I'm going to be talking about products that I didn't like in 2017 there are definitely some that I am missing because tbh I probably threw them away because I didn't like them and there's one for sure that I know I don't have that I definitely did not like so I'm going to talk about that first so I don't forget it and if you watch my videos or follow me on my Instagram stories then you know that I do not like the youth to the people kale what is it like the spinach and kale face cleanser that stuff terrible it made me have the worst breakouts that I have had any years and I posted photos of that on social media like my face was just filled with cystic acne and it took so long for it to heal and it was from that face wash so that was definitely not something that I enjoyed and that's like an all-natural brand so I just had a really bad reaction to it and I've actually seen other people have really bad reactions to it and it sucks because it comes in a nice packaging it has a pump and the product itself feels nice to use but it just didn't work well for my skin and I'm sure that it works well for other people but my skin just really had a bad bad reaction to it so I stopped using it and it actually showed up after a couple weeks of using it it started off with like little bumps on my face and then turned into cystic acne and then I had to change up my entire skincare routine to help calm my skin and it was just a whole process so that wasn't a fun experience and if you have any questions about these products leave them in the comments and hopefully I'll see them Julius asking about my eyebrows did I get them done for the first time after growing them out this is actually my third time getting them done since I've been growing them out and I'm still growing them out but I've been going in to get them just cleaned up a little bit because it helps promote hair growth kind of like when you cut your hair even though you want to be growing it out it helps it to just grow a little bit more and to stimulate the hair follicles my eyebrows have been growing way more ever since I started doing that and going in for little touch-ups every like eight weeks okay so the next thing I'm gonna talk about hmmm let's see what else hurt my face this year this thing oh my god this is the Tata Harper clarifying mask I know a lot of people like this I do not that is why it's in this video this thing oh my god I've never had anything burn the crap out of my face as much as this product dead it's a green face mask and it has an interesting scent it smells like a natural product cuz that's what Tata Harper is and there are other products from taught to Harper that I really like I really like the face scrub that they make but this the minute I put this on my face because it's a mask that you keep on for doesn't say on the packaging but I think online I was reading that you leave it on for maybe 15 minutes the minute I put it on my skin just started burning like and not and this is a nice tingle kind of feeling it was a and it was just an intense burn on my face and I kept it on for a couple minutes thinking well maybe this is how it's supposed to be and it just kept getting and worse and worse and worse and so I washed a little bit of the mask off and I could see that my skin was super puffy and red underneath so I was like nope this is not good it doesn't feel good doesn't look good I'm gonna wash this off and the next day my skin was really irritated from this so this mask definitely did not work for me and it says it's for blemish prone skin which I have but this just made my skin freak out and I'm glad that I didn't keep it on any longer because it almost felt like I was getting a burn like I was getting a chemical burn on my face and the fact that it was so red and inflamed afterwards means that there was something in there that my skin did not like I don't know if other people who have used this mask have experienced that but this hurt so much and again this is another all-natural product and I feel like there's a really huge misconception around natural products like things that are organic and natural are going to be better for your skin and won't irritate your skin and that's just not the case because if you think about it there are so many natural things in the world that can be really harmful to you and even be poisonous and kill you so this just goes with all skincare no matter what kind of chemical makeup it has things can irritate your skin everybody has different skin and people are going to respond differently to it and one of the upsides of products that aren't completely natural is that there's more control over the volatility of the chemicals being used and now the technology is so much better there can be things that are used that our synthetic that aren't toxic so I think products like this and in my specific case like me with this product and the face wash that I was just talking about those are all natural clean products with no synthetic ingredients and my skin freaked out so you can't just like base everything off of natural versus not natural you really have to understand like what your skin can take and what it can't and how its responding to something in the moment and I think that it's smart to listen to what your body is saying and my body was like this is burning this hurts get it huh so that's what I did okay um let's see what else here okay so this is a fan favorite this is the glossy a halo scope lots of people have talked about this this is in the shade quartz and I really wanted to like this I was really excited about it but I don't like this it's like a little glue stick that is supposed to add a little bit of highlight to your face and the reason why I don't like this is because when I put this on it's really chunky it just isn't like it doesn't blend in smoothly it's literally like I have glue stick on my hand and it just doesn't look good when I'm putting it on my face and I know so many people love this but I do not it just like clumps up on my skin and it just doesn't blend in smoothly so this was something that didn't work well for me I kind of wonder if I like got a bad one because it's just like really sticky and it just doesn't feel good when I have it on my skin Maggie is saying it looks greasy it definitely is it's like sticky and see at the same time it's just a weird consistency the