I woke up when it was still dark and this is me walking down the stairs but you can't see anything because it was dark I squeezed some lemon rub my eye and drink a liter of water I got some toothpaste and casually check my framing I brushed my teeth in 2012 then in my office and turned on the light and rolled out my mouth and did some yoga wait am i in frame yeah I rolled up on that and took a shower wash my face rinse my face and fix Leterme again in the kitchen I got a cantaloupe cut it up and gave some to Balu I put on some water at 8:00 my melon while catching up on emails and texts then I opened up the clean dishwasher to pull a clean mug then I closed the clean dishwasher without emptying it I poured some hot water for lemon balm tea then I turned on a playlist I created called Spotify in shell I got it my notebook and did some morning pitches then it was raining and I was like then I turn on the playlist that motivates me to get dressed in real clothes I put on pants then finally found a shirt after I made the bed I realized I was in a rush so I went downstairs to make a smoothie I was just about to pouring the wild blueberries then I realized that we might be able to record at my apartment so I called Evan because it's I ran upstairs to change into more comfortable clothes I put on shorts that look like nothing and a pajama shirt since Evan was now coming over I needed a vacuum real fast then back to my smoothie then I called evident change back to our original plan go to my mom's house so I'll just meet you there ok supplement I'm goldenseal Zink lemon balm water drink some smoothie locked up walked to my cart and put on a parka I am wearing my parents house opened the gate walked upstairs and said hi to Phoebe kept walking all the way into my parents room said hi – Padma's tail kept walking all the way into their closet found some boxes to put our mics on and then I said hi to Evans face and then I said hi – Padma's face pen may say something then we set up to record and I smile to Evan then I carefully shut the door to our very sophisticated sound studio so good I love the sand in here I just stared at her until she was ready but then I said goodbye to her and I left you and I got home and then Eric showed up for his lunch break then I made my lunch it was a salad there wait hunt there it is there there's my lunch I also added dulse like a lot of it and then I realized my bowl was way too small and I made an extremely impressive salad transfer added some avocado then I got another clean dish out of the clean dishwasher and closed it then I made my dressing with tahini thinned it out with a little water stirred it up more tahini more stirring maple syrup Dijon mustard more stirring poured it on mixed it up i sat down fixed my framing and ate my salad while checking up on my latest youtube video which turned out to have some pretty critical comments and it honestly wasn't great for my digestion then I sat at my desk and looked at my to-do list I touched my glasses too many times and then I had to sneeze nope I kissed Balu worked on some writing and then I opened up the dishwasher and actually emptied it Emily sent I cut a pineapple it was just okay and then I ate like half of it while trying to capture a potential thumbnail that's weird and clickable then I put on the get dressed Hannah playlist again picking out clothes is one of my least favorite things to do so I have to put on danceable music to make sure I actually do it I also over analysed my clothing choices so sometimes it takes me way too long yeah the outfit just was not working for me so I tried on these pants than these and then these shoes again then this shirt and this was the result I grabbed some bananas to eat between classes and I tried to start my car while looking through my camera I got to work and was trying to decide how unprofessional it would be for me to film myself teaching and thankfully I decided against it yeah after two classes I walked to my car it was around 7:30 at this point and I was pretty tired and hungry but it was incredible when I got home Erik had put dinner in the oven then I went upstairs and change into my invisible shorts and then I walked outside and hoping no one thought I was naked then I got the mail I got the fries of the oven and heated up some leftover lentil soup put the on a plate and admired them then I took a bite then I took them to the table and we ate them with ketchup and sriracha then I had a bowl of soup did I talk to my cat I cleaned up then I cleaned up some more flossed brushed washed read in bed and then I got a really realistic shot of me falling asleep and then my camera died