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are in Arizona right now. We are currently moving into California. So, we moved from
California over to Virginia. Virginia over to Arizona, now we're going back over to California. So needless to say, we have moved around quite a bit and we have learned a lot
of lessons along the way and we have done all
sorts of different moves. We have done the move where movers has packed us and drove
through my husband's company. We have done it where the packers has packed us but we
had to locate everybody and transport our vehicle
and everything like that. We have done it where we have hired movers to load up the truck, but we have packed. My husbands driven the truck. Like every move situation we have done. So, I'm gonna go ahead and jump right into tip number one. Number one, I learned this
tip from a very good friend by the name of Tara. She went ahead and told me pick a bathroom, take
everything out of the bathroom that needs to get packed. Then you're gonna put a
sign right on the door. Do not open, do not touch, do not pack and in that bathroom, you're gonna stick every thing that you need, your purse
that's not gonna get packed is literally gonna go with you. Your suitcase, whatever medicines. If you have a pet, the dog food. Whatever it is that you do not want them to pack that you
know you need to travel with, stick in that bathroom with that sign. Do not open, do not close. 'Cause it gives you somewhere for you to be able to stick all your stuff that you need to travel with in, but it assures you that
it's not gonna get packed and also let the movers
know that the sign is there and make sure that they understand do not open up the door. Even though the sign already says it. Tip number two, we had to
learn this one the hard way. We learned that not all
moving companies go ahead and move safes, that's right. So, when we went ahead and packed, 'cause we packed a couple
boxes ourself the first time and so when the movers
went to go move the box with the safe, I took everything out of it but then you can hear the door rattling. So here's a tip. Get stuffing paper, pillow whatever it is. Close, shove it in there to ensure that the door is not gonna rattle and then put the safe inside a box and go ahead and box it on up. That way they have no idea that they're moving a safe and you get your safe
to your next location. Tip number three, if
you have high end purses or high end jewelry or things that you just don't want
the movers to know about, go ahead and pack that stuff up yourself but put on the outside of the box something boring,
something that the movers are never gonna wanna go ahead and get tempted to take and put kitchen utensils or kitchen cups or books or something that is or like sofa pillows or something that's completely boring to them that they would never guess that there are valuables inside the box, and mark the box on the corner with a special little star so you know for sure that box is making it back to your new place. Tip number four is declutter, declutter, declutter. Declutter your stuff before you pack. There is no reason why
you should be moving junk or stuff that could of been donated. Try and minimize your stuff before you move and make
sure you get it over to the church, Goodwill, Salvation Army. There's so many places and a lot of these places
actually do free pick up. So definitely declutter
'cause there's no sense on bringing it over to the new house when you're just gonna
get rid of it anyways. And last tip, tip number five is we have found this
to be the easiest way to move from state to state and that is pack everything up yourself. Rent the biggest U-haul that you can and hire local movers to move your stuff into the U-haul truck. My husband has done this and
he drove the U-haul truck. I followed behind inside our vehicle and we drove it to the
new state, the new house and then we hired local movers over there to unload the truck into the new house. We saved literally thousands
of dollars by doing that. By just renting the U-haul and having my husband drive it himself. So that is it for me today, you guys. I really hope you guys enjoyed this video and I hope it helps some of you guys out. If you guys have any more tips, please let me know along with all the other mamas down in the comments
because we tend to move every couple years and
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