hi we are doing another book club this is our third book club together and we're doing it on the book here I am by Jonathan Safran foyer I'm already halfway finished I love it so much and that's why I want to share it with you guys I know some of you have already Redax I've seen your comments and I am absolutely loving this book so I thought we could discuss it together just a warning this book gets sexual fast there are swear words there are explicit scenes something I notice about this book right away is its honesty and that is what I will say about it so far some of the things this book is about is marriage family Judaism actually I'm a lot about religion specifically the Jewish faith Israel and it takes place in modern-day Washington DC the way we're going to do this is we're not gonna do a live video I find them so frustrating and difficult I personally don't even watch live videos because I think they're not easy to watch and they're not easy to do so I'm going to record a YouTube video like this or I'm just sitting down and talking to the camera about my responses and my thoughts on the book as well as your thoughts in the book by including your reviews so once you read this book please comment your review down below on this video and then I will take your comments that I think are insightful or I think I can add to the conversation I'll only be able to choose some of them so make them really good make them concise don't go too crazy long so I probably want to good in the video and then you guys can start a conversation in the comments below and I will include them in my video about this book so let's read this book together um let's do by December 1st so a bit over a month to read this honker to think you can do it I think you can because reading should be our priority in life alright see you guys later Here I am John stop report can't wait for our book club meeting bye you