hey guys welcome back to my channel so today's video is gonna be another video where I film at night you guys absolutely love the last one and I love filming these videos too where I kind of just sit down at nighttime after my kids go to bed and talk to you guys like girlfriends and in today's video I have a huge cleaning products haul and I also have a lot of like other home products in here like medicine and feminine products aluminum foil is here there's like a ton of random stuff but it's mostly cleaning products and all of this did come from the grove collaborative site this video is not sponsored but I am an affiliate with growth collaborative so anytime you order using my link I get a little kickback from that so that helps me out a lot with being able to get these cleaning products and show them to you guys and use them and let you guys know how I'm liking them and all that kind of stuff so if you want to use that link I will always have it down in the description box below so we're gonna go ahead and get started and I also did want to say that this is about four hundred dollars worth of cleaning products in both of these boxes here I don't think you guys can see the entire boxes but they're pretty big box those with just filled all the way to the top but luckily I did not have to spend my own money because growth collaborative does give their affiliates credit on their website so I am so happy that I got all of this stuff actually for free and we're gonna go ahead and go through everything that I got and this might take a while so let's get started the first thing I'm going to show you guys are these paper towels by seventh generation they are unbleached and from recycled paper 100% recycled paper and I actually get these in every month order so I have been getting these for probably four months now I really really like them I feel like they are really good when you're like Windex in your windows and they work really and I just love that they are an all-natural product like all the products here so this is the first thing that I got the second thing out of here is this therapies Naturals cough and sore throat relieves actually like a daytime drink mix so I figured with fall and winter coming up we could really use this stuff in our house by the way there is completely no rhyme or reason to the way I just threw everything into these boxes so who knows what could come next the next thing is this mrs. Meyers handsome this one is in I want to say it radish yeah so the radish is in the like reddish pinkish label but it smells amazing I told my husband I was like radishes it just doesn't seem like it would have a great scent but it is a super clean scent it's not like a floral scent at all it's not a sweet scent at all but it's like crisp and clean I really really like this so next up this is kind of random but I went ahead and picked up some of these pads and I think I actually have another pack in here as well but since they are all natural I wanted to give these a try just because these are from seventh generation by the way but I've heard that a lot of like women's feminine products have chemicals in them like chlorine or something like that something along those lines I can't remember but I know that there is something in them that is bad for you and so I was like let me go ahead and pick these up give them a try and see if I like them alright so another thing I got I've actually shown this in my videos a lot but it's the Cal Drake countertop spray this one is in ginger pummelo pump ami low I don't know ginger scent but it's amazing all of these Cal Dre products are my absolute favorite products from their website I just love it I want to smell this right now even though I know what it smells like but it's just so good I want to smell it again speaking of this I'm gonna move into the other box just so I can show you guys that this one is my absolute favorite well this one in the orange one but I would probably say this one is number one it's the yellow one and sea-salt neroli and i told you guys in the last video that i did like this sea salt gets me every time if it has sea salt in the title or in the description I'm gonna love it I just know I will so this one I highly highly recommend and I also have the linen spray like the room spray I don't think I got it in this order but I highly recommend that one it is my absolute favorite and it lingers for so long so the next thing I pulled out is this stoneware tray a lot of people ask me about the tray that I have in my kitchen where I said like my dish soap and hand soap on and my little like scrubby brush so this is where it comes from and I just picked up another one of these because I really like the way it looks in the kitchen so I wanted one in our bathroom as well right so the next thing I'm pulling out of this box is the method laundry detergent this says 4x concentrated and this one is in ginger mango and I actually saw another youtuber using this I want to say it was the yaz family and I haven't seen a video from her in a while but I remember every time she did her laundry she was showing this and I was like I've always wanted to try that so since I had some credit stored up I went ahead and purchased it so I could see what it's like and I also got the method fabric softener to go along with that this one is in beach sage and I have smelled this already and I know that it smells amazing like I just can't help myself I want to smell it again it's a super super clean smell I want to say almost like toothpaste though like I would describe this as like a minty smell not necessarily sage alright next up I have this method glass and surface cleaner speaking of mint cents this one smells amazing it isn't mint and I actually picked up two of them because I love them so much and I've actually had a few people comment and say how they didn't like this but this is actually my favorite glass cleaner ever every is gonna have different opinions but this one I don't feel like it streaks I love the scent but a lot of people actually said that they do feel like it's straight so use it your own discretion everyone's gonna have different opinions a lot of people actually recommend the method stainless steel cleaner to me and I've actually tried that before and hated it but I get so many comments of people who love it as well so everyone's gonna have different opinions I personally felt like it really left my stainless steel appliance it's super greasy and streaky but like I said a lot of people actually