live oh my god Gabi you are first you are on it I appreciate this thank you okay actually I should probably grab my water bottle yeah thirsty hi Sara hi it's Sara with a bunny icon I love that hi everybody thank you hello everyone thank you for coming to this last minute live you know how I love to be spontaneous Thanks and just springg um Anya okay so today surprisingly we don't have anything to be unboxing because I went through them the other day on my Instagram stories so today I'm just gonna hang out with you guys and talk with you and if you have any questions leave them for me in the comments and I'll do my best to read through them are you also watching Eileen we're okay eileen is also gonna help with the comments too because they move really fast and it's sometimes hard for me to see so I am prepared with my new gogo squeeZ yogurt which I've never tried before but it's delicious also somebody said happy birthday Eileen its Eileen's birthday everybody say happy birthday to Eileen at Eileen everyday everywhere on the internet she's also here sitting on the couch so yeah as you can see your comments too so just saying I have to say this yogurt is really good it's kind of weird when you're used to the Apple ones but very delicious somebody just asked do you like stranger things you know I tried watching stranger things but it started to scare me so I don't think I can watch it alone I might give it another try but yeah it kind of started to creep me out where's my sweater from I actually got this from thread up so this is thread up us in an online consignment store and this is by I think it's aqua is that was the tag say what does the tag say guys yeah aqua it's aqua and it's a navy blue sweater with pink stars on it and it's awesome because I found it on thread up and it was significantly less um do I have any new skincare tips well what's something that it oh I have um I guess two things two things I've been doing every time I get out of the shower almost every time let's be honest almost every time not every time but I have been trying to put on a face mask almost every time I get out of the shower because oh my god so when he has a spider sir icon I'm so afraid of spiders oh my god Tina thank you for the happy birthday wish to Eileen but your icon terrifies me I have a biggest phobia of spiders oh my god I was not expecting okay back to what I was saying don't worry like don't feel like you need to change your icon that is just me being afraid of spiders it is totally okay to have a spider as your icon um it was just startling to me as somebody with a severe phobia of them okay um what was I saying skincare tips so I've been trying to put on a mask every time I get out of the shower because my pores are just open and I find that the masks that I've been using work better when I do that and I've also started using a lip mask recently at night which is like a super thick balm and I've really been liking that and that's by a brand called nuni n-o-o-o and i it's their water blending lip mask all about it especially with like colder weather coming around and if you're somebody that likes to wear lip colors like I do the mask definitely helps ooh I didn't know that bite Beauty how to lip mask that's awesome do you watch riverdale or Vampire Diaries I've watched both I I'm not caught up on Riverdale so no spoilers let's see yes my hair is getting pretty long I actually cut it recently but I've been liking having it longer it's also just been easier with working out and pulling my hair back to not have like little stragglers hanging down have you ever tried menstrual cups what's your opinion I have attempted to use the diva cup I actually somewhere have only standing out the outside of the bathroom recording me like screaming trying to put in a menstrual cup and it's just not working like it was just like popping um inside of me and I was really hurting and I just could not get it in and I think it I've tried folding it all these different ways but I just couldn't get it in a shape that was like comfortable it was real like really pinching and hurting me I will say though that I have used a menstrual disc which is different and I do like that a lot better because I can get that in I can make it as small as about one finger like I can get it to be about that with and like stick it in how do you stay in such great shape well I have been really committed to taking care of my pop my body I'm working out for me is more so a connection to my body than like focusing on how I look and I've really noticed the benefits of like working out even if it's like one time during the week but I really try to do three times a week and I have really loved the connection that I have with my body during workouts I like doing bar Pilates and yoga and I feel like having 45 minutes to an hour of time to really do workouts that focus on precision really make me feel good so I have really been enjoying that and I've also been enjoying the fact that I am stronger I will say that I still have trouble putting my luggage into the overhead compartment on airplanes but I am stronger in other areas I'm definitely stronger my arms but you know it's just that last bit between the seat and the bottom of the overhead compartment it's just really difficult why is it so hard for me to get my freaking bag up there ah my favorite book well um it's hard for me to pick like one book of all time I will say Chelsea girls because I do really love that book but the book the book that I'm reading right now is this which I talked about well I will talk about more in my favorites video this month so it's pretty self-explanatory it's really good and unfortunately it's out of print so yeah only use copies are available but it's a very educational book and a really great resource what's something in my wardrobe that I'll never get rid of nippies I mean I do love nippy's I just ordered another pair because I thought I lost mine and then I discovered that they were still sticking to the shirt that I was wearing found them in my laundry pile like stuck to the shirt that I was wearing so nippies also my bonds underwear I love that underwear it is so good bonds is in Australian brands and it's the only underwear I wear I like the boy hipster and so comfy have it in a bunch of different colors and patterns it's awesome can you order