if you haven't already hit subscribe to my channel because we're about to make some delicious recipes and you want to join in on the fun [Music] hey you guys it's Christina hey you guys it's Sandra Christina's mother and I'm so excited to be in the kitchen with my mom today we are thank you in the first week of our 21 day of fully raw vegan challenge mom has been doing so good on her raw vegan challenge we hit a few bumps the first three to five days once mom got through her detox but now she's rocking it she's doing good as you can see her energy is up and before we get into this mother-daughter cook-off for those of you who are just now joining us I want to say that mom and I are doing a 21-day fully raw vegan challenge right now so if you want to join us you can go to challenge Puli Raja comm challenge dot bolero calm and you can get my new 60 page ebook with 21 days of meal plans recipes inspiration and more and you can join our and you can join our private Facebook group as well and we've been pretty active in it I've been doing facebook lives and Q&A sessions and group coaching sessions for those of you who need more hand-holding in starting a raw vegan diet are continuing on urabe and we'd love to have you join us and you can join all the way up until the last day of our 21 day a vegan challenge so if you haven't already go get my new ebook join us now do the whole challenge do one fully round meal a day let's get you healthy it's worth it so for today's video mom and I have decided that we are going to do a mother-daughter cook-off well raw vegan fully raw food preparation competition it's gonna be my recipe vs. her recipe so I think we should get started what are you gonna make mom I'm gonna make a raw Mediterranean hummus pasta with the alo be creative so you have to wait and see she's gonna be creative I mean I have all the sauces and all the taste the taste buds oh you and I'm going and I'm gonna be making my classic marinara with a twist we are only going to be using the ingredients in front of us that's our challenges that we have to be creative with what is in front of us we're gonna be using my Vitamix today my classic Vitamix and for those of you who are interested in Vitamix I'll put my affiliate code on the screen and we're gonna be trying out the veggie bullet today other vegetables I was so excited I feel like I just got one I are so excited and I and I wanted to use it so more like yes we're gonna use this to make our zoodles and for those of you who are interested in the veggie bullets stay tuned to a future video because I'm gonna be showing you more about this awesome machine how we use it and how you can get one too so before we get started I'm gonna make some noodles with the veggie bullet and show you how I do it cuz normally I use a spiralizer and since this is a cool little new contraption we're gonna show you how we make noodles all right so since we're both making a pasta recipe we got to make our noodles first let's get started all right so we're gonna put in some zucchinis I think it's already on okay so you just put it in there and then you have to open up the top and get the middle [Music] that's pretty cool cool that is really excited that is so much easier than doing the spiral Oh Christina that is amazing Wow your shows I get noodles you just take this out and you just put it in your bowl it's a winner the winner it's a winner it's a winner it's got my vote the world all right we do a noodle way okay go to the left go to the left all right mom are you ready I'm ready okay it's on [Music] [Music] [Music] all right you guys so what do you think whose looks better whose tastes better is the real question what do you think mom yours looks pretty good well looks pretty good looks pretty good maybe not as fancy as yours but it's in the taste all right so we should do a taste test yes No yeah yes yes all right so we're gonna first take a bite of our own and then we're gonna try each other's okay so here we go got a little bite of mine ready to go it looks super delicious [Music] [Music] mm-hm [Music] mm mines good so it's mine mine's really good so my okay mind you'll need a little more salt but it's good here we go okay okay [Music] mm-hmm-hmm not that mom hmm I don't know Cristina Oh close call this is really good too I think we should both be winners huh I think that's a great idea haha they really are very very good if you guys have liked this video be sure to give it a thumbs up that's right and be sure to hit the subscribe button below join me and my mom on our challenge at challenge garage calm more awesome recipes coming up soon for you if you want to follow me daily follow my Instagram my Pinterest my facebook all the above at fully rock Kristina are you guys we're gonna go and enjoy the rest of our pasta and we hope that you get to go and do this thing sending you all our hug vanilla [Music] do they do the scooter noodle the scoodle noodle uzuki the noodle noodle this is Keaney noodle