love it so who knows like I think it just didn't work for me so but I think it actually works for a lot of people anyway moving on with the method I also got this foaming bathroom cleaner so I can't wait to try this out in our shower it isn't eucalyptus mint as you guys can tell I love cleaning with like mint cents I don't know why but it just really smells like super fresh and that's what I'm going for when I'm cleaning so we'll continue with the method products I also got this one and it's just an all-purpose spray and it is in the cucumber scent I want to say this was actually the very first method product that I used and fell in love with method products ever since then so this is I think it's gonna bring back some memories of like our old house and stuff so I can't wait to try that again and I also got this one and it is Lyman sea salt because I knew if it said sea salt I was gonna love it so I went ahead and picked this one up it's also just like an all-purpose surface cleaner you guys remember how I said I like the orange caldron countertop spray I went ahead and picked up a huge bottle so I could refill the one that I have and so this one is in tinkle of palm frond that's what it's called whatever that is seriously it smells like oranges some some kind of like tangerine citrusy smell it has a cap on it but it's amazing and I highly recommend it also got some of these towels these are bar mop towels from clean mama home this is what they look like and like I said I was kind of getting this stuff for free so I was like why not why not try out some products that I've never heard about before so this was kind of one of those purchases like I've actually never heard of them at all before um if you guys have let me know if you like them or not so I'm excited to try these out and then I also got a lot of these multi-surface everyday cleaners from mrs. Meyers I almost forgot the name so I picked up Bluebell and I also got the hand soap in that scent it smells amazing too by the way I also got the basil one and the radish one so the last thing in this box I just got this lip balm it is yes to coconut lip balm alright so we are going to move on to the second big box and the first thing I am pulling out of here is this candle from the Grove collaborative brand and it is a soy candle and eucalyptus and spearmint and when I was actually filling up my cart with all this stuff I was texting my friend Paige from the channel page Danielle and I was trying to figure out what I wanted in my cart and so I was texting her asking her if she had any suggestions of stuff that she knows I haven't tried yet but would love and this was her suggestion and oh my gosh guys she was so right this is actually one of my favorite candles ever like I just love the scent mostly because you guys know I love the mint smell and it's spearmint when I opened this up I actually told my husband I could eat this candle and it makes no sense whatsoever because it is eucalyptus and spearmint but all I want to do is like grab a spoon and eat this candle it smells that amazing I know I'm such a weirdo but seriously if you get anything anything at all from group collaborative try this candle I'm probably gonna order like 10 more just for me to have like a stock up on these and also to give them out at Christmas time to like all the women in my family okay so the next thing I'm pulling out is this mrs. Myers hand soap in the apple cider scent and I told you guys in my fall clean with me that I could not get my hands on the spray for this like the multi-surface spray but I I was able to get some dish soap and a lot of good you guys said check out Target but I did and they didn't have it either that's spray so I cannot get my hands on the apple cider scent in the countertop spray so I don't know I'm I just don't think I'm gonna get it but I'm excited to have the dish soap so speaking of candles I got this one from mrs. Meyers and it is in lemon verbena I always say verbena I don't know why but that's always like my natural like way that I want to say that verbena but it's verbena next up I have some aluminum foil and I want to do a video with this stuff that's actually why I put it in my cart because I found something on Pinterest not too long ago where they were talking about wrapping your feet in temple and it's actually supposed to like cure fatigue muscle not muscle soreness joint soreness something like that I'm in the middle of researching this just to see like what it actually does or why it would do that but I might do a video on that for you guys and kind of document like what I feel about it if it actually did because I have really bad knees and if this could actually help with that I'm down for it like I'm down to try anything I think this one was actually a free gift since I purchased all of this but this is the fog and grey kitchen towels from growth collaborative I also got this cool little brush and it almost looks like a huge toothbrush but it's called a detail brush from full circle I figured I could use this in the grout in my shower and it would be perfect for that and it also has this little tip on the edge it's kind of like rubber and so I figured that would be perfect for cleaning the shower the next thing I got was this yes to blueberries age refresh facial wipes because I love using these facial wipes when I want to be lazy and take my makeup off in bed raise your hand if you guys do that or leave it in the comments below because I'm not gonna see you raise your hand but leave it in the comments below do you ever have those lazy nights where you're like already in bed and you realize dang it I haven't taken my makeup off yet and then you just I actually keep these like in my side table and I just pulled them out and I take my makeup off and then I'll have my husband bring me like a wet washcloth so I can get all of that off and that's it I call it a night I put some moisturizer on and I call it a night next thing I have here are these mrs. Meyers automatic dish packs these go in your dishwasher and these are in lemon verbena as well and this is probably my third time purchasing these because I really like these a lot this stuff is another one of these kal Dre countertop sprays I got this one in the pear blossom and I've tried this one out before as well and really really liked it and I also got one of these mrs. Meyers hand soaps in the apple cider scent so I can't wait to put this out probably at Thanksgiving time in November cuz I already have like my pumpkin stuff out