hey guys it's Hannah McNeely here and I have this angle because it makes me like younger and cuter today I'm doing a quick book review because I recently read this book and I think everybody should read it it is the only graphic novel I have ever read I've just never got into them but I know now I think I definitely will it is called my favorite thing is monsters by ml Ferriss and wow it just completely blew me away if anyone has read this book please comment comment below I want to hear your thoughts my favorite thing is monsters is a graphic novel about a girl named Karen Reyes who is growing up in Chicago in the 60s and she loves monster movies and monster magazines and everything about that like the kitschy can't be monsters and she sees herself as a wolf girl and she has a lot of things going around her and this really is playing with this child perspective of adult themes adult struggles real stuff that's happening in the world like war and child abuse eventually the book turns into a murder mystery because her upstairs neighbor is found dead and they presume it is suicide but she has to discover who actually killed her cuz she doesn't believe that it was suicide and there are so many subplots and some people have kind of complained about nothing really gets resolved at the end and I have to agree but there is a second book coming and then I think a third it's a whole series so I really need to read the other book because it ends on a cliffhanger but the major theme that is handled in this book is the idea of the outsider and what I really love is that these people that are claimed as Outsiders marginalized voices they are called monsters in our society and this book likes to reclaim that and kind of own that name monsters and make it a good thing and I think it is so cool I think once you read the book you'll be kind of surprised at all the different types of people that are represented especially in this context but I do want to say that this is definitely an adult book there are sexually explicit scenes and because it's all drawn there are graphic scenes that are drawn but also if you are triggered by any sort of like child abuse or something like that and you don't want to read that kind of thing I would stay away from it because it does handle some really heavy stuff and things that are really really grim one thing that is initially so striking about the book is just the artist the art itself um I don't come from an art background at all you may have seen some of my doodles but I'm really not much of a jar and it's really difficult for me to like appreciate art but I was so blown away by the art in this book especially because everything's done by pen and there's all these like tiny shadings and cross-hatching and um really deliberate use of color there's a lot of black and white pages but there's a lot of pages that are full color this book is like long and big there are so many things to look at it's not necessarily the text is long because it's not like graphic novels normally aren't that long but because there's so much on the page and there's so much to look at you can take quite a while to read it if you'd like or you can kind of go through it I went through it pretty fast because I because I'm not a very visual person most people are visual I think I'm more auditory and I I like the story I like reading better so I went through the story very fast I only read it in in a couple of days because I was reading so quickly I really fell in love with the characters and and I wanted to know what was happening and of course I looked at the pictures that I appreciated them very much but I'm gonna go back and read it again and take a longer time because there's so much to look at like you're really getting a lot when it comes to this book the other thing that I was so excited about is just the pure creativity um it just feels so its own thing and I really appreciate that I get really tired of like derivative type of stories um and I'm not familiar with graphic novels so please don't take my review or my opinions about this in the context of the graphic novel world but just in terms of art in general literature in general this feels so like its own book and it's not copying anything else it's drawing from such specific and that the specific imagination of someone's life another really cool thing about it is that the whole book is done in light on lined paper as if it's Karen's notebook so it really feels like and it references it a lot like Oh Karen you you draw on your notebook all the time and it feels like this is just how she sees the world and there's so many like gems in on each page about that show us that Karen is a real person she feels so real to me for me when I'm reading and enjoying a story it's mostly about the characters yes the plot is important to me I do enjoy a good plot but these characters feel so real to me and possibly it's because they're drawn as well and I can see them but there's just so many details and specifics and it takes you on such a ride I highly recommend this book this book would make a really cool gift I know it's not Christmas time but if someone's birthday or something um for an artist or someone who who likes to draw also this book is quite expensive so if you are on a budget get it from the library because it is worth reading even if you can't afford it find a way to read it it is so amazing and I can't wait to read the second book when you read this book because you definitely should please just shoot me an EMI Instagram so we can talk about it because I am truly truly in love and also send me a picture of your favorite page [Music]