are you guys ready for another giveaway I thought so [Music] hey you guys it's Christina and I'm so excited to announce another giveaway you guys love my giveaways especially on Instagram and lately I've been having people ask me when are you gonna do your next giveaway what are you gonna do I've been thinking about it and I've been putting a lot of thought into what I can give you next that would help to increase your level of health and also give you a really cool gift to let you guys know that I appreciate you I love you and I love sharing with you because you give so much back to me and it brings me so much joy and I'm so so grateful for you I've decided to do a massive not just a little but a massive essential oil giveaway I have so many bottles of essential oils and I'm here to share this abundance with you guys with every single Instagram and YouTube posts that I make I am going to be giving away an oil to you guys we're talking a lot of oils here for those of you who've been following me for a while now know that I love essential oils I love the way they smell I love the way they make me feel there are so many different benefits to enjoying a simple essential oil no matter what that benefit is I know that they smell lovely and they can benefit every person who wants to give it a whiff did I say with no matter what your beliefs are about essential oils they smell lovely and they're great to share no matter what I've been on The Young Living and doTERRA teams for years now and I've loved it and throughout this process I've collected so many oils that I haven't even been able to use all of them so I'm sharing the love with all of you guys and if you're interested in being a part of my doTERRA or Young Living team definitely check the link on the screen join my affiliate team join my team I think it would be really fun and if you want to win this giveaway and there are going to be a ton of winner so if you're thinking to yourself right now I never do giveaways because I'm never going to win and I never would anything this may be your lucky opportunity I have so many oils I'm pretty much convinced that everybody is gonna be a winner here so here's what you need to do to win an essential oil this giveaway is going to be for Instagram and YouTube so the first thing that you need to do to enter this giveaway is number one make sure that you are following me on Instagram and subscribe to me on youtube that is the first thing you need to do to easy right the second thing you need to do is turn on my notifications on Instagram it's super easy you just go to the three dots on the top right corner or left corner depending on which way you're looking at this click on them and then go to turn on post notifications that way every time I post something you'll be notified and you can know exactly when to go to that post and engage on YouTube the notification bell is on the top right and basically you just click on it and it lets you know when I post a video so number two is to turn on my post notifications number three and here's where there is some effort required each time that I post on Instagram or YouTube you can pick whichever you want whichever posts you want as soon as I post you're going to be given 30 minutes 30 minutes to an hour but I'm gonna say 30 minutes to go to the post like it and leave a comment and not just any comment I want you to leave me your favorite fruit and veggie emoji you can even leave any emoji that you want just let me know that you're commenting because you want to and essential oil I will be looking out for all of these emojis on the screen right here basically I'm looking for a lot of fruits and veggies it may be that little magic cool magic ball like with each post that I make within 30 minutes to an hour I'm gonna be going into the post I'm gonna be looking for your comments I'm gonna be looking to see if you liked it and I'm gonna make sure that you're following or that you're subscribed to my channels and I think that you have to be following or subscribed to turn on your notifications for my stuff as well so I think that that's too easy I think that that goes hand in hand could be wrong but I'm pretty sure that's how it is from there I will direct message you I'll email you whichever is easiest for me to get ahold of you and I'll let you know that you are a winner of one of these incredible oils I'll get your address and I'll be personally mailing you a bottle I'll be mailing approximately two or three bottles of these daily because I try to post on Instagram twice a day and I try to post to youtube once a day or every other day so you guys there are gonna be a ton of opportunities for you to win an essential oil all the way up until December I've counted my oils and it looks like I have enough or heels it's a giveaway until the end of December so this is a massive giveaway that's gonna be going on and I'm happy to share the love all right you guys those are the three things you need to do number one make sure that you're following me on Instagram and subscribe to my youtube number to turn on those notifications and number three with each posts that I make within 30 minutes when you're on my notification squad be sure that you're going in you're commenting with your favorite emoji you're liking the post and showing me that you want to win one of these essential oils that's it that's all you got to do I'll be sharing the winner on my Instagram story so be sure that you're watching those daily to keep up with the winners I'm excited to give you guys shout outs and share your love all right you guys that's it I want to give away I want you to receive them I hope that you guys join this giveaway I hope that you have fun and I can't wait to share these you look forward to seeing you out there on Instagram in YouTube it's sending you all my hugs in my love [Music] [Music]