hey guys and welcome back to my channel and a Happy New Year this video is going to be my new year's resolutions and I've got a few of them this year my new year's resolutions was actually one of the first videos I ever put on my channel you guys could probably go back and find it I want to say it was probably like my third or fifth somewhere around there video on my channel and I think I did the video the following year as well and then last year I actually could not even film my new year's resolutions because I would just cry every time I would get through them because I had like such huge dreams and actually ended up accomplishing every one of them so um that just goes to show that like passion will get you idiot ware but this year I'm gonna get through these and tell you guys what my New Year's resolutions are for this year and you could probably go back on my Instagram I think I actually put my new year's resolutions for last year on my Instagram it was mostly business based because I just wanted to grow my YouTube channel and grow my Instagram all of that happened like everything I ever could have dreamed of happen I am a go-getter and I love setting goals and so every new year I love to set goals for myself and I just think it's so fun trying to achieve them so I've got a few goals for this year and I'm gonna share them with you guys so let's go ahead and get started the very first one I have actually already started doing but that is meditating five days a week at least five days I'm shooting for seven days a week but if I could get five days a week down I'll be happy with that and also listening to podcast on those days too whether it be like guided meditation where I sit down and just try to meditate and listen to a podcast at the same time or maybe do them separately and meditate and really just try to clear my mind and then listen to a podcast afterwards or before or something but that's one of my goals this year is to really make sure I am meditating because I think that especially if you have a job where you need to be like creative that's normally where you get inspired and ideas come to you when you can really just clear your mind for a minute and especially if you have kids or if you just have a crazy life in general meditating and listening to podcast will help you out a ton so that is number one on my list for this year the second thing on my list is to get healthier and I mean drinking more water so one thing drinking more water is just one thing that I've really slacked off with this past year and so I really want to start doing more of that not just for like my health reasons but also because it helps you think more clearly and so I really want to drink more water for that reason and then I feel like there's also a few things that I need to go to the doctor for that I've just been putting off my PCOS has really been acting up lately more than ever and so I know that I really need to go to the doctor and get these things fixed and figure it out so those are things that I really just want to make sure I do sometimes it's really easy to not spend enough time on yourself and you know as a mother you're trying to take care of your kids and your family first and then sometimes you kind of put yourself on the back burner you don't make those doctor's appointments that you know that you need to and all of that so that's one thing I'm gonna be doing in the new year as well number three is to volunteer more I was actually listening to well it was actually my mom who was listening to this person on the news the other day and she was talking about going through a postpartum depression and the way that she actually got out of that depression was from going and volunteering at different places so whenever the Hurricanes would hit she would go and volunteer there and things like that and that just gave her like a sense of gratitude and I am NOT going through a depression but I feel like I just want gratitude all over me this year and I want to feel thankful and blessed just all the time and I really feel like volunteering more is going to give me that sense of gratitude because you could just go throughout the day not really thinking about how blessed you are and this year I really want to just focus on how blessed I am and I really think that going and volunteering in these places not only will be a good thing to do for the community but also will be a good thing to do for my heart number four I think every entrepreneur would have to say this but it was growing my business obviously that would be YouTube in my Instagram and then there's businesses that me and my husband also have that we keep private and then there's also a few businesses that I'm really hoping one business in particular that I'm hoping to share with you guys this year I'm hoping to launch something I think I can say that um but it's a work in progress I'm hoping to get this out by 2018 like it's it's gonna be a process for sure but anyway that is one exciting thing that I'm really hoping to do this year and a goal that I'm hoping to reach this year and then there's also another one that I've kind of been thinking about lately and I'm talking to my husband about it and I'm like this would be a really cool thing to do so we'll see if we can get that done but I'm putting it on my New Year's resolutions so hopefully like it stays on my radar and I don't forget about it and I really try like my hardest to get this done number five is travel more and if you guys follow me on my Instagram you probably saw that I posted a few days ago my picture of me with my passport and we're actually going to Paris and March and that is like my dream come true my dream vacation ever since I was a little girl like I've always dreamed about going to Paris and if you don't follow me on my Instagram you probably haven't heard this story but I had a dream one night and I had a dream we were in Paris and so when I woke up I just randomly searched the most random dates ever and it's the dates that we're gonna end up going but they were like half off tickets that like flight tickets that I have never seen them that cheap before and I have searched this fly a million times before because I've always wanted to go but when I saw them at that price I kind of talked it over with my husband and we talked it over for probably three days and then we were like you know what it just seems so meant to be that we have like total peace about it and we feel like this is the right time to go we had actually been saving our Paris trip for our 10th wedding anniversary which is like two years from now but it just seems so meant to be we're actually gonna go now and we're gonna take our kids along too a lot of people asked if we were taking the kids and we are but I just cried so many times what I was editing this is Molly walking around by the way but I just cried so many times when I was editing our Disney World vlog because traveling means so much to me and it means so much to my husband and it's just so fun to do with our kids and I don't know I just love traveling and I just know that I want to do more of that this year so Paris is our number one we don't know where else we're going after that but it might not be as big as Paris but definitely traveling more this year is one thing we all want to do number six is decluttering more and decluttering every room in the house again this is one thing I want to do I feel like this is something I also slacked off on especially since we moved into a beer house we didn't want it to feel empty so I kind of didn't really declutter as much as I normally do and so now I feel I definitely feel like the declutter bug it's on me like I need to declutter so watch out for those videos we're gonna have some more of those in 2018 where I go through every room and the house and declutter it very last one on my list is probably the most important one and that is to grow spiritually and mentally so what I mean by that is grow more in the Lord and just do more Bible reading and really just research the things that I'm interested in and that and then also grow mentally so not just reading the Bible but also reading self-help books because I am obsessed with self-help books and reading more things like that I also am so excited because I have a life coach this year she's my life and business coach and so we talk once a week and it's just been so much fun and so hopeful I highly encourage you guys if you can have a life coach and a business coach it is so helpful like she helps me stay positive and make all the right decisions I actually had her for a couple months now so this is brand new but I'm having a lot of fun with it can already tell I'm just so much more positive like I was a positive person before but it's just life changing really I can already tell it is just helping me grow spiritually and mentally and I just love it so I hope you guys enjoyed listening to all of my new year's solutions for 2018 I want to hear y'all's down below because honestly I'll probably read a few of y'all's and be like oh I need to put that on my list too so I want to hear y'all's new year's resolutions down below and hit that subscribe button if you are new and thumbs up this video if you enjoyed it and I will see you guys in my next video bye [Music]