in the wash and in the dryer they're really easy to clean and they also don't get like mildewy and just kind of gross like plastic shower curtains can get after a while so these are nice because you can have them for a little bit long so I'm all about cotton shower curtains and apparently this one with the little ropes on it it's just I think it's just really simple black and white goes with everything so thanks mom for stealing I don't even know what she did with my other shower curtain it just like disappeared and was replaced with boats so I don't know I don't know okay so the next thing oh my god weights I saw somebody say Riverdale ESMA thoughts on Riverdale season 2 I have not seen the first episode of season 2 but I am so excited to watch it I think I'm gonna watch it tonight after I finish editing a video that was requested recently in my Instagram DMS I was working on it earlier today and my goal is to finish editing it today and then my reward for that will be watching Riverdale season 2 the first episode because I'm so excited about it okay back to the unboxing um this is a box from fresh and I believe there's a note it says dear Ingrid we hope you'll enjoy our new creme ancien supreme eye serum handmade in a monastery for supreme results this silky formula is meticulously and crafted with a potent silk tree bark blend to target five major signs of aging around the eyes so I love the creme ancien line from fresh that's how you spell it their original creme ancien the really thick cream is amazing if you have any kind of dryness in your skin apparently it's really good to you if your nose area is dry and irritated Eileen was doing that recently like when you're sick especially in your nose is just really raw um I also really love the soft cream as well so the Creveling CN is really amazing and I just think about how this cream is made in a monastery which is incredible to me I'm just like monks are making this okay so this is what the eye serum looks like I saw somebody ask is it insulting to be sent anti-aging products from from companies and I don't see getting older as an insult I personally don't like the terminology anti-aging but I understand that it's something that has been just used very commonly in the beauty industry and it's something that people are used to you and that exists but it's not my favorite so I just kind of ignore that part of it when I'm looking at a product because I just want to see how the product works I'm not really concerned with diminishing wrinkles myself like we're preventing them I am completely open to having wrinkles and welcoming them so that's cool with me um let's see okay so this is the serum this actually has very similar packaging to the face around from the crime ancien line let me see if I can pump it out though see if this feels like this feels really nice it feels like it'd be really hydrating and I've actually been looking to change up my eye cream / eye product so good the package Julie is saying the packaging for fresh is so lovely it really is they always do a really great job they're packaging it's something that looks nice when you have it in your bathroom but it's also functional too so they definitely put a lot of thought into their products which I appreciate and then like this look at this that's just pretty so I definitely appreciate that okay there's another box from fresh over here a slightly bigger one oMG okay so yeah so I love this this is the PME brightening moisturizing facial toner love this I'm actually almost completely out of the other one that I have I really love this because it has a cushiony texture to it but it also is really hydrating and this is great for brightening it just makes your skin really bright and I if I get a breakout I always have dark spots that are left behind because of just how my skin is and this just helps get my skin back to how it was before I had the breakout so the other two things in here are two masks this is the black tea instant perfecting mask which I've actually used I think only once and I can't remember what I think of it so that's me being honest I don't remember but I like every fresh mask that I have tried so far I've really enjoyed I haven't met one that I don't like yet so this is the peony brightening night treatment mask I've never used this one before so it's see what this looks like I really love the Umbrian clay mask oh my god so good I the last time I was in New York I actually bought a travel size of it because I really wanted to take it with me without having to bring the whole jar okay so this is like a fluffy mask and it smells like peony which is one of my favorite scents jo malone peony and blush wait my go-to perfume so that's what the mask looks like it looks really nice and creamy and fluffy I wonder if you leave this on or rinse it off okay so it says leave it on overnight so this is like a sleeping mask Oh awesome I love masks that you can sleep with on I feel like they really can change your skin a lot because when you're sleeping and that's when your skin is regenerating and resting so whatever you're putting on your face at night really matters because your skin is going to be using that at night okay that's that now something from anomie this is a powerful priming serum I've I haven't tried anything from this brand before the ace illuminating eye treatment interesting who's your favorite riverdale character OMG you know I love Jughead I'm all about Jughead I always loved the characters that are like The Outsiders or like the underdog or the one he's just like the misfit oh he's like misunderstood I recently shared my screen named from when a I am back in the day and it was young and hopeless so it makes sense that I would like a character like Jughead and just outsiders in general my screen name was young and hopeless and yes that is after the Good Charlotte album that came out around that time so okay there's like a little Beauty Blender that came with this who's my second favorite hmm I want to say Betty but it's mostly because I'm just curious about the development of her character with all the like fists clenching I feel like Betty