hi everyone I almost said that this was my November favorites I know this year's coming by fast but I'm getting a little bit too ahead of myself here it's gonna be honest and say this is one of those months where I don't really have a ton of stuff I literally have one makeup product to show you guys that's because I've really been loving the things that I use on a regular basis and I've been trying to use them up and just really enjoying them that's ultimately what it comes down to you I have just really been liking the makeup that I have been using and kind of sticking to that but I do have a feeling that next month I'm gonna have some lipsticks to show you because I'm kind of obsessed with these meaning that this color that you see on my lips right now will probably be in my faves next month but that's next month like I said stop getting ahead of yourself if you could focus on this month I decided to try out some way products this month and I'm gonna blame Eileen for this because Eileen got the way hair mask and I was just really curious about it so I got it for myself not gonna lie I was sucked into buying this because on the back it says that you can wear this while you're working out and then rinse it out afterwards and that is what I have been doing but this is what the hair mask looks like it comes in individual packets like this and then the whole box has I believe eight of these little packets so in total you're getting a little bit more than two ounces of Prada or I think 32 or 35 dollars this is definitely something that is pricey but because it's a special treatment I'm willing to pay that much because at most I'm using it once a week but realistically I'm using it like twice a month so this will last me like four months 32 to 35 dollars over the course of four months I'm okay with that plus I really like how this works I typically don't love hair masks because a lot of times they leave my hair really greasy like the root area but I have really loved this because it makes my hair feel really silky and soft and nourished but it doesn't make it feel weighed down and heavy I have been wearing it while I work out I don't actually know how much of a difference that makes but it is able to stay in my hair a little bit longer so I feel like I'm getting a little bit of a benefit from that so I'll just put it in my hair while it's dry and just really distribute it evenly I'm not afraid to put it at my roots because it doesn't make my hair greasy which is awesome and then I'll just tie my hair up go and work out get hot and sweaty and then shower afterwards and I'll rinse out the mask and then go forward with my regular shampoo and conditioner and it works really well I've definitely noticed a difference in my hair especially now that my hair is getting longer and split ends are just happening a little bit more easily by the way what do you guys think of my slightly longer hair I know that it's curled today so it kind of goes up a little but I'm just curious because I've been thinking a lot about what I'm gonna do with my hair and I can't decide if I want to keep it a little bit longer or cut it a bit shorter again like maybe around my shoulder area so I'd be taking off about like that much hair can't decide so let me know in the comments down below I'd love to know what you think I've also really been into the wave let me start that again also been really into the way wave spray there we go that's it I really like letting my hair air dry sometimes and I have found that this really helps bring out the natural texture in my hair while also providing a nice amount of hold without making my hair feel really stiff and crunchy and I love how easy it is to get the texture in my hair so I'll spray this in my hair while it's damp and I find that it really holds well but it's so flexible and I love that that makes styling my hair super easy and it allows me to use less heat on it too but I have been liking this for when I do braid my hair for a little bit of wave I did a whole tutorial on this if you want to see it I'll link it down below for you guys I've just genuinely been enjoying this a lot and you get five ounces of product so definitely more than the hair mask and I find that I don't have to use that much so I'm really really happy with this just a few spritzes goes a really long way oh my god it goes a really long way I will never stop being cheesy what can I say I'm almost 30 and it hasn't stopped yet so I don't see it stop it anytime soon the last hair thing that I have is this living proof full drive volume blast so this is a styling and finishing spray I got the little travel size because I needed a new travel hair spray and I've really been liking this I find that it adds a ton of volume and it also provides hold as well that I can still brush through so really into this I love living proof products I love their dry shampoo now I really love this so I've been traveling a ton and I taking this with me and it's so great because I also don't have to use a ton of this I find with like other texturising or volumizing products I have to use so much of it to see any kind of results and I love that I don't have to use a ton of this I am absolutely obsessed with skincare that is no secret whatsoever and I definitely been trying some new things and loved being them oMG I can't even tell you how much I've been loving these things but I'm gonna try I've talked about this before but I haven't put it in a favourites yet because I really just wanted to save it because I love it so freakin much this is the wah Misa and glow recipe green tea clay mask I am just over the moon about this mask this is a mask that is sold exclusively at Target so it is something that you can get at the drugstore and I love it this is one of the best masks that I have ever used just all across the board high-end drugstore this is amazing and I love that you can get it at Target it has a really nice fluffy consistency so when