right now but it smells amazing and this is also something that could really last into Christmas as well because it has that really spicy scent so if you do purchase this and you put it in a bathroom that doesn't get used a lot have no fear because this could actually be used like in any of the cooler months so next up I am pulling out some more of these panty liners these are organic and natural these are from metric hair and there's 30 of them in a pack so I figured why not try these out as well I also got trash bags like I said mostly because these are like this was all free to me and we always need trash bags so I got some of these I can't wait to try them out these say that they are like two times stronger I got the extra strong ones because you never want your trash bags to rip so these are from seventh generation if you guys are wondering it also got some of this method dish soap this one is in Clementine how to love how huge this bottle is too by the way it's just I feel like this is really big for dish soap just to compare this is what the missus Meyers looks like and this is what the method looks like so this one is a lot bigger let's just compare this one is 18 ounces and this one is 16 ounces so not a whole lot bigger maybe it's just the way the packaging is made next I got some of this method pink grapefruit hand soap I have purchased this before and used this before and loved it so this was a read repurchase for me and then speaking of hand soap I also got this one from seventh generation I didn't realize that this one doesn't have a scent at all so I'm kind of like uh it's okay you know like it's hand soap I'm gonna use it you can always use hand soap but I just like for my hand soap to have like a scent to it so this one's kind of like on the block side to me the other thing I have here oh this is the stain remover from Cal Dre this one's in Sweet Pea and I talked about this in one of my videos I can't remember oh I think it was the laundry hacks video but this stuff works y'all it works so well and I actually got another stain the other day on my new bedspread it was like a little brown stain I don't know what it was it looked like dirt had kind of just brushed up against the bed or makeup maybe like eyeshadow or something but it was on there good and I put this on there waited about 10 minutes washed my comforter and it was gone completely gone so I highly recommend this that's why I went ahead and deaf another one – speaking of laundry I also got some of this seventh generation laundry detergent I actually don't know if this one has a scent either no not at all so is that a thing for seventh generation is that supposed to like not smell do they not have sense I don't know I haven't tried out a whole lot of seventh generation products so you guys let me know down below because this doesn't have a scent the hand soap doesn't have a scent is that their thing all right so apparently I was thinking about my period while I was ordering this stuff because I got two more of these panty liners to go okay you're gonna use some of those and then I also got some of this Zehra B's I loves arabes products these this is for the kids it is cough syrup and for mucus so I thought that this would be really good for them to have like I said since we are going into the cooler months and you know cold and flu season so I got that I have another candle here this one is in geranium this is mrs. Myers oh this smells so good it's got a very like floral ecent but also very clean actually this really reminds me of my grandmother's house like her laundry wow that smells just like her house yeah I also got the basil as well so I got a lot of basil from mrs. Myers oh my gosh okay this is even better than that one I love this it is super clean and fresh like that's the only way to describe this candle it's not like when I think clean and fresh normally I think like cotton and clean laundry but that's not this it's like almost like plants I mean I know that makes sense because it's basil you just gotta smell it for yourself I don't know how to describe this one oh so apparently I'm scared that they were gonna run out of this stuff too because I went ahead and picked up another one of these apple cider dish soaps and another one of these dish soaps from method this one is in Honey Crisp apple I thought that this would be really good for the holidays too yeah this has a perfect apple scent to it Oh another thing that I got by the way we have like four well three more things in the box for including this so I got some of this Tom's mouthwash I love Tom's products as well we use that a lot with our kids just because it's like a all-natural toothpaste and stuff so I got some of this mouthwash and this one is in the mint I believe this is for adults and then I also got one for the kids and it says alcohol-free on there in children's anti cavity fluoride rinse and it is also in a juicy mint flavor last two things and we are done I also got some of this yes to blueberries age refresh eye firming treatment so I thought I would try some of this out someone left a lovely comment on my Instagram telling me they could see my wrinkles on my eyes so I was like you know what let me try it and last but not least I also picked up some of this method auntie back toilet cleaner and I have used this before as well so this was another repurchase for me and I really like this one I've been using this one in our bathroom upstairs and it has a spearmint scent to it and you guys know I like spearmint and any mint scent so that is the last thing I got I am out of breath now but I'm so glad that I could show you guys all these products I'm I am gonna keep you guys updated on how I'm liking these and how I'm using these and so just keep watching my clean with me videos and you'll probably see these moving through there and I'll let you all know how I'm liking them but if you guys have tried any of this stuff that I haven't tried before let me know I would love to hear how you guys are liking some of these products I know I probably get the most comments about the mrs. Meyer sprays and how much you guys love those and how you guys are so glad that I told you guys about them so that is probably the number one thing that you guys rave about like I said I want to know about the other stuff as well so leave this video a thumbs up if you guys enjoyed this video subscribe if you are new to my channel I do lots of lifestyle videos and cleaning and mommy videos and I will see y'all in the next one bye