oh cool yeah I love reading actually when do you want to see my books have a lot of them I'm so this is this is just some of the books some of these I read some of them I haven't um have you read in Infinite Jest it's one of those books where if you really want to impress someone who's an English major really David Foster Wallace this is kind of like his magnum opus and I read this when Eric and I were first dating and I was trying to impress him it's a very difficult book has like footnotes and stuff but it's really good um oh this looks really good um Hells Angels my Hunter has Thompson I was really into what's called gonzo journalism and creative nonfiction and just like journalism in general in college so I read a lot of had arrests Thompson in college he becomes a Hells Angel essentially and like kind of infiltrates it and then writes about its thrilling and gripping oh my gosh this is one of my favorite I think this is one of my favorite books ever which I it's not like it's not it's not like an obscure book or something that's JD Salinger he's the guy who wrote Catcher in the Rye I love Franny and Zooey I was saying sube for a long time it's kind of embarrassing um let's see oh okay here's another one right yeah um this is another one by David Foster Wallace called consider the lobster have you have you read consider the lobster no okay well um it's basically a bunch of essays by the same guy who wrote Infinite Jest and there's a an S in here called consider the lobster that he wrote for Gourmet magazine I think and he went to a lobster festival and he came back and wrote about like questioning is it ethical to to eat lobster and boil them alive and you'd think like the magazine would turn the dance like a foodie magazine but end up being one of like most famous articles they ever printed definitely worth the read um I think these yeah a lot of these ones I haven't read for some reason they call it kind of all ended up in the same spot but then I have it's kind of a mess right now oh I just finished reading hearing him and I you might have heard about that I'm not sure um it's a good book I definitely recommend it oh my gosh okay so this is another one when I was really into a narrative non-fiction um this is in cold blood you've probably heard the of the movie Capote Truman Capote wrote this book and this is like just incredible um and it is the first nonfiction novel definitely look more into it because I don't really have a lot of books I want to tell you about so um the in cold blood I remember I'm a vivid memory of me reading this in the library crying cuz it's so good it's a true story I don't know if you've ever heard of Harry Potter just um just I have read that a lot as you can see yeah okay this isn't my favorite sack my favorite stack is in my room oh these are these are books I'm going to read soon um yeah I haven't actually read any of those kind of dark in here sorry I think I have read all of these the icarus girl the Helen oyeyemi she's one of my favorite authors she was like 18 when she published her first book and she's already published like six novels or something like that and she's only like my age and then this is a book code am I alone here and it's by Peter Horner it's actually a collection of essays by Peter Orne er about literature for some reason it's incredibly moving and it's like kind of its own genre okay sorry and then I'm sure you've heard of big magic it's by Elizabeth Gilbert it's my favorite book on creativity in general but I have other books that I love about about writing but this this will change your life if you're like feel stuck when it comes to creativity this is another Hunter Thompson book that I really like but this is just a collective talk an anthology of his okay if you want something totally crude if you're like in the mood to be like a total dirtbag Charles Bukowski bye sorry hot water music by Charles Bukowski so I get just like really excited when I talk about books it's gross and you shouldn't recommend it to your grandmother this is the scaffold slide the puppy you'll it's the diving bell and the butterfly I don't know if you ever saw that French movie this is the book that it's based off of and I read it slash tried to read it when I knew more French than I do right now but it's really just to make me feel cool all the French books they have it's just to make me feel cool uh okay if you would like to read like I know it looks really long but it goes super fast Donna Tartt is another one of my favorite authors she wrote one of my favorite books called the secret history and this one came out just a couple years ago it's about a young boy who lives as his mom in a in a terrorist attack in New York in a museum and then after the bomb goes off he's one of the only people who survives and he steals a painting the painting is the gold pitch and it just like goes throughout his life of that balloon you need to move okay I know you know who JK Rowling is she wrote Harry Potter but did you know that she has a detective series um and she goes by the pseudonym Robert Galbraith and this is one of the books in the series the first one is the Cuckoo's calling definitely started with the first one you want to go in order and it's very good she's so good at writing mystery I mean like incredible let's see I've warned to run if this is a nonfiction book if you're interested in running or you want to get interested in running this is like one of the most inspiring books ever definitely check that out above is one of my favorite books and it just happens to be written by one of my really good friends I love Morley it's about a 17 year old girl who gets abducted and taken underground to live because the guy who stole her thinks the world is gonna end it's so good uh let's see okay I use I was really obsessed with an R and um when I was in college I thought I was a libertarian you know we all do some experimenting in college I was experimenting in politics and I love The Fountainhead I've read it a couple of times and it's like so gripping and it kind of reads like a soap opera a little bit I wouldn't call it like high literature or whatever but it's just a really good read and it's really it's just really good um let's see this is this is a collection of short stories if you're into like weird quirky kind of stuff it's called no one belongs here more than you by Miranda July and it's kinda like working that's good it's it's good would you be interested in something like that probably yeah it's it's great I really really like I need to read it again actually um okay I'll just end on this one because I know you you have to leave to go home but um this is likely one of the best books ever written East of Eden by John Steinbeck um I've read twice and I will definitely read it again before I die because it's just like oh like you read it and you're kind of like just oh I don't know what the thing about it it's just really good it's kind of like an epic like it goes over many generations and it takes place in central California I really didn't do it justice it's a classic I just want to talk about can I can I just show you one more book just one more uh is that okay okay so this is the writing life but annie dillard if any of you are interested in writing actually think this could be applied to other forms of art but definitely applies to writing specifically fiction it's like I don't know it's just so poetic I don't know how to explain it it's like it's short it's kind of like she had little snippets of like things that she thought about when she was writing here I'll read one or read like allopathic oh wait are you I mean are you bored really okay I'm sorry I was vegan I'm done yeah we could put the cat's let's why