hey guys welcome back to my channel so today's video is going to be a get ready with me and this is for my brother-in-law's wedding how I'm going to look for that and I also need you guys to help me pick a dress at the end of it so make sure you stay tuned for that I've been getting lots of questions to do it get ready with me that is probably my number one video suggestion right now so I wanted to do and get ready with me for you guys and also this is pretty much my everyday look as well so I thought you guys would enjoy watching that because that is kind of like most of the questions that I get and also I wanted to share with you guys a new business that I started and it is selling Mary Kay I used to sell Mary Kay the first year Justin and I were married and I really just missed doing that I love doing it but have no fear if you're not into makeup this channel is not going to become a makeup channel this is kind of just like my little side business that I thought would be fun and I also get tons of questions from you guys about what lip gloss I'm wearing and what foundation I'm wearing every basically every makeup piece that I'm wearing and so I thought that this would be a good idea for you guys to be able to find it very easily and be able to order exactly what you need Mary Kay products are very affordable so I thought that this would just be a good way for you guys to be able to get any product that I'm using and also it's a business for me so I make a little kick back every time I sell to you guys another cool thing about my Mary Kay business is that I went through one of my subscribers to start my business and so every time I saw something she also makes a kickback from that so I thought that that would be a really fun way just to kind of give back and keep it all in the YouTube family here and I've already had three of you guys sign up under me to sell Mary Kay and a lot of orders come in already and I have not even announced that I do this yet I kind of just put it in the description box for awhile and I wasn't ready to do this video yet but now that I'm ready I cannot wait to share it all with you guys and I'm super excited that I'm toning y'all have already like figured out that I sell Mary Kay and have ordered and have signed up under way to sell yourself anyway that is enough of the intro I hope you guys enjoy this video and a fine look very easy to do and let's go ahead and get started by the way I did just want to show you guys the bag that I have for all my Mary Kay products it looks like this when you open it up it like has this little elastic piece and you put it around the button there but when you open it up it looks like this and you just have some stuff on the side and then you have this big pouch in the middle to put more makeup and then you have this over here where you can put your brushes which is my favorite part of this I remember having this the last time I sold Mary Kay and just loved it so I purchased it again and another thing before we get into the makeup routine another thing that I loved from Mary Kay from last time was the oil free eye makeup remover this is the best eye makeup remover out there in my opinion alright now we're definitely getting into this makeup routine so I'm still trying to figure out what exactly my shade is with Mary Kay so I ended up getting her this one came with my like startup set so I started using this one and it is the CC cream in this has SPF in it too this one is medium to deep and it's too dark for me and then I got this one which I thought was gonna work because it was my shade back when I used to sell it in its ivory for but it's actually too light for me now so I've just been mixing the two I really don't know what my shade is yet back when I used to sell Mary Kay it used to come with a little kit and you could like match your skin up to the shade that you were so you would know exactly what foundation you needed but I didn't get that one in this startup set so I don't know but I'm gonna go in with the timewise luminous wear liquid foundation in ivory 4 I'm gonna put this one on first because I am more lighter than the darker I'm just going to put little dabs on after I put this one on and by the way if I keep looking over here this is where my mirror is at so you all might see me do that a lot now I'm going to go in with the CC cream which is darker this is what that shade is like I'm just gonna put little dots over here also I did just want to add I didn't use the primer I did order the primer but I didn't I was on a fan of it I'm very very picky about primers though and I'm gonna be honest with you guys most of the time I don't use a primer just because I feel like it kind of I don't know I don't know how to put it it dulls down the foundation I don't know I just I'm really not a fan of any primer for that matter but especially with Mary Kay foundation I think the foundation does a good job on its own [Music] and now that I have all of my foundation on I'm gonna put my concealer on this is one thing that is not Mary Kay just because I love this concealer it's been my favorite concealer for a while and I'm almost out so hopefully I can get through this routine with using it but it is the dream Lumi is it's all like off up there because I've used it so much but it's from Maybelline and it looks like this totally worth the hype I was reading something online about best concealers and this was one of them and I totally agree I just love it so I'm just putting this on underneath my eyes and I'm also gonna put it on my chin and a little bit on my forehead and nose whenever I did my last Mary Kay order I ordered some of their concealer