has a lot of stuff just pent up inside of her so I'm interested to see how that's going to develop what is this this is the eye highlighter interesting okay if it'll come out this is interesting so you put this underneath your eyes it's like a light pink color so it has like that color correction to it and I'm assuming you wet this and then you blend it out with that it smells weird though well ooh I mean doesn't this smell weird what is this it smells like sour yeah yeah it smells like yeah it smells sour with like a hint of fish which is not the best not exactly what I want on my face so I mean it's really nice like I would want to put that on my face but not with how it smells doesn't smell very good okay not good disappointing oh my gosh I want to put that on and try it underneath my eyes but it just smells funny okay smells funny okay now we are gonna move on to let's see what's it oh my god Power Rangers and glam glow the Power Rangers glam glow collaboration last time there was the My Little Pony colour-pop collaboration so all about that collab life I was all about the Pink Ranger back in the day I saw somebody asked for a moisturizer recommendation for combination skin I really liked the belief aqua balm I think that one is a really great moisturizer for all skin types but specifically combination so this is the glam glow gravity mud firming treatments I have a difficult relationship with glam glow because glam glow products don't tend to like me also oh my god somebody just asked hey it's Bella said does tato moisturize jano does not mooster eyes which i should really get on him for but he has impeccable fur so I mean it's just so luscious I'm definitely jealous of his fluffy healthy fur but oh my god that just made me laugh just a toe moisturize he is very beautiful that I should take some beauty tips from him okay so glam glow and I glam glow masters tend to irritate my skin so that's unfortunate this is a glam glow gravity mud firming treat peel-off mask so are these like what is this how does this different differ from this maybe they're just small I don't know they're the Power Ranger ones okay I'm gonna have to put those in a giveaway pile because I just don't feel like subjecting my skin to any risks right now there is a glittery box right here that let's see oh I'm about to be covered in glitter this looks holiday is this the beginning is this the beginning of holiday right now right here this is gonna be sparkly town USA what is the brand of the skin colored color top that I'm wearing ask Jamie this is by equipment and I actually um found this at a thrift store which is amazing because I love equipment so it's just a nude colored t-shirt it's actually kind of like a knit it's like a light knit material which I really like I tried to find a similar top on their site and they don't seem to make anything like it at least right now okay so inside the litter box is something from Bobby Brown choose your glove this season with Bobby Brown's new Bobby to glow highlighting trio wow what a big box for such a little little thing that's that's what was in the glitter box what's my favorite color it is cerulean blue I love cerulean blue I always have it's always been my favorite color okay this looks pretty from the back Bobby Brown always has a really great packaging you can see my DIY tripod that's happening right now a stack of books that's how I roll here I'm alive okay for everyone asking about vlogmas i am not doing vlogmas i actually made a video about this like two years ago so I have mentioned multiple times since then that I'm not doing vlogmas anymore and just vlogging in general aside from like special occasions so this is the highlighting trio it has nectar glow in it pink glow and golden bronze glow these are really pretty that's what they look like very shiny I'll swatch them these are actually really nice sometimes you just like never know with these cuz sometimes they're like really glittery but these are these are nice I don't know if that's gonna oh there we go you can see them I like those so this is the bronze one up here and then the pink one and then the peachy gold one yeah they do look really nice I'm impressed because I got sent something similar by Laura Mercier and like a bronzy one and it was just it came off as glitter which I didn't love so excited about those I will definitely be using those and I think the last thing is from Y itself so this is from Beauty line let's see what see I'm excited can we just appreciate the Millennial packaging though it's so millennial it really is okay also I have glitter and stuff all over me okay that's inside o-m-g Oh – I mean if this I mean this is definitely like the grand finale to the live this is awesome okay so these are the ultra matte lip stains okay I love like lip colors like this like basically bright orange so let's see how this looks smells like a YSL lip interesting because it goat so it goes on kind of like a gloss and I'm assuming that it dries matte so that's a color that I would really love to wear cuz I love bright lips but let me try a color that would maybe go with what I'm wearing right now um something that you can see I think you'd be able to see this hmm so this is the color 16 okay I thought that was gonna be like an interesting name there but nope it's just number 16 so I'm gonna put this on oh you know what this reminds me of remember when I got this Dior lip stains and I was like this reminds me of like the why I sell lip colors here we go yes it does so these are really light if you use the YSL I think it's like I forget what they're called but they're like the glosses they're more of like a satin glossy finish feels just like those but I can feel it drawing into a matte so this is this color I actually want to try on a different color yeah you know it I'm not very coordinated so that was like impressive each for me that was impressive for Eileen and impressive for me okay let's try a different color I'm definitely very into this I'd be interested to see how long this stays on because the Dior ones that have a similar consistency do not come off like I always regret regret