alright guys so we are going to vlog and this vlog is probably gonna be just like tonight and tomorrow I wanted to document our Valentine's Day and we're actually doing Valentine's Day the day before Valentine's because we have Rachel with us aka our babysitter and so she actually has like class on Valentine's Day so we're like we'll just do it the day before so anyway it is actually the 12th when I'm filming this but I wanted to show you guys what I got for the kids and their baskets because I know in the morning it's just gonna be complete chaos so everything we have is from the Dollar Tree I just got a little basket for Molly with lots of treats in here and then for Ross this is what his basket looks like he is like obsessed with pirates right now he thinks that he says him and granddaddy which is my dad are pirates and my dad has a boat so it makes total sense but he thinks that they are both pirates right now so he's got a hook and a hat and a pirate coloring book and just lots of other things in here everything came from the Dollar Tree like I said except for the baskets they're from Walmart but that's what Ross's looks like and then this is Julie's right here she's got some fairy wings but she had some of these before they tear up really easily but they're only a dollar so I got her some more and then well actually Justin got her some more because he put together her basket and I put together Ross's basket we kind of went shopping together and stuff so this is what Julie's looks like she's got some perfume and lotion in there just really girly stuff and hers kind of what you would expect for Julie but Justin's actually about to run to Walmart he's gonna get some roses for Julie and we can't leave Ross out and I'm like what can I get for Ross he is not gonna want roses I know that for sure so I'm like just pick him up like a big balloon so Justin's gonna run to the store and do that I have to edit a video tonight and I am in charge of planning what we're gonna do for Valentine's Day and I had an entire thing set up and it failed on me so now I'm left to like the night before to plan something and I have to edit a video tonight too and it's already past 10 o'clock so I have idea what we're even gonna end up doing tomorrow for me and Justin I'm gonna try to make it special but like I said I'm like so limited on time so but I hope you guys can relate to this like sometimes Valentine's it's just not perfect but I'm gonna try to make it as perfect as I can right buddy that's right and hopefully I don't have to be like Justin you play because that might happen I might be like you know in editing mode tonight and be like all right babe you're gonna have to take over and play in this one I was planning it because it was obviously my turn he planned to my birthday which is like at the end of December and then he's also planning a date night for us it's like the beginning of March we're going to see Phantom of the Opera and all of that and so it was obviously my turn to plan a date night for us but I'm failing so I'm here in the Valentine section looking for a balloon or something for Ross and only kind of have this like a boy one is like this one don't see that up there it's like a teddy bear but it's got a lot of hearts and stuff on it so I don't know I've sent a picture that in the mail we're hoping like they would have some more like some bears or you know something like that something kind of boyish but I don't know if maybe maybe I ought to end up finding him a stuffed animal or a pillow or something like that I'm gonna see what else they're gonna have here they do have these big monkeys here he might like something like that or a puppy like this Ross loves puppies this might be a winner I got to send it to Megan no see technically it's from her so I'm gonna see which one she would want him to have so I sent the pictures and stuff to Megan and we agreed it is gonna be the puppy y'all know Ross loves puppies so I think he is really gonna like this big puppy they've got all the colors here but I think Julie is definitely going to be into pink I think for sure probably gonna get her one of these sets of pink roses pink for Julie and of course some red for Megan I [Music] can't give you your Valentine's basket [Music] [Music] pirate hat Russell look at my pirate look you got a hook too [Music] [Music] good morning you want a treat go to Daddy [Music] [Applause] [Music] Ralph just said mom I like this day didn't you yes and look Justin got Julie roses last night and he also got me some to this sweetheart couldn't leave you out yours we are well are you happy girl yeah that head tilt are you a happy girl I know I love you she's been sitting oh she thinks she's a lap dog she has always tried sitting in my lap but she's been sitting there all the rest of her treats and any time the kids come near her she's like mmm like not growling but like you better get away from me I know you want the rest of them you can't you can't have that many treats No you've