they only had one one shade which I thought was kind of weird however I just wasn't crazy about the shade I felt like it had a very pink undertone and I liked more yellowy undertones so that's why I've kind of stuck with this one here and it's just an amazing concealer so I've continued using this you guys are gonna find out through this video that I'm definitely going to tell you guys the Mary Kay products but I think are worth it and the ones that I think are not even though I am a consultant like I'm not gonna sell you guys on something that I truly do not like so yeah you guys are gonna find that out through this video I have a lot of things that I loved and a lot of things that I wasn't too crazy about like the primer and the concealer just they just weren't two of my favorite things from Mary Kay so next up is the powder and I am actually using their mineral foundation for my powder and I have and ivory one and I'll show you guys what it looks like it just comes out like this in a powder and I think I like a very full coverage foundation that's just what I like and I like for it to last all day long so I normally go a little heavy and a little more detailed it just it takes me forever in the morning to do my foundation once I get the foundation done I'm flying through my makeup but foundation is a very important part to me so I opted to go for the mineral foundation instead of their powder just because I've used this before and I remember it being a very nice coverage and I think it was about the same price as their regular powder anyway so I was like you know what I'm just gonna go the step further and go ahead and get the mineral foundation and use it as a powder just to like make sure I'm all covered and make sure it lasts all day especially for a wedding though I highly recommend doing it this way because your makeups not gonna budge all day long the wedding that we're going to is about two hours away from us too and it's at night so I definitely need something that's gonna last me all day something I'm gonna be able to do my makeup that morning and tend by that night I still look good to go and like I said we are part of the family we're part of the bride and groom's family so we are gonna be having pictures done professional pictures done and everything I just want to make sure my makeup is on point you know like there there would be nothing worse than having half your makeup off by the time of the wedding next up we are going to do the bronzer and this one is from Mary Kay and I have been loving this bronzer this is what it looks like it's just the perfect shade and if I remember correctly they only had one show this to this says light to medium so maybe they have two or three different shades I can't remember but I remember there's not a whole lot of selection on on bronzers and this is a Mary Kay brush by the way I think this is actually supposed to be a blush brush but I really like it for my money goal is broader [Music] you know this is definitely one thing that I would say is worth the hype definitely something I will be ordering again I just love this and like I said since this is wedding I am going a little bit more heavy-handed on everything basically but this is my normal everyday routine I just don't go like as heavy-handed so you can totally modify this like if you want to recreate this look just modify it to how you would normally do it on a daily basis so next note we're gonna start with the eyes and this next product I'm going to tell you guys about is one of my favorite products from Mary Kay and it is there it's like a liquid cream eye color it's what they call it and this one is in beach blonde and this is what it looks like so what I like to do is just take my middle finger and then put it on my eyelid with my finger I think it does really well but by using this it makes whole the rest of your eyeshadows pop like a primer but better seriously like I just love it especially if you use a lot of white on your eye like I do highly highly recommend this stuff I used to use this back when I used to sell it too but it used to come in a tube back then but now it just comes in this little pot now I'm gonna go in with this with white eyeshadow over the top of that and this one is in moonstone and it's this gorgeous white shimmery color so basically I'm just gonna put that all over my lid even all the way up to the top of my eyebrow so for the crease I'm gonna go in with driftwood this one's a mess up and using it a ton but that is what driftwood looks like and I'm also taking one of the Mary Kay brushes to use on the crease and we're just going to tap it in there and tap a little bit off I'm just gonna brush it in the crease blending out a lot just to give it that very like smoky look [Music] so now we're gonna do a little bit on my eyebrows this is something that I have been doing lately and my eyebrows are already dark as you guys can see but I always end up getting powder in them and it kind of just dull some down so I like to also go back in with the driftwood we're gonna go here it is and just use this little brush that looks like this this angled brush and pop it on there just a little bit and also just kind of filling in right here because it is kind of like sparse right here so I like to just fill it in before I do that I'm gonna go in with this brow gel I've been loving this stuff just because it keeps my eyebrows in place when your eyebrows are the stick and I like them this thing a lot of people have a problem with my eyebrows a lot of people you either love them or you hate them I love them personally so I have left him this way they've been like this ever since