best way that I can describe it is it literally just feels like glue stick with shimmer on my skin uh Liana I think is asking about the cloud paints the cloud paints are amazing I love the cloud paints those are so good I have them in every single shade that they make because I love mixing them together and creating different colors those are awesome they're really pigmented they're easy to blend with your finger and they look really natural on the skin so I love the cloud paints I love a lot of things from glossier but this is one of those things that just didn't work for me Meghan is asking what are you using to control oil on your face now actually nothing excuse me I'm embracing my oily skin as you can see it's quite shiny today and I'm rolling with it so I really haven't been using anything that is mattifying or like stuff like that to help control the oil on my face I've just been letting it go I've been using a the glossy a router but that's not a matte powder it's just a translucent setting powder and it doesn't leave my skin super matte so my oil comes through that pretty quickly and I've just been embracing it because you know what who said having oily skin was a bad thing and that being shiny was bad so I'm trying to embrace what my skin naturally wants to do alright let's see I guess since we're within the glossier world I'll keep going so this is the glossy a super glow serum I really really love super pure if you watch my videos then you know I really love that but I've said this so many times I hate how small the supers are this is only half an ounce of product in here so these go really fast if you use them every day and I'm actually on a subscription for two super peers every month because I run out I go through announce like every month to six weeks so I have to order two and I'm just subscribed to it so they keep coming but this is the super glow and I just didn't really think that there was anything special about this this is a vitamin C of magnesium serum and it's supposed to brighten and energize dull tired skin I found that it did not do any of that I didn't think it left my skin glowy or brighter it literally just felt like this extra thing I was putting on my face didn't feel hydrating nothing felt like I was putting water on my face and didn't do much for me I didn't notice a change in the tone of my skin or anything like that so yeah not one of my favorites but I have seen other people rave about it so you know all of these products exist because somebody out there likes them and I think that it's really helpful to hear when people talk about things that they don't like because so often online we talk about things that we really love and to be able to hear someone talk about things that they haven't liked without like ripping a brand apart I think is really helpful it's constructive and if somebody has like similar skin to what you have it can really steer you in a direction that like avoids this product that could potentially hurt your skin or cause you to break out or cause your skin to burn or irritate it in some way so I really enjoy doing this because I talk about things that I love so much it is interesting to explore the other end of that spectrum and talk about things that haven't worked because a lot of these products are by brands that I really love and they make other products that I use everyday just like la CA and I love tot to Harper and some of the other products and you'll see like the brands coming up definitely love other things from their lines okay so the last thing from glossier that I have this I really debated about putting in here but I ended up putting it in because ultimately there were more things that I disliked about it than what I liked about it so the two things that I like about this product well 3 this is the glossy a priming moisturizer rich the three things that I like about it which don't really have to do with the efficacy of the product it's more like aesthetics and texture and like a sensorial experience I love the packaging I think the packaging is great it feels really luxe and I love that the product inside I think the texture is awesome and you can see that I've actually used quite a bit of this product so I really wanted to like it I think the texture is great it's really thick and it feels really nice when you put it on your skin like it's a pleasant experience and I love the scent it smells like lavender I think the scent is amazing but what I don't like about it and this like trumps all of the things that I was just talking about I don't think it's very moisturizing I got this because excuse me I got this because I wanted a moisturizer that was going to be really hydrating and the just didn't do it I honestly think that this is less hydrating than a lot of the lighter moisturizers that I have like the tacho water cream I think that moisturizer is more hydrating than this and also the Lamesa and glow recipe green tea moisturizer that one's pretty light and I think that is more hydrating than this one I found that when I was using this I would have to reapply it throughout the day to feel like my skin was hydrated and I didn't enjoy that so I was using this when I was in I was just experiencing colder weather and also I was traveling and I was bringing this with me and I really went back and forth with it because I loved how it felt initially it feels really good it smells really good I love the packaging but throughout the day it wasn't giving my skin what it needed and that's ultimately what brought me to the conclusion of I don't like it because it just wasn't working and it's a real bummer because I really wanted to love this okay now that is done so we have a glossier done you have to talk to heart Bird done now the rest are just single products from individual brands so we have the glam glow galactic cleanse hydrating jelly bomb cleanser this is meant to be like a makeup remover so it says well it actually doesn't say it says face makeup removal and then the instructions so I was really excited about this because I like glam glow some of the masks work for me and some of them irritate my skin but I was excited that they came out with a makeup remover and I tried this and I wear waterproof mascara and that is always the test for me with makeup removers will it remove my waterproof mascara if it doesn't I'm not interested in