hi everyone well the time has come to share my 23andme results with you guys [Music] [Applause] this is a follow-up to another video that I made so if you missed that one there will be a link down below for you and thanks again to 23andme for sponsoring this video so my results are in and they're pretty exciting but I'm gonna be getting into that later in the video first we have some things to talk about since we are smack dab in the middle of holiday season and lots of people are travelling seeing family and loved ones I thought that I would talk about my experience growing up in a mixed household and how that affected the holidays my parents come from two very different backgrounds my dad grew up in America so he grew up celebrating all of the traditional American holidays and my mom grew up in Thailand and Thailand is predominantly Buddhist so she grew up celebrating none of the holidays that we celebrate here in the States and there's actually a really huge difference between the two cultures and not only the holidays that they celebrate but the philosophies behind the way that they just live their lives in my household during this time of the year I grew up celebrating Christmas and this was really interesting because I did live in a blended household and my mom never celebrated Christmas until she came to the States and married my dad so this was something that was really new to her also to my grandma who lived with us as well who had spent her entire life not celebrating Christmas or anything like this and so she really didn't start celebrating Christmas until I was born so I grew up with a Thai integration into a Western celebration one of the main things that stands out to me is the food so there would be multiple Christmas celebrations that we would go to but one was usually always predominantly thai my mom had friends who were also Thai who had been living in the States and they just kind of created their own Christmas celebration so in Thailand this isn't really celebrated especially outside of metropolitan areas like Bangkok and Bangkok there are people who do celebrate Christmas but it's not an ingrained institution for them like it is here in the States it doesn't have quite the same context there for some people it's almost like a novelty to be celebrating it because it's just something so different it was actually really interesting going to holiday parties that were decorated with Christmas decorations but we were eating Thai food and then on my dad's side of the family there would be parties where you know I would be eating the food that you would traditionally associate with a Christmas celebration and a lot of times people would bring different dishes to these parties and my mom would bring Thai food so it would be the one thing that really would stand out at these parties and looking back on it now it's interesting to reflect on people's different reactions like some people were really afraid of the food other people thought it was really cool and interesting so there were definitely varied responses to my mom just simply bringing a small Thai dish another big difference between the two cultures aside from the fact that Christmas just isn't a thing for most Thai people is the culture around gift giving so here in the States even beyond Christmas like for birthdays and special occasions there's an expectation to give and receive gifts however in Thailand that's really just not a thing like your birthday could come but there's no expectation from you to receive a gift and there's no expectation placed on other people to give you a gift but if you happen to receive a gift it's really nice and it's normally very thoughtful and it's typically to celebrate something really special I remember on Christmas morning when we would be opening presents it would be my dad my mom my grandma and myself and my grandma and my mom always had a different response to opening presents especially my grandma because this was something that was so completely new to her it was new to my mom but my mom was younger she had also been in the country for a longer period of time my grandma you know had spent the vast majority of her life in Thailand and then came here to the states and it was really just learning about this entirely new culture and the celebrations that came along with it and so in Thailand she was just never used to receiving gifts and so it was something that was almost like embarrassing for her to do because in Thailand if you do receive a gift it's considered rude to open the gift in front of the person who gave it to you so that's something that typically is not done so she would always feel like a little bit awkward and embarrassed like opening up presents and receiving presents just in general she just felt like oh this isn't something that I need I'm happy with everything that I have you know I love my family and those were the things that were important to her and so receiving these gifts were just like a huge luxury to her and to give you an idea of gift-giving in my mom's family specifically there's a story that my mom has told me about one of her favorite gifts that she ever received as a kid from her dad and it was milk just regular old dairy milk that we see all the time in our grocery stores having milk from a cow is still not super common in Thailand it's not part of the regular diet but when my mom was growing up in Thailand it really was super scarce and so it was a big deal for her dad to come home with a glass bottle of fresh milk and my mom said that it was just the most amazing treat to be able to drink a glass of milk and to this day my mom still loves milk I'm sure that is definitely tied to the scarcity that she experienced when she was growing up in a differ country and the memory of just being so excited when she did get to have dairy milk now if you think about that in the context of being American and an American kid receiving milk as a gift let's just say the reaction would probably be pretty different so even though the milk story is specific to my mom's experience I think it illustrates the general view of gift-giving within the different cultures it was just cool to see how my two different sides blended together for the holidays and obviously there was much more of an adjustment that had to happen for my mom and grandma but I think they really embraced the spirit of the season in their own way and that's what made it special for them and above all both my parents and my grandma always did their best to make sure that holiday season was fun for me and that's something that I will always always be grateful for and now it's time to share my 23andme result if you're wondering where the name comes from it's quite literally from the fact that human DNA is organized into 23 pairs of chromosomes 23andme it was created to help people better understand their DNA which i think is so awesome you can see where in the world your ancestors came from and you can also learn about how your DNA influences things like facial features taste etc I was a little nervous before looking at my results because I was like am I about to have an identity crisis was everything when I was told over the course of my life a lie and then I got my results and I was like oh this is exactly pretty much what I was expecting so my results officially are I have them here in front of me 50 0.1% European so within the European sphere I am 46.1% Northwestern European which means British and Irish Scandinavian French and German this was the surprise though within the European inside I'm three percent southern European which I had no idea about I would say that was probably the biggest surprise then I am 48.4% East Asian and Native American so most of that is Southeast Asian then there's East Asian Mongolian and Yakutia cuts I'm not sure how to say that name and then Native American I'm one percent South Asian I also have a little bit of ocean Ian's in me so that is also interesting like everything that's outside of Southeast Asian I was like oh okay this is really interesting to learn looking at the map it's really interesting because I am pretty much from everywhere around the world except the Middle East Africa and Iceland there's also an ancestry timeline that breaks things down by generation so you can see your most recent ancestor from a specific place personally this has been a really amazing experience for me because it is so awesome to have confirmation of something that I have been told because a lot of times you know things can get lost down the lines of the family tree and it is really amazing that this is proof within my DNA that I have family that have come from these places it's actually made me a lot more curious about asking my mom questions and I think it's something that will be an ongoing conversation between the two of us and just being able to like sit down and show someone like these are my results and have a conversation about it is really amazing it brings me closer to my mom and my genetic story and I think that that is so cool that this is something that can bring you closer to the people who share your DNA and also closer to yourself because I think that you get a better understanding of yourself when you can see where your family comes from and because it's holiday season 23andme has a special offer going on right now so you can go to 23andme accom slash Ingrid and check it out it'll be running through December six so make sure you get going soon christmas is coming this has honestly been one of the coolest things that I have ever done and everyone that I know who has tried out 23andme absolutely loves the experience because it's so easy and so seamless and then you can just go online and see your results and you learn so much from the information that they provide for you online and they make it super simple to navigate and before I go anyone out there who comes from a mixed background no matter what your mix is I would love it if you would share your experience of the holidays thank you so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it please give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel because I will have more videos coming your way armpits are sweaty but they smell like vanilla cuz I'm using a new deodorant all right see you later everybody bye [Music] [Applause] [Music]