hey guys welcome back to my channel so today's video is going to be a Power Hour I haven't done one of these in a while I have been doing a few ultimate clean with me videos though so if you guys have missed those I will leave them linked down below it's basically like a Power Hour and that is just a speed cleaning video but I do an extra long cleaning video so it's like 20 minutes long or longer but I got a few comments on those videos saying that you guys like when I do shorter videos and talk through them as well so I figured this would be a good way to please both of my audience the ones who like long cleaning videos with just music set to it and also the ones who like shorter videos with talking through it so in this video that is what its gonna be and it's just gonna be a shorter speed cleaning video with some talking in there as well so in this Power Hour I did not make a list I basically just set an hour and tried to get as much done as possible so I started in our bedroom it really needed some help as you guys could see from the beginning shot and I got that done first [Music] next up I started some laundry and I went ahead and put a load in the dryer and also in the washer and I was also going to fold a load today as well right now I am using the pure X and it has like some OxiClean in there this is kind of like my go-to if I don't have time to order from any websites that I like to use then I will just pick up the Purex from Walmart and I have always loved this kind and for my fabric softener I am using the Cal Dre in sweet pea [Music] so I've seen a video going around lately and that is the laundry chat and basically it's just like folding a lot of laundry and chatting at the same time if you guys want me to do that video let me know or let me know in the comments below if you've even seen those videos I think they're fairly new so I don't think a whole lot of people have done them yet but if you guys want to see that from me let me know and let me know what you guys want to talk about in that video because I have no idea what I would even talk about so y'all give me some suggestions [Music] so after I did all that I came downstairs and it was about 11 o'clock by this time so I had about 30 minutes left so I started cleaning up from what we had from breakfast which was basically just cereal our kids love eating cereal in the morning with some fruit so I just started wiping down on all of our counters [Music] I wanted to show you guys this new candle I've been loving from Yankee Candles and it is in French countryside I think is what it's called but it was on sale at my Walmart normally these Yankee candles are like twenty dollars apiece but this one was on sale for $10 so I went ahead and picked it up and I really liked it and I also forgot to tell you guys what a countertop spray I've been using this one is just the ginger scent in the Calgary brand so I highly recommend all of these Calgary brands I really love them [Music] after I finished wiping down all the counters I unloaded our dishwasher this is one thing I have to do every single morning just because it is so easy to go ahead and get it done and that way you can load up your dishes throughout your day so this is a must for me every single morning if I don't do it my husband will do it we're both like on the same page with this the dishwasher has to be unloaded first thing in the morning and so I went ahead and did that and then after that I loaded up what we had in our sink with the dishes that we had used that morning [Music] then I went into the living room and just started tidying up it wasn't bad at all all we had out was just like a few pillows that were misplaced basically this is just because it was first thing in the morning and I do a really thorough clean at night time after the kids go to bed so normally it's not too messy in there in the morning time then I went into the office and I started cleaning up in there as well like I said not too messy but it did need tidying up [Music] after that I've brought out my vacuum and I just started vacuuming basically all the rugs in the downstairs area [Music] [Music] feeling the Sun on your skin that's greatest breathing filling the spaces within yeah music you saw where we are [Music] so then I just took some all-purpose spray and I sprayed it on these doors right here they were kind of getting really dirty I think because this is the bathroom we use the most and it's white the door is white and so every now and then you'll see like fingerprints on there so I wanted to give that a good wipe down and also since I was there I went ahead and did the drawer beside it too [Music] so since I had a few minutes left I decided to go into the bathroom and clean that as well it wasn't too bad but since I had a few minutes left I decided to use that up and go ahead and get this downstairs bathroom clean [Music] [Applause] [Music] to clean my toilet I'm using the mrs. Meyers toilet bowl cleaner I've really been liking this stuff and the kids even say that they love the smell of it every time I clean the toilets they will go in there and they're like oh it smells so good in here so they're really liking this scent but I think it cleans the toilets really well too so I recommend this [Music] the windows closed Ferrand out steps and turn trying to find [Music] there might be something so I did end up going a few minutes over but that's okay I got everything done and more done than I wanted to and I got all the rooms clean and I just love having a clean house especially in the middle of the day since I am a nighttime cleaner I'm used to seeing my house clean at night but it's really nice to see it just fresh and clean all day long so I hope you guys enjoyed this video be sure to leave a thumbs up if you did and don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you want to see more cleaning videos like this I have them up all the time on my channel and I will see you guys in the next video bye [Music]