I was a kid and so I really love him so I'm gonna leave them this way I get comments all the time of people wanting me to change my eyebrows like my eyebrows whatever especially since I have blonde hair now and I'm like no it's not gonna happen like I genuinely like my eyebrows and that's what matters if you like something about yourself it doesn't matter if the rest of the world doesn't like it if you like it and you're happy with it then you stick with it but like I was saying since my eyebrows are so thick I definitely need to make sure they stay in place so this brow gel is also one of my favorite things from Mary Kay it's just awesome it really just keeps my eyebrows in place all day long kind of like a hair spray that's my best way to describe it but it works I'm gonna let that dry just a little bit and then I'll start putting on some of that eye shadow up and it works good I don't know if that's the best way to do it but it's the way I do it and it works so I moved you guys in a little bit closer just so you could see what I was talking about how it is a little bit sparse right here and right here so I like to just kind of fill that in a little bit and also while I'm doing that it gets rid of some of the whiteness from the powder that I just put on my face so it just makes my eyebrows look ten times better when I do this [Music] so now that that is done I am going to take my liquid eyeliner and this one comes in a pin it is also a Mary Kay brand and I'll show you all what the tip looks like it's just super easy to do especially if you do winged liner like me you definitely want to use this what I like to do when I do my eyeliner on top is to just go halfway and like start here with it I don't go all the way down like this way I just start here and go back up this way and then do the wing after that [Music] so now that I have the top eyeliner on I'm gonna do the bottom and I like to use this eye shadow it is called French Roast and it's just a darker brown color so this is what that my shadow looks like and I just like to use the same brush I was using right here and just put that under my lower lash line serum I mean I feel like that is just the perfect shape for that it's it ends up being very light like you can hardly tell it's there but it's perfect so this is when I like to add my blush and I'm just going in with shy blush from Mary Kay and this is what that looks like just a super pretty peachy pink color and I don't like to use a lot of blush I kind of like that more bronzer look so I just use a little bit like I tap it very lightly in there just to get a little pink on my cheeks but not much this is one of my favorite mascaras ever it's from Mary Kay and it is the ultimate mascara and super black so this is what the applicator looks like if anyone is wondering for my lips this is another thing that is not going to be Mary Kay but I have just been obsessed with this lipstick lately and it's from Burt's Bees I got it from the group collaborative website this is the shade that it is it's just the perfect pink color so I think it's gonna be perfect for this wedding and it's very hydrating to almost like a chapstick oh I just love it [Music] so that is what it looks like when it's on and then I'm just gonna go over the top with this Mary Kay lip gloss and it is Fancy Nancy this used to be my favorite one back when I was selling Mary Kay like I wore this stuff like crazy I went through like two of these bottles fast cuz I was just putting it on all the time but it has just like I'll show you guys up close but I really recommend wearing it over a lipstick just because after a while like as soon as you put it on it looks very pink and shimmery but after about 30 minutes it's almost like just a clear lip gloss with some shimmer in it so if you like that highly recommend Fancy Nancy doesn't turn out to be as pink as you would think but it's perfect over a pink lipstick I wanted to show you guys another lip product I have been obsessed with and it is from Burt's Bees as well and this one is the tinted lip balm in pink blossom I also got this one off the Grove collaborative website but uh guys it's perfect especially for this time of the year so anyway this is the makeup look I'm gonna take my hair down I did my hair yesterday and I curled it and I do have a video tutorial on this hair look so I will link that down below for you guys but I feel like it always looks good or better the second day around it's just not as tight like the first day you do it the curls are a little bit tighter but as you guys can see it's kind of falling down some so and this is what I plan to do for the wedding so I'll probably curl my hair the day before and just let it sit for a day that way I get these like loose but kind of like spirally curls I don't know it's just perfect so this is what my hair and makeup look like for the wedding like I said if you want to check out that tutorial for my hair check the link down below I'll have it down there and I will also have my Mary Kay link down below if you guys want to order anything from there seriously no pressure and like I said this is not going to become like a beauty channel or anything I'm still cleaning and cleaning as my passion but I know a lot of you guys asked for what makeup I'm using and so I thought this would just be an easy way for you guys to be able to find it and also I can make a little money on a little side business like this so like I said no pressure at all that if you guys want to order from Mary Kay I will also have that link down below too so let me go ahead and try on these dresses and I want to hear from you guys which one I should pick [Music]