you scoop it out it's really light it spreads onto your skin really evenly it feels really good when it's on your face so it feels cooling and soothing and it really cleans out your pores and it doesn't dry into this like super stiff hard mask on your face which I love so there's still a lot of flexibility with it this has been my go-to mask I have been traveling with this I have been scooping it out and putting it in a little travel container I've been going everywhere with this mask and my skin has been drinking it so if you are looking for a mask that's really going to help clarify your skin and also brighten it at the same time definitely try this it is so worth it oh my gosh I love you and I'm almost out so I'm kind of sad about it now I'm going into like the rationing mode where I'm trying to be selective about how I use this by the way I highly recommend using this right after you get out of the shower when your pores are nice and open that is when I notice the best results from this also from the same line this is the green tea moisturizer and I have been using this every single day on my face I love this as an everyday moisturizer it's really light but hydrating and it doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy and it just has the best scent so last month I talked about the toner it smells just like the toner really fresh has like a natural scent to it and it doesn't linger throughout the day which I really like I like things to smell good when I put it on maybe for a little bit afterwards but I don't want to be sniffing it all day long this really sinks into your skin and leaves it feeling supple and if you're putting on makeup afterwards it's really great as a base and I've noticed that my makeup it just stays on better throughout the day I also love the packaging that it's in because it's in a tube and not a pot so this is great for traveling and it's also super sanitary too another thing from glow recipe because clearly I am obsessed this is the blueberry bounce gentle cleanser I've been using this as my go-to cleanser right at my sink and I've really been loving it it has the most amazing gel texture it really is bouncy and I love that you can use this as a regular cleanser but you can also leave this on your face if you want to use it as a mask it lathers up perfectly it smells just like blueberries and you can actually see little blueberry pieces in the cleanser which is awesome and it rinses off clean so it's not leaving a residue on your face but it's also not drying out your skin and I just think this is a great everyday cleanser it doesn't remove my waterproof makeup so I still use a cleansing oil to take off my makeup but as an actual cleanser this really just gets everything else out of my skin another mask that I have been using is the Sunday Riley saturn sulfur acne treatment mask and this is ten percent sulfur four percent nice in and one percent zinc I have used this in a couple of different ways I've used it as a spot treatment so if I just see a pimple trying to come in I'll just dot this on the spot and I've also used this all over my face and I really like using it both ways I think it's really effective it's something that doesn't irritate my skin and turn it red so for example benzoyl peroxide is something that works really well for me and blemishes but sometimes benzoyl peroxide can make my skin a little bit red but this does not make my skin red you like it soothes the breakouts while also helping to get rid of them and that's why I've been reaching for this a little bit more than my benzoyl peroxide treatment I still have that though because that is a miracle worker when something is getting real serious I go for the men's go peroxide the one thing that I'm not crazy about with this mask is the texture so this mask really works so I'm willing to deal with the texture but I feel like the texture can be a little bit tricky to work with it's just kind of slimy so when you're using this all over your face it's a lot easier because it really just kind of spreads out but as a spot treatment because it comes out kind of like in this almost slimy cottage-cheese texture when you're just dotting it on and not spreading it out it can just get a little bit clumpy and it can actually be hard to like pinpoint it on the exact spot that you want so you kind of just have to work with it a little bit more this mask also isn't something that smells really good it definitely smells like sulfur but it's not something that is super overpowering even when I have it all over my face and I'm also not leaving it on my face for that long when I have it all over my face so the smell isn't you know the best thing ever but I can deal with it I've been using a new sunscreen this month you may recognize the make Prem brand because I am obsessed with them this is the yeah UV defense me blu-rays Sun gel so I was previously using the one with the orange cap which is more of like a true gel this is like a light lotion you can see this consistency definitely looks different from the other one but when you rub it in it goes completely clear which I love and it also has this luminosity to it so it really just gives your skin this natural glow but it's not sparkly which I love and it's also a little bit more hydrating which I think will be great as we move into these cooler months this is SPF 50 by the way and I think it's a great option if you're looking for something that is going to be hydrating and give you a little bit of a glow but not make you feel greasy the one makeup item I have is from RMS this is the magic Luminizer and I have this on the inner corner of my eyes today I am obsessed with this it doesn't really look like it though because it doesn't really look like I've used it but it's because I literally just tap my finger in it because I don't need to be using that much because a little bit goes a long way with this product I've talked about the living lou manizer from RMS