it and this did not remove my waterproof mascara so when it comes out it actually looks really cool because it's black and it's sparkly hence the name Galactic so it looks really cool but it really did not remove my makeup and I think that waterproof makeup just really isn't that big of an ask to be able to remove and it just made my eye makeup clump up and if you're somebody that wears waterproof mascara and you've tried to remove it with somebody with somebody with something that doesn't remove waterproof eye makeup then you'll know that like your lashes just like clump together it gets really weird and you almost just end up in a worse situation because then you have to find something else that's gonna remove not only your makeup but the product that you just tried using – so this did not work for me and I also just kind of like do I really want glitter how much of that is gonna stay on my face you know I don't know about that all so now I'm worried about how I have black glitter jelly other things to talk about am I just gonna leave it on my hand I'm gonna leave it on my hand I guess I don't have anything to wipe it the next thing that I have is from omuro weeks–i this is a brand that I really love for their face masks I love their deep cleansing mask and when I went to the omuro Bieksa counter at Liberty in London I got this product because I got talked into it TBH and that rarely happened with me but I got talked into this I really like that this hasn't happened to me in years where I've like got got talked into something and I just didn't I didn't know anything about the product and I ended up not liking it this it's really been a long time since that has happened so this is a serum that I thought I was really gonna like and it feels nice when you put it on your skin this is what it looks like and it's meant to like oxidant oxygenate oxygenate it's supposed to add oxygen into your complexion and honestly I just think it's kind of gimmicky I literally noticed no change in my skin after using this but it does feel really nice it feels really light and refreshing on my skin but I didn't do anything like nothing was changing my pores didn't look clearer yeah it just kind of seemed like an extra product that I was using but what was it really doing but other omorosa products like the deep cleansing mask amazing so this is just a lesson for me don't buy something that you don't know about Engrish don't get talked into it we all have to like we learn that lesson no matter how experienced we are with products it was a good lesson for me to relearn ok the last two things I have I have another cleansing oil jelly thing this jelly oil cleanser is quite popular this is from nuni I love their lip mask and their lip oil I just used the lip mask last night because I've been using it almost every night and it's amazing this is the snowflake jelly cleansing oil this is what it looks like I love the packaging I think it's really minimal and simple I love the way that it open is here and it's on a screw off lid you just like flip it up and again this did not fit my criteria with makeup removers this actually reminds me of the Clinique cleansing balm which I love because it really melts off makeup but it didn't remove waterproof makeup it did that thing to my lashes again where they clumped up it really didn't remove my face makeup it smelled nice though I love the smell of Muni products they smell kind of fruity so this just didn't pass my makeup test and I'm just not interested in using things that say they'll remove makeup if they don't remove waterproof makeup because I don't really wear foundation or tinted moisturizer on a regular basis I might wear like a light skin tint maybe tinted moisturizer here and there but I'm definitely not wearing it every single day and I will though wear mascara a lot and I will fill in my brows and so if something can't remove my waterproof mascara which is one of the things that I wear the most then I just don't want to use it because I need something that can do that for me speaking of mascara I the last thing that I have here is the L'Oreal voluminous lash era dice mascara in waterproof so I got this because a lot of people were talking about how this is a dupe for the Too Faced better than sex mascara and I didn't really like that mascara so I was like great I'm gonna love this nope didn't this is just a little bit too dry for me I just didn't like what this did to my lashes it was really heavy on my lashes too so the minute that I put this on my lashes I saw them falling because I'll curl I'll curl my lashes before putting on mascara and I saw them go from here – here they just fell I saw them do that and that just means the formula is too heavy for my lashes and it was also just a little bit dryer and I like mascaras that are on the wet side in terms of their consistency so this did not work out well for me honestly I wish Maybelline mascaras worked for me but those mascaras sting my eyes so I just keep going back to covergirl for mascara and I know that a lot of people love this mascara it is a favorite of so many people but my lashes just they don't like to hold a curl and a lot of mascaras don't work on my lashes because I definitely got my lashes from my Asian mom they are very straight and they grow down and when I curl them when I curl them without putting product on they'll stay but a lot of mascaras can weigh my lashes down and push them back down so the covergirl mascaras work really well for me and the Too Faced better than sex but those are kind of the only ones that I've been using recently and really loving so those are all the products that I have to show you guys these are like the ones that really stood out to me in terms of like things that I didn't like this year so now I am just gonna chat with you guys for a little bit before I get going so if you have any questions about what I just talked about because now I can see your comments a little bit better let me know let's see okay a lot of people are asking what my lipstick is this is Charlotte Tilbury red carpet red it's actually right here this is one of my all-time favorite red lipsticks I really like this one because I have a lot of orange e reds and this one is a cooler tone deeper red I think this is so beautiful for this time of the year in winter and fall and holiday season this is what it looks