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back to Millennial Moms. If you are new here, I am Kimmy and hit that subscribe button down below, so that you don't miss any of the fun and give this video a great big thumbs up. Okay. We are gonna talk today
about what you can do with your kids on New Year's Eve. So, I am gonna have to say
that we are quite spoiled, my husband and I, because
it had been many years where the grandparents had
taken all of the grandkids and had a sleepover. And they had this fun New
Year's magical night with them and we had no kids. Or the babies, we've had the babies. So … yeah. But there had been a few
years here, in my house, where we have celebrated
New Year's with the kids and we had some fun
activities planned for them and I'm gonna share them with you. The number one tip I'm going to give you. Are you ready for this? Oh, it's so mean, but it's so good. Move your clocks forward. That's right. Set 'em a few hours ahead,
that way they don't have to stay up until midnight for the New Year's. You could actually put them to bed early. Yeah. And we may or may not have used this trick on just a normal day,
when it's not a holiday. Yeah. And they were in bed by nine. They didn't know. So, if we move the clocks
ahead and celebrate New Year's, how are they watching the countdown? Well, my friends, there
are generic New Year's Eve countdowns that I have found on Netflix and I have found here on YouTube. That's right. So, you can celebrate the countdown and they can watch a ball drop and boom, fireworks and
have a blast and make noise. Oh yeah. That way, when it's all said and done, you and your boyfriend,
your husband, whomever, can snuggle up and enjoy the New Year while all the children are asleep. Okay. So, we created a countdown with balloons. So, I took some balloons, blew them up, wrote with some marker a
time on each of the balloons, that way, at that time
they can pop the balloon. And would you know, inside the
balloon was a piece of paper that said the next fun activity
that we were going to do that hour. And these are so fun. Get creative. One of them that they
popped was a dance party. We turned the music on and we danced. We had play in the dark. We took out glow sticks and
had fun with glow sticks for awhile. That one actually lasted a long time. They had fun with that one. There was one that they popped,
we did some minute to win it games with them. Kids love minute to win it. You could pop a balloon and
one of the tags can say, “Your choice”. The kids get to pick the next activity. You could do board games. You could do decorate cookies. You can have, “Make New Year's Eve hats”. One countdown was, “Have a snack”. So, one of my favorite
party foods is pizza fondue. It is so yummy. Kids love pizza, right? And they love to dip. So, pizza fondue. And let me share with you how to make it. Add in your spaghetti sauce. 2tsp of Italian seasoning. Then you're gonna slice up
a half cup of pepperoni. Okay. Now we're just going to add
it into our sauce mixture and then we are going to give this a stir and cook it on low for a couple of hours and then our last hour, we'll
add our mozzarella cheese. Okay, then add in your cheese. Stir it up and let it cook,
until you are ready to serve. Maybe about an hour or so. Well, there you have it, guys. Some fun, easy, fast,
cheap ideas that you could do with your kids on New Year's Eve. And if you have any tips and
tricks for New Year's Eve with the kids, please
leave them in the comments down below. If you want to keep watching
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