regret so watching them on my hands because they just stain your hand okay let's see let's try what do you think right Eileen should I go like dark should I go like nude what do you guys think should I dark okay I'm gonna hold up some darker options and you guys can pick which ones you want me or which one you want me to try on okay dark so here's some dark options there's 50 so this one let me get this right okay this one here is number 15 this is number five in the middle and this one here is number eight which one should I try on put a number in the comments 15s winning okay eight and fifteen all right fifteen here we go I also really love dark lip colors too okay this is a good one this is a good color I love how easy it is to put on like that was really easy and I'm really into this color I think it's awesome I love how it feels to cuz it's not a thick lip color it's really really thin mmm and I can see that it has stained my hand the other one that I had on my hand so I'm into this do you know I'm into that dark lip color okay so these are good so far I don't know how they wear obviously since I have not worn it all day or through eating but I can say the application wise it feels really good and it's not sticky it doesn't feel drying yet so I'm happy with it these are these are exciting there's a lot of colors in here and I would wear pretty much actually you know what there's no color in here that I wouldn't wear I'd wear all of those colors so I think it's a really great color selection too okay so that is gonna be it for um you know let's let's answer a couple more questions I'm not gonna go quite yet okay um let's see do I recommend it um I can't recommend it yet because I haven't like worn it out into the world but as of right now I like it um so have you tried what have I tried brown before for fall a brown lip color I have try Brown I just think there's like Browns a little bit too much with like brown eyes brown hair for me it's just a little bit too much but I do like Brown lip colors on other people do you see any question everything is moving so fast do you see anything I think you know me cuz the comments move so quickly it's hard for me too catch one favorite fall candle okay well this is just kind of like my favorite candle all the time but it's by Rado tree house I am obsessed with that I also love bibliothèque which is what I gave Ilene last year for her birthday and she still hasn't burned it yet I went into her bathroom and it's like I know it's like they're beautiful candles and they have black wax so they're really cool they're definitely pricey but I will say if you await our coupon code probably doesn't work anymore nevermind I was gonna give you a coupon code for this site that sells them and you could get 20% off okay so by Rado candles are sold on spring calm and Eileen and I believe that with your first purchase you get a discount if not your first purchase then your definitely your second one so that's a great place to get discounted by Rado candles and they are pricey but they last a long time like I've only had maybe two or three tree house candles since discovering it a while ago so they definitely last yeah Eileen's had it sitting around for like a year so maybe now she's admired it for a year so the Jews should now burn it I know I'm the same way I have whenever I have a tree house I'm just like okay I'm gonna like selectively burn this and it just fills up your space with the most amazing scent it's a very like fresh but woodsy scent and I love that it makes you feel like you're outside okay let's see what do I have on my cheeks I have on a tart blush I just blanked on the name hold on let me grab my makeup bag does this look familiar mindful it's this part blush so remember the big blush book that I didn't like from Tarte because of the packaging but I love the blushes so they sent me the two blushes that I really love from that blush book so I could have them individually and this is one of them mindful I love this blush it's really nice it's not sparkly and it's just like a really nice peachy pink color these blushes are great too because they're just really pigmented and they stay on all day um so I only curled this part of my hair today like this section right here the rest of the waves I didn't braid my hair today I just let my hair air dry with the way beach wave spray so I let my hair dry in a towel for a little bit and then I just sprayed the wave spray all throughout my hair and kind of like judged it and scrunched it like that and then it dried and then I had some like this all this texture back here is just like my natural hair back here and then I came in in the front and just kind of cleaned it up a little bit but you can see like all of this back here is just natural from the the waves spray and the only thing I curled was right here so that's it that's what I did um are you planning on trying Fenty Beauty I'm curious about it because I've definitely seen a good things that people are saying I went to Sephora to get something else maybe like a month ago or something and there was like a line to just look at the Fenty beauty like kiosk that was in Sephora so that was crazy to see that okay let's see I'll do one more question what should it be [Music] let's see um Shh when I'm just staring and going um I'm reading by the way because it's just my favorite sweater Oh like where to get sweaters from I really like equipment um a lot I also I like Vince to and Club Monaco but for just like a classic sweater the equipment Sloane is definitely one of my all-time favorites I love that sweater it comes in a bunch of different colors it's just a really timeless cut that you can always keep in your wardrobe and it's so comfortable too you can dress it up and depending on like what colors you have you can dress it up and you can also just like wear it with jeans and keep it casual alright so that is going to be it for my live today I will be going live again later this week so I will see you guys again so hopefully you'll be able to join me I hope you guys have an amazing weekend and I'll see you guys later bye thank you for watching