– Hey you guys, Kimberly
with Millennial Moms, and today, I got some mom confessions. Okay you guys, welcome
back to Millenial Moms, and don't forget to hit
that red button down below, and give this video a thumbs up. So today I have some mom
confessions for all of you guys. They are mom confessions
like morning time, getting the kids out
of the door for school. These are things that I'm
not necessarily proud of, but I'm confessing them. So let's jump right into
confession number one. Sometimes I forget to
wash a load of laundry, and that can turn into a situation, kinda like this. – Mom, I just don't have anymore pants. – You don't have anymore jeans? – No, I've worn them all. – Go look in your, in
your closet one more time. – You sure?
– Yeah, yeah, yeah, go look. – Okay.
– I forgot to do the laundry. Danny, come here! – [Danny] Hey, I couldn't find any. – I found a pair.
– Mom, I wore these yesterday. – It's okay, nobody will notice it. It was just a day, I'll Febreeze you. Nobody will know the difference. They're just jeans, nobody will care. Go ahead, put them on. Just put them on. Put them on.
– [Danny] Okay. – Sometimes I just don't
have time to do my makeup. One mom confession is
big, dark sunglasses. It covers up the dark circles. It's a must have in the mom world. Just saying. When we're running late, I don't have time to warm up breakfast. Cook breakfast, this is what they get. – Mom, what's for breakfast? – Oh, bag of cereal! – Mom, it doesn't have no milk. – Look, we're running late. I don't even have time
to get my makeup on, it's a bag of cereal for today. We can eat it in the car. It's like a breakfast on
the go, how about that? – But mom. – But we're running out of time. – I know but you always say
that milk's healthy with cereal. Healthy! – You know, today is
just kinda is what it is. It's breakfast on the go, it's like fun! I can put it in a to-go cup. – Nevermind, thank you. – Okay. Another confession is sometimes I just throw on workout clothes just to look somewhat put
together for a drop off. Doesn't mean necessarily
gonna be working out though. – Mom, you're gonna work out? – Um, yeah. I'm gonna go
drop you guys off at school, and then come home and work out. Because I'm totally gonna work out today. I am. – [Girl] Okay.
– I'm gonna work out today. – [Girl] Okay. – Totally, totally, work out today. There's my workout, okay. Okay you guys, those were
all my moms confessions. I hope you guys can
relate to some of them, if not all of them (laughs). Let me know down below what some of your guys' confessions are because I would love to read them to make myself feel a
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