which I love because it really just gives you a natural glow and I love this one because it's a little bit more of a prominent glow so when I feel like I really want to highlight the inner corner of my eyes or my cheekbones or whatever on my face I will reach for this and it has a really lovely champagne shimmer to it and I love how it melts into your skin and it just illuminates your complexion I am just obsessed with RMS I love the uncover-up The Living Luminizer and now this so anything that comes in a pot from but RMS apparently I love it if you follow me on Instagram then you have probably seen this a ton in my Instagram stories and in my Instagram posts my backpack that I am obsessed with this is pretty much the only bag that I have been carrying in my life every single day I love it it is from a brand called cloven rebel and my friend Carrie gave this to me because she knew how much I loved her backpack and how much I wanted the black one so she got this for me and I am obsessed with it I love this backpack I can't even express to you how much I love this backpack I love how it looks I think it's super sleek and I love the gold hardware because I feel like it just makes the backpack pop a little bit more especially right here it has this really convenient front flap here so I can keep things like breath mints hand sanitizer my MetroCard I can fit so much stuff in this backpack there's a side pocket for my wallet and my phone there's a zippered compartment here in the back for anything that you want to keep safe I can fit my notebook in here I can fit my full-size swell bottle in here I can fit a hoody in here I have put so much stuff in this backpack and it just holds it all and I love it and I also just checked their site recently and they have just come out with this backpack in a red color which I totally want I just love this backpack so much and I've been using it so much that I'm thinking maybe I should get this in another color because I just love it so much and I love pops of red too I also think the price point for this is really reasonable with the quality that you're getting this is so durable because I've definitely been through a lot with this I love the straps because they're adjustable and you don't have to worry about them stretching out you can wear this with so many different outfits it looks good when you're dressed up or if you're just dressed more casually you're getting a high quality backpack at a mid-range price or like low mid-range and I think that's awesome so if you're looking for a versatile backpack that is also super cute too definitely check this out they just launched some new colors because I've been stocking their website so I know that and currently it comes in black blue and the new colors are gray and red just saying for nail-polish you may have noticed that I really haven't been wearing nail polish and if I have it's been very very sheer what I have been wearing when I've been wearing a sheer color is actually technically not a nail polish color it is the Chanel base coat I have been loving this because I feel like it's really made my nails stronger and it protects them but it also has a Sheerness to it or definitely is a little bit of color coming out and it just kind of smooths over my nails and makes them look polished but it's not a full-on nail polish and I really love this because I feel like I'm getting two things in one I'm getting a little bit of color and a base coat I used to love wearing crazy nail polish colors and I think that was a really amazing period of my life where I had so much fun and now I've really been enjoying the other end of the spectrum where I've been loving my bare nails or just having something on that's super sheer over the top of that for extra shine I've been using the Sephora shine excel topcoat and this makes my nails super shiny and the two of these together just makes my nails look really clean and polished and I'm obsessed with it I have been taking these two things with me everywhere so I can touch up my nails if I want to and it's just so easy like it dries fast I don't have to worry about a ton of layers I don't have to worry about it being super perfect because it is super sheer it's just it's made everything so much better and I love it I love how I feel when I wear these last but not least for a candle I have been really enjoying this one it is from Bamford which was actually the spa that was at the hotel that Kari and I stayed at when we were in the South of France over the summer and I had never been to a Bamford spa before but I became obsessed with their products and the sense that they offer and I got this candle while I was there and I have been loving it so this is the lily of the valley candle it says on the bottom here that this scent consists of violet leaf and amber and I just think that this is such a lovely floral scent that is balanced out so perfectly by the amber so you get a little bit of warmth from that amber but you still have the freshness and the burst from the floral scents and I love it it is just amazing it makes me really happy when I smell it and I love the soft scent that it fills a room way alright so that is it for my favorites this month I know I don't have a book in here and it's because I think what I'm gonna do with my books is just save them and gather them all together and then do like book update videos for you guys I noticed that so many of you loved the book video that I did so I really want to do more of those in the future so I'm just gonna save the books that I'm reading for those book videos and I'm so happy that you guys enjoyed the book video I feel like we're just a bunch of nerds uniting and that makes me so happy thank you so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it please give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel because I will have more videos coming your way I hope you guys are having an awesome day and I'll see you soon bye