[Music] hey you guys it's Christina and I'm so excited to be back in the kitchen with you today today we're gonna be talking about something different I'm gonna be showing you my favorite raw vegan specialty items ingredients and other things that you can buy online that aren't necessarily a fruit or a vegetable many of you know that I used to run my own organic produce co-op here in Houston Texas called Raleigh organic and my biggest desire was to be able to feed people healthy food raw vegan fruits and vegetables and save the money one of the reasons why I love thrive market is because they're a co-op online and they help people save money on items if they could buy in the store but that you can buy online and get delivered straight to your door so for those of you who are interested in joining thrive market if you're interested in signing up and getting this offer getting $60 off your organic groceries getting a 30-day free trial and free shipping click the link in the description below and now I want to show you what my favorite items are I'm going to show you what's in this box do you want to see what's in this box I think you do there are a lot of items here so much abundance and I love that you can shop at thrive and they'll tell you exactly how much you save by shopping with their online site and the things that I'm going to show you right now you've probably seen them all before in a video so I'll just get started really quickly and show you some of the things that you will probably get excited before many of you have seen me use Sun warrior and all my smoothies and my ice cream recipes and videos and many people ask me where to get it besides getting it at a health food store besides getting it on Amazon you can get it at thrive market you can get it cheaper than you would get it in the grocery stores you can get it at a discounted price that thrive so for those of you looking to get some Sun warrior there's so much creative stuff you can do with Sun warrior so I've also has my favorite brand of spirulina the Hawaiian spirulina I use this in so many of my videos they have the small size and they have the bigger size that you can get as well for those of you who are spirulina lovers this Hawaiian spirulina is my favorite brands I've made helped noodle pesto I've put help noodles with a cashew cream sauce in my bootable recipe before many of you have asked me where can you get kelp noodles because not all whole food stores carry it so you can get it online there are the kelp noodles the regular kind which is the green one and there are the kona berry noodle ones these are also in my box today and I love these I think they're great and some raw food essentials you can have in your kitchen at any time Blacker's I have used placards in so many of my recipes and my hummus video in my cream cheese videos and so much more I love these raw vegan flax crackers flockers is a great homegrown company as well they love and appreciate our support as much as possible I love helping homegrown companies that grow and yeah for those of you who love raw vegan crackers placards is usually on my list of thrive some other items that I use in my salad dressings are typically hemp seeds and even pine nuts I use these in pesto's and creamy sauces and things you can blend up in your Vitamix or your high speed blenders these are great additions to your salads and your salad dressings and nuts and seeds are great pantry items to have at any given moment to snack on to make something harder with so here I have these shelled hemp parts I have a large bag of them because I go through hunt parts really quickly and I also have the thrive market inodes easy peasy you can get your nuts and seeds online speaking of seeds many of you love chia seeds you can use them in breakfast recipes chia pudding bowls and so much more I know I've used Chia and a lot of my breakfast bowls my smoothie bowls and more and I've even added goji berries into that mix as well both of these are great for breakfast dishes great staples to have in your pantry to keep in your fridge put in your smoothies and so much more these are two other items that were on my list let's talk about chocolate for a second because I just realized I have five different bags of five different kinds of chocolate products essentially the first one I have is cacao powder you can add this into smoothies and de banana nice creams ice-creams and so much more cacao powder is an awesome awesome thing to have and if powder is too fine for you you can also have cacao nibs to sprinkle on top of your banana ice cream to put in your smoothie and believe it or not but there is a difference between the cacao nibs and the sweet cacao nibs sometimes I'll use cacao nibs and a dressing where I maybe will create my chocolate bars you know my protein chocolate bars that I made and I'll put these on top if I want the chocolate to be more bitter and then in moments where I want a sweeter nib to sprinkle on top of mine ice cream I'll use the sweet cacao nibs to put on top so more than one type of cacao nib another chocolate snack you can have in your home a raw vegan junk food so to speak are these novita power snacks for those of you who can't find it within your heart to travel with some grapes or watermelon or fruit on a plane this could be a great alternative for you we're about to take it next level for those of you who want even more of a junk food snack these raw vegan coco rune cookies are the bomb they kind of like push the border for me at some times and almost feel like a guilt food but they're not they're completely guilt free they're cruelty free it's basically just nuts and seeds and dates and cacao I love cocoa runes they had this is only one flavor this is the chocolate chip flavor but they also have a coconut flavor and a raspberry and a lemon and so much more so I consider this to be a raw vegan junk food and I don't spoil myself with that too often but every now and then you want to turn somebody onto raw food if you want to bring a snack with you cocoa ruins usually the way to go and it's a great movie snack great movie snack speaking of raw food junk food items for those of you who haven't heard of go raw they're a company that makes raw granolas and raw vegan cookies that are really really really tasty and my favorite cookie flavor is the gingersnap these are great snacks great movie snacks great items to share with family and friends and my favorite one of their granola flavors is the raisin brand or the one with raisins in it so yeah ginger snaps and raisins forgo raw of it there's one item here that didn't make it into my box because it was sold out but I feel the need to mention it here and that item is mulberries I use mulberries in so many of my recipes in my pies I use it as my crust I use mulberries in so many recipes and they're a great snack item they were supposed to be in my box but they were sold out so I'll just say for those of you who are looking for mulberries you can also find them on the Thrive website and I just want to say for those of you who are wondering where I get my coconut palm sugar or my coconut nectar they have a ton of this on the website as well and you can get it right coconut oil coconut oil is a staple not because I eat it but because I use coconut oil as essentially my daily lotion I put it in my hair sometimes I do teeth pulling with it sometimes I use it if I'm laying out in the Sun it has a ton of vitamins in it and I believe that it protects my skin in so many different ways and for those of you who have not hopped on the coconut oil train I just want to say coconut oil is amazing and if you haven't heard that funny phrase I got 99 problems and coconut oil solves 86 of them it's kind of true it's kind of true last but not least these are two different items that I'm trying for the first time believe it or not this is like a raw organic wrap and this one is a kale wrap and you can make burritos or tacos with these but essentially they're dehydrated flattened wraps so I'm excited to try these these are a new item that are in my thrive box this week and yeah maybe I'll make a recipe with these I'll do a wrap and I'll show you exactly how how good they are I'll let you know so I'm curious to know have you tried some of these items before have you used some of these items and your recipes what are your favorite raw food specialty items that you have in your house I'd love to hear so be sure to put it in the comments below and I want to give a special thank you to thrive market for helping to make this possible for everybody it's a very sweet offer it's very nice and it's a beautiful gift so I just want to say thank you throughout the market thank you for always being there every time I reach out to you guys and yeah this is awesome thank you for making this possible for people all right you guys if you'd like this video be sure to give it a thumbs up and hit the subscribe button below don't forget to follow my other social media Facebook Pinterest Instagram Twitter all live fully raw and fully rock Christina can't wait to see you in my next video