[Music] today I am going to be showing you how I style my hair and I have been styling it slightly differently recently my hair is a little bit longer I did just get it trimmed but this has been my favorite length so far I have an angled a line cut and I just have a hair length now that is so flexible I can pull it up I can leave it down and recently I've been styling it in a middle part with these waves and on Instagram and in the comments of my videos I have been getting so many questions about how I'm styling my hair what products I use how I create these waves in general so I am going to walk you through the process and show you everything that I use we're starting with me almost just freshly out of the shower like I had been out of the shower for a little bit enough time to get dressed and all that stuff now here we go alright so I just got out of the shower not too long ago I'm also still waking up so my hair has been air drying for a little bit so it's kind of damp I haven't brushed it or anything and this just kind of helps any kind of natural wave come through a little bit more now I'm going to be using the herbivores sea mist and this is the lavender one they also have a coconut line and I don't know how that smells but I'm assuming like coconut and kind of like tropical Li but I like the lavender I'm going to spray this all over my hair I really like this spray because it's not heavy and sticky like a lot of other sea salt sprays this really makes you feel like you just went to the beach and it waived your hair a little bit plus it smells like lavender and not smelly sea water I have a mirror behind the camera so if I'm like doing this that's what I'm looking at trying to see my hair okay so I think I'll just spray a little bit more I also like to scrunch my hair up just ever so slightly like that now I part my hair and recently I have been enjoying the center part again so I'm just gonna do that I don't like to make it super perfect or straight so I just divide it in half this is so easy I'm just doing a regular braid on each side so with this braiding part it actually works out a little bit better if your hair isn't soaking wet because it's easier to braid your hair and your hair won't be slipping out of your fingers as much and also because I let my hair sit in braids for a little bit if they're soaking wet it just takes a really really long time for them to get dry so it's actually better to start this off if your hair is kind of like halfway half dry and then I come in and loosen up the braid just ever so slightly to the little Zhi up here and I took it behind my ear because that creates a nice little wave right around my eye area and I also just tuck my hair a lot so it actually helps with the waving process now the other side do a little touch-up oh we're done artists okay so loosen up the braid a little bit gonna tuck it behind my ear give it a little judge and just because of the way my hair is cut I have shorter pieces in the basket sometimes small out not a big deal so now I am just going to do my makeup and drink my coffee eat the rest of my breakfast and wait for my braids to dry a little bit and then I'll be back okay it's been a while I had a phone call that was about an hour long and then I also did my makeup as well so my hair should be fairly dry at this point I'm going to take my braids out carefully these tiny little hair ties we're really just want to stay in here I'm going to just carefully undo the braids I kind of like to shake them out so that way I'm not disrupting anything too much I'm going to come back in with a little bit more of the sea-mist just do some spritzes all around a little bit of scrunching and then I like to tuck all of this behind my ears and bring this forward I kind of gauge how wet my hair is and interestingly this side is way drier than this side so I'm just going to wait a little bit longer just like ten more minutes just so my hair can dry a bit more there are a couple of ways that I do this hairstyle first option is this touch behind my ears like this and that's pretty much it all I would add to this is a little bit of this texturizing and volumizing powder from batiste so I'll add this right at my roots and it really just helps to blowing lines my hair and it also adds a little bit of texture because I'll just take extra and put it in the end and then I will also use this Kerastase volume in powder spray I really love both of these products I'm actually almost out of this because I use it so much and that would pretty much be it I would just let my hair continue to dry completely since it is just a little bit damp here in there that is like my I have things to do I'm not dilly dallying or trying to worry about making anything perfect so that gets me doing things and out the door a little bit more quickly now this is where the almost heat free comes in if I have a little extra time I will sometimes come in with my curler slash straightener combo tool that I have here so this is the Kardashian beauty two-in-one curler and straightener so this is what it looks like you can control the temperature over here which I really like it's a dual voltage I really like this because it provides flexibility so I have the option to use it as a flat iron but then there is an option for smooth and curls you