[Music] hello everyone we are in the midst of winter even here in LA we do get colder weather and it is definitely dry here so that's why during this time of year I like to take time and pamper myself and really treat myself to warm and cozy nights in on nights like this I like to pamper myself and make sure that I'm hydrating my skin this has been really requested so I hope you guys enjoy this video and bye now it is definitely no secret that I love simple products that's like an all caps kind of love so that's why I'm really excited that simple is sponsoring this video I am already halfway into comfy zone because I have my comfy clothes on I'm wearing pajamas that my mom got me last year that totally have a winter vibe and I love them cuz they're really soft I have my hair up because I just don't care so I am gonna start off with skincare because they do care about that I'm gonna start off by washing my face with the simple micellar facial gel wash and I really love this because it's gentle but effective and removes all of the dirt or makeup that I'm wearing on my face it's instantly hydrating and it cleanses my skin without that tight feeling that sometimes happens afterwards this just makes my skin feel so good and so clean which is exactly what I want out of a cleanser plus it's really gentle and doesn't have any artificial perfumes or colors refreshed when I'm pampering myself and having a cozy night in I like to follow up with a mask after I wash my face the first mask I'm going to be using is from Sunday Riley and it is the Saturn sulfur acne treatment mask and honestly I'm just gonna put this on the bottom half of my face because I don't want to deal with it getting in my eyebrows and my hairline a lot of times I skip my forehead that's just how I roll I'm going to leave this on for 15 minutes and in the meantime I'm gonna make some tea after using a deep cleansing mask I always like to follow up with something that's going to be hydrating and soothing and simple just came out with these de-stress sheet masks and I have loved sheet masks for years and I love that now you can get these at the drugstore when I put this on my face it feels like an instant huge sigh of relief I keep this on my skin for about 15 minutes and during this time I can just chill and hang out and relax and it really just helps to get me into the chill zone just distressing so I guess the mask is very appropriately named time for this guy this is my favorite part when it first goes on oh it just feels so good so I like to smooth it out as much as I possibly can I mean if this isn't the epitome of glamour I don't know what is from here because I'm gonna keep this on for like 15 minutes I'm going to go enjoy my tea light a candle snuggle on the couch with a book maybe tato if he feels like cuddling with me and I'm just gonna see where the night takes me it could get crazy guys after using the sheet mask I like to let the solution sink into my skin so I'm not rinsing it off and I'm going to follow up with the simple hydrating booster this is a lightweight intensive hydrating formula so you can use this as a priming layer before you apply your regular moisturizer you can also mix it in with your regular moisturizer for an added boost of hydration and you can also use this as a spot treatment so you can really focus on the areas that are extra dry on your face and just put the product on those spots today I am going to be using it as an all-over layer on my face underneath my moisturizer I just love how this leaves my complexion really dewy for moisturizer today I'm using this one from belief it is the true cream moisturizing balm it's a creamy consistency but it's really light so it's not greasy even though I'm in LA and we don't get super cold weather I still travel a lot so my skin goes through a lot and the weather here in LA is exceptionally dry so my skin just dries out really quickly even though I have oily skin I can still feel the dry tightness using something like this is awesome you guys have seen me talk about this before it is the French girl Rose lip polish I love this lip scrub it's a sugar lip scrub that really exfoliates your lips when I am taking time to pamper myself I always do a lip scrub because it just gets rid of the dead skin and it's amazing how transformative it is just to scrub your lips especially during this time of the year when your lips are exposed to dry harsh weather gotta have a lip scrub on hand and to follow that up I've actually been using something that's pretty new to me this is the new me water blending lip mask this is essentially like a soup super-thick clip ball so it comes in a pot like this it smells really fruity it tastes really good i scoop this out of the pot i put a thick layer over my lips you want some super smooth lips i'm telling you this is the dream combo last but not least i don't want to ignore my hands because this time of year is so rough on my hands so to combat that i love using the first date beauty ultra Repair Cream I actually keep this next to my bed so I always have it on hand so I can put it literally on my hands sometimes if I'm feeling extra dry I'll put this on my feet and then wear fuzzy socks over the top and hydrate my feet overnight but tonight I'm just gonna go with my hands and show them some love [Music] alright so that is it for my video today I hope you found something that that was helpful that you can incorporate into your own comfy and cozy nighttime routine because these sites are the best and you deserve to pamper yourself and if you're interested in any of the simple products that were mentioned in this video check the description for a coupon so then you can treat yourself because you know what you deserve it alright guys I am sending you the comfiest and the coziest vibes I'll see you guys later bye