all right welcome to my nighttime routine as a pregnant mom nothing glamorous but we love our evening together as a family after dinner Andrew night tag team cleanup and tonight I'm doing the dishes while Andrew takes out the compost sweeps and close the table on the hijack generally the boys play in the background while we do the dishes and arguing is sometimes involved with the background noise I'm so grateful for our nights together with Andrews help because less than a year ago Andrew was working evenings to where he started working around 3 p.m. and didn't get home till after 10:00 or 11:00 p.m. after the kids have gone to bed but he no longer works there so it's been so nice to have him home every evening now so now that angel doesn't work at night anymore he pretty much makes us a home-cooked meal every night and he's really good at making family dinners and the boys love it [Music] most of the times of most play time involves items that aren't even considered toys like toilet paper rolls for a telescope kitchen gadgets to a who knows what and carves programs will you make it Manny after we finish cleaning the dishes I always go to wash my face and to be honest I just use a vegan I makeup remover that I get at the health food shop simply because there aren't many good options at the store and I haven't found a good one to use lately but I want to invest in some good face wash soon my sister really likes oh say that brand so I might have to check them out so if there's a really good vegan face wash that you like please let me know in the comments after I wash my face I put on half a dropper full of this oil by earthling beauty the love potion number one and number three are my favorites my sister is friends with the woman who created this brand and I fell in love with it so fast while washing my face it's pretty common for the boys for having parents you want to pledge to go fight why don't you go ask daddy if you want something to go fight mommy do it your mother okay on the belly there you go coming watch it then throw in some family tickle fights as well on your marks when I brush my teeth with egodeath tooth powder and an electric toothbrush [Music] [Music] then we brush the boys tee they generally aren't super excited to brush their teeth so we try to make it fun for them by letting them try themselves first but then we assist afterwards to make sure we cover all the hard-to-reach places [Music] [Music] [Music] after that we flush their teeth this is the tricky part and if you're a parent you probably understand the struggle every night we put a drop of this really awesome oral ecology product on their cloth that helps sense the tiny spaces between their teeth it's by living libations and it's called happy gumdrops it's organic and wild crafted anti-bacterial and anti-fungal so we do our best to make flossing fun by singing a song sometimes there's a struggle but we always follow through with flossing every night before bed after that either me or Andrew put standing a nighttime diaper he is diaper free all day long at this age and just the soft diaper for later [Music] biggest night that Andrew takes the boys into the room to read them stories in their both bed daily transferred from sleeping in our room to a bunk bed around two years old a little after he began sleeping through the night and he loves sleeping with his big brother well Andrew puts the kids to bed I take a shower half the time I take showers in the morning after a workout or at the beach but if I didn't work out that day or go to the beach I tend to take a shower in the evening and I only wash my hair about once a week after I take a shower I rub on leather special buttons around my belly and thighs I've used this for every pregnancy and I love it [Music] then I take my pregnancy supplements so the first supplement I take is ionic mineral drops I swish eight drops of it in my mouth for about three minutes then swallow and sip on some water I found the ionic mineral drops to be really helpful and healthy teeth while pregnant especially since it's quite common for women to have trouble eating enough grains well right then I take one drop of this iodine in my mouth and sip on some water afterwards once every three days I take one of these methylfolate supplements in the mornings I take half a dropper full of this beach-club tincture by this time adrian has begun answering our emails for the day with his groovy blue light blocker glasses on he's really stoked about having right now I just want to be clear that I am NOT here to tell you which supplements to take nor do I consider myself an adequate person to take yourself in the advice from continue to do your own research and talk to your Midwife or practitioner about what you should be taking well frightening so anyways that I joined him in answering some emails too mostly from eBook questions or needing help to access their ebook they purchased from my site then I get to my text messages that I received during the day that I didn't have time to get to earlier being busy with the kid I tried to be mindful to be on the phone minimally went around my children what I'm not specifically working so that I can give my children my full attention in their presence then I plug in my headphones to finish up a video edit work on an IV caption or answer YouTube comments for a video I had posted that day after I'm finished with work I often take some me time and read a book for about 20 to 30 minutes recently olive oil reached out to me to sponsor our video and once I looked into them I got hooked it's actually really nice to listen to a book instead of reading it every now and again and it's perfect for my husband who doesn't love to read books to listen to them instead so I just started listening to positive parenting and essential guide by Rebecca Eames which I've read before but I love the book so much that I'm listening to it this time it inspires me and reminds me to be the best parent I can be so getting to the book for the second time helps remind me and our freshmen even further so all of those a monthly subscription we reach fun to get to download a free book and you get to keep that book forever you also get discounts to all these other books which is a huge plus all the ball is a 30 day free trial offer where you get to download your first book for free and like I said you get to keep that book forever so check it out if you're interested at slash Ellen Fisher after a while and rather joins me in our room to relax and unwind together or watch a movie together we like to cuddle real close to the couch when we watch a show just kidding Aegis is it a special chair turning more and more into his dad one day at a time thanks for watching that's the end of my nighttime routine I hope you enjoyed it let me know in the comments below what kind of video you'd like to see next see you next time [Music]