bonds online yes I order online because they're based in Australia and it's like eight dollars for a pair of underwear and I've had mine for like over two years now I actually need to order more because I just it's the only underwear I wear so I might as well just have more because sometimes when laundry isn't super easy to do I start running real low and Marie oh my god I just saw that too look we are on the same page do you me and Eileen in that comfort zone oh my god I am so over trying to like wear underwear that doesn't have panty lines because most of the time it's really uncomfortable it doesn't make me feel secure and you know I want to feel like everything is like protected comfortable nothing's changing nothing's up my butt crack I just want it to be good underwear it covers my bi um are you excited for Christmas yes can't wait favorite favorite Christmas gift you ever got okay we're gonna way back I've never heard that one before um no probs that was a good one um favorite Christmas gift I've ever received um let's see I'm trying to think I feel like there was a Polly Pocket one year that I was like really excited about and I got it it was like oh it was this it was like a Cinderella Polly Pocket but I really wanted and it was one of those years where I got what I had been hoping for for Christmas cuz I always wanted ridiculous things like I would ask for Christmas for like a blue cat like a blue kitten like an actual real kitten that was blue not gonna happen this was one of the years that I was hoping for something that actually existed in the world and wasn't made up thank you so much – gin c/s um for super chat do you have any tips for coming out um I would say that my biggest piece of advice would be to go at your own pace and to have patience not only with yourself but with other people because with coming out it can be I mean it is a moment that is very much about you but I think looking back on my coming-out experience I think there are definitely moments where I wish I had had a little bit more patience with people because um even though like you you as a person aren't changing in every single way and you want the people in your life to be right there with you where you are not everybody is going to be able to do that and it doesn't mean that they don't love you and they're not gonna get there and I think it's important to recognize that when people come out relationships do change like it it affects your relationships because like there are some people who are able to be right there with you where you are and then there are other people that need a little bit of time to recalibrate but it doesn't mean that they don't want you in their lives so I think it's really important to try and cultivate that space for patience and try to distinguish who is actually who might actually be somebody who shouldn't be in your life and who's somebody that just means a little bit more time and meaning more time is okay I love that Eileen is like having her own little chat it's a chat it makes me so happy favorite podcast oh okay obviously I love dear sugars because Cheryl Strayed um by the way remind me that I need to answer the question favorite coffee shop in LA right now because that's also important let's see podcast I love beautiful anonymous which is beautiful stories by anonymous people it's hosted by Chris Gethard and it is a podcast where Chris Gethard who is a comedian takes phone calls from anonymous people from all over the country they come from different places and they just talk about their stories and it's really incredible one of my favorite episodes is an episode from a deaf listener and it is amazing so yeah that podcasts just really I think captures the essence of people like what it means to be American which is so many different things and I think it's a really incredible podcast and Chris is funny he's compassionate he's just the perfect host for that show I think okay back to coffee shop um my favorite coffee shop in LA right now is I really like eight fold I think a fold is really good I also think civil coffee is really good I judge this all based off of their almond milk Oh dinosaur coffee – dinosaur coffee is really good like their stuff tips for traveling to New York um well lots of tips how do I narrow it down yeah get some comfortable shoes because you're gonna be walking a lot that's definitely a good one and also blister pads for when you walk a lot and even in your comfortable shoes you get blisters I highly recommend com peed they are now sold at Walgreens do you like New York or LA better I like New York you know there are things that I like about LA but I've never been somebody who loves LA but I definitely love New York a lot what's your favorite place to go eat a good breakfast in LA um what's a good breakfast oh yeah once I'm an ostrich farm are good for breakfast okay I'm gonna answer one more question so let's make it good guys um for everybody that's asking about vlogmas I'm not doing vlogmas I've made a video about this I think it was like a couple years ago so yes yeah it's called am i doing vlogmas um okay what should this last question be what are we gonna do I know I know like trying to read as quickly as possible Eileen and I are both reading that's why we're just weird you like silent reading where would I like to travel you know okay there are two places that I really want to go to I want to go to a lot of places but I really want to go to Japan and Greece those are two that are very high up on my list Oh awesome New Zealand I'll be into that but then once we start getting into number three then it just turns into a giant list of the entire world where I want to go I watched a documentary online Antarctica and I was like now I want to go there you make it sound really interesting even though it's freezing cold speaking of cold I'd also like to see Alaska – I think that would be cool okay so that is gonna be it for my life today thank you so much everybody for joining I will be live next week I'm going to New York this weekend I'm gonna be at period con I don't know if they were like tickets still available but period con is exactly what you think it is it is a convention where we talk about periods all day and I'm gonna be there so you can google it if you're curious about it but I will see you guys later thanks for joining bye