already had enough this morning we're gonna have to put him up is that okay do you think it'd be okay if mommy put these out because they hit her in her face she's like no why would we do that I'm gonna put him up okay we'll save these for later it's been working out he actually got a personal trainer and he's been working out at the gym for like a week and a half now and he's very very sore and he did legs yesterday it was yesterday it was horrible yeah he's struggling like he he had to take some ibuprofen this morning walking like an old man it's terrible so I did plan something else for us for a date night tonight but I kept it very low-key because he's not gonna want to do much of anything I got the kids this candy and it's like a sucker and you dip it down in like pop rocks they've never had pop rocks before so we're about to try it she wants to try it and I'm like I gotta get this on the vlog cuz this is gonna be hilarious I know all right we got some on there now go ahead do you feel it you take it out of your mouth how is it do you like it are you sure are you sure you like it are you just being nice I don't know be really I don't know if you really like it it's okay if you don't want to I don't think she knows what to think about it all right we're gonna try Ross out this is gonna be funny all right here we go try it out spit your home sucker so I don't think it really works whenever you just bite the hole sucker off I don't think you really get the full effect so I am date-night ready I got my outfit on and I got my slippers on but we are actually going to the movies slash a restaurant dinner in a movie that's right dining I can't see you when I'm looking in here but yeah it's like dinner in a movie and so it's really cool it's over in Chapel Hill it's or is it no Holly Springs which is like an hour away from us but it was just it looks like such a cool experience and like I said Justin wants to really keep this like low-key because he's not feeling up to do I much and so we're gonna go do this and I think we're gonna go watch Jumanji I've been wanting to see that for a long time like four months everyone to see Jumanji and so right now we're looking online and they have like the menu on there so what you do is you go there you sit down and then you order your food from the theater and you can order like steak and I mean it's not like popcorn and snacks this is like legit meals so we're looking online right now to see what we want to eat tonight breads favorites sometimes style chicken tenders mmm although that kind of sounds like something you could get like yeah kind of come regular yeah we're gonna yeah salads boom asian steak and shrimp Bowl oh that sounds amazing Ross can I keep your teddy bear I mean your puppy I like it oh no you don't know what if mommy really likes it can I keep it well maybe I can seriously fall asleep with this thing oh so good well maybe you could do it live oh I gotta put Molly in my bed sleep with her yeah oh but I want your puppy he's cute Ross said he wanted a picture of me and him and his puppy is that good I can't see you I can't see you here but your puppy over on this side there we go [Music] [Music] [Laughter] Wow you're so bossy that's good lining we're here at the movies were fixing to go in I wanted to vlog in the car I'm gonna try to get a few shots in here but I always feel really awkward whenever I bring a camera into a movie theater and they're really funny about that yeah yeah I mean I would think you know people are probably looking at me like she's gonna film this whole movie and I'm not I'm just a vlogger [Music] [Applause] [Music] this is like a movie theater I've ever been to so we just got home and I almost forgot to end the vlog or sitting down here talking to Rachel and stuff and we were like well you're a go to bed and then I'm like okay I need it in the vlog I feel super shiny right now looks good lighting it here you know what it is really good lighting in here whenever I film sitting down in the living room I don't use any lighting at all which is why I've been doing a lot of it lately because whenever I film in the bedroom there I have to set up all my lighting equipment did you guys hear that that clock always like it sounds like it's falling yeah sounds like it's falling scares Molly every time every time anyway we're gonna go ahead and in the vlog we had a really good yeah that was a really cool theater I'm glad we did that cuz we've never done like to dine in theatre before but that was it was really cool yeah we were like I don't think we'll ever go back to a normal theater again now you don't have to go get dinner and then go why just just go sit down 1c be lazy as comedian we're small now all there is to it but I hope you guys enjoyed this video leave it a thumbs up if you did hit that subscribe button if you are new let me know in the comments what you guys did for Valentine's Day cuz I would love to hear y'all stories and I'll see you all in the next video bye [Music]