can move it over to curl and this will lock together so then you can actually use this as a curling wand if you want and you can also use this as a straightener that curls you're going to see me do this so you can see how it works but it gives you three different ways that you can use this as a styler and I really love it and I've been getting a lot of questions about it especially after my packing video so I wanted to just share it with you guys so you guys can see what I'm using alright so I just have to let this side of my hair dry a little bit more before I put any heat on it so I'm just gonna wait for that to happen I think we're good to go here so you can see right now that the waves are just kind of messy and I do really like this look and I go out like this all the time like if I wasn't heat styling this is how it would look so you know I'm cool with that but sometimes I also want to clean it up a little bit and I want it to look a little bit more styled so I will bring in the heat I'm going to use this as like a straightener that curls your hair so I start about halfway down and then I curl away from my face and I just get like a little wave in there and if I have to come back and go over it again I will but just to get it started I'm not holding it for a long time I'm really just moving it through my hair quickly and I only do the front as well I don't touch anything in the back so really just kind of like the front three sections or so tuck that behind my ears then I'll do the other side by the way just how to look and this straightener curler thingamabob is normally $90 and it's on sale for 54 right now so just food I know why this side is not wanting to curl today of course when I have to do it on camera my hair is like mmm no thanks not today there we go that one was more like how it should be for some reason this front piece is like not going to cooperate right now all right so that's kind of it if I see any other just like random pieces that I want to curl sometimes I'll curl those but I kind of just stick to the front there we go that's more what I what I want now I'm going to put all the products in my hair so I am going to start off with the batiste powder that I mentioned just put a little bit in my hands like that by the way because this can be a little bit trickier to find in the States unless you're ordering online the Schwarzkopf powder is really good too so it's really similar to this so I just rub it between my fingers and then I just kind of judge my roots with it and you can't see anything going into your hair but you definitely feel it like you kind of just want to give yourself a little scalp massage and it just plumps your hair up and I like that it just kind of makes things a little bit grittier and Messier like I am NOT trying to get my hair super smooth I like the frizz instead of trying to fight it I work with it and then I just kind of take you'll feel it on your hands it's like gritty I just work it into the ends of my hair and then the last thing that I do is I use this spray shake it up I focus it mostly around the roots and then just a little bit on the ends because this works is like a texturizing spray but it also has pretty good holding power for my hair so it kind of doubles as hairspray as well but if I want extra hold I'll just use a separate hairspray on top of it but most of the time I'm fine is best as the day goes on because I continuously tuck behind my ears I get a nice little wave right there and this hairstyle lasts me two to three days because I put dry shampoo and my hair is before I go to bed I will put the Bumble and Bumble it's a powder in my roots and right at the nape of my neck around here around my ears all the places where I tend to get really greasy and oily and it works overnight to just soak up any oil so that way when I wake up in the morning I still have these nice waves I don't have to style my hair at all maybe I'll just run my fingers through it and I'm good to go my hair isn't greasy and then I'll just do it again for another night and then usually by that point I have to wash my hair after the second night of doing this but really you don't need that much a little bit goes a long way and I like that this hair style will last me a couple days and it's also really nice when you get to the end because you can pull it up into like a textured ponytail or textured updo and all of the product just makes it easier to pull your hair up that is it for my right now go to a hairstyle that I'm really loving because it's pretty low maintenance it allows me to be doing other things while I'm waiting for my hair to set like getting phone calls done or work done or making breakfast doing my makeup things like that that I would already be doing I also really like the flexibility it provides me because I can go completely no-heat and just have some nice waves or I can touch it up a little bit with a little bit of heat styling I hope you guys found this tutorial easy and helpful and hopefully you were able to take something away from it if you try this out yourself please tag me on instagram or send me a photo on Twitter because I would love to see it make sure you're subscribed to my channel because I have more tutorials and the beauty and fashion and other kinds of videos coming your way bye guys