like red carpet red is just it's a perfect classic red color let's see do you do tailors asking do you do the double cleanse it's good for makeup remover removal and general face cleansing yes I do but sometimes in the first part of the cleanse when the cleanser doesn't remove the waterproof makeup that's a big issue for me but I've been doing the double cleanse before there was like an official name for it what is the difference between a serum and an essence so in essence is something that you use before your serum an essence essentially kind of feels like water it doesn't really feel like anything significant that you're putting on your face but the purpose of essence is to just plump up your skin and open up your pores so then that way when you put your serums on after they can really sink into your skin and they will work to their fullest potential so serums can vary in terms of their texture like for example the glossy a serum feel really light it has like a very watery consistency and then there are serums that have a much thicker consistency I'm currently using one that is like an oil serum and it has a very just it's very thick but then melts into your skin so it's quite interesting to use and it's by a brand called Huxley and I am enjoying that so you can really find a wide range in terms of the consistency of serums but if you're using an essence in serums use the essence first after cleansing your face then layer on your serums let's see hang grid what made you shift away from wearing foundation and tinted moisturizer on a daily basis do you also find that it's made a difference to the quality of your skin um I just haven't been wearing foundation and tinted moisturizer on a daily basis because I just like how it feels I think that I've reached a point in my life where I like how I feel not wearing that much makeup like today I'm eyebrows done and lipstick on and no other makeup I don't even have mascara on today and I've really just been enjoying experimenting with a very minimal look and also this tends to happen in cooler months and when I'm going to the East Coast I don't like wearing foundation and tinted moisturizer in like really cold weather because I feel like it just irritates my skin even more I like to keep it bare and really hydrated in that kind of weather so we're in that time of year it's also really dry here in California and I actually tried to put on tinted moisturizer today because I wanted to wear it and my skin was just rejecting it because it's just so dry out and it just didn't feel good on my face so I've really been basing it on how I feel that day like do I really want to wear foundation or tinted moisturizer or do I feel like I have to because I want to be wearing makeup when I really want to be wearing it and not when I feel like I should or I have to and then also just paying attention to how my skin is responding to makeup that day so like today I really wanted to wear tinted moisturizer I felt like it I was ready for it and then my skin wasn't ready for it I have like some like dry patches on my nose and I was just like you know what I'm not gonna force my skin to do something it doesn't want to do today so there are various reasons but ultimately it comes down to comfort and what I'm feeling that day and it changes everyday and there are some days where I really love the process of putting on tinted moisturizer and Foundation and then there are other days where I just don't feel like it where my skin just doesn't want it shannon is asking how did I grow out my brows well I didn't touch them for like a year and then I started seeing Christy Stryker on Instagram you can find her at Christy Stryker and then she and her sisters have an Instagram called Stryker sisters and she is like the eyebrow goddess and I went to her and she put me on a growth plan so I go in to her every eight weeks and she'll touch up my eyebrows she tints them and fills them in and then yeah that just promotes growth and I've noticed after this is my third time today going in to see her my eyebrows have grown so much I didn't actually see Christy today I saw someone else that works with her but it's like at her studio and she was saying that when I go in next Christy is gonna be so excited to see how much my grip my brows have grown and they really have I've been using a growth serum called grande brow and I use it every morning and night and I've definitely noticed a huge huge difference which is very exciting it's like why why did I spend those years plucking my eyebrows away why I remember the first time I ever plucked my eyebrows it was traumatizing totally worth that brow growth looks lovely thank you so much I am really enjoying growing out my brows and just like having them be furry Haley is asking where can you get that serum for your brows I get it at Christie studio but I believe you can order it online if you look up grande brow Eileen is currently googling it so we can find out because I've only bought it in person they have it on the sephora website so grande brow it comes in an orange tube and it has lasted me this long I'll probably have to get a new one soon but it's been what like I've had it since September so that's pretty good considering it's like a little – do you use anything for your eyelashes no because I'm too afraid to put anything that close to my eyes that's gonna like change my eyelashes my scare is like as crazy as I get because there are already mascaras that sting my eyes so I don't want to be trying anything more intense okay let's see BB cream or tinted moisturizer it depends I really like some BB creams and I also really like the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizers but right now I have tinted moisturizers but I really like also if you're looking for something that's natural and then tinted moisturizer world 14e cosmetics those are the best they are awesome okay um favorite Christmas song I love jingle bell rock oh my god I'm such a sucker for that song I also saw somebody asked me what deodorant I'm using I love the Schmidt's bergamot and lime deodorant but I just recently I'm still new to this I'm using the native deodorant that was actually given to me by Chelsea who is dressed to thrive on Instagram she gave it to me and I believe it's like a coconut vanilla scent which is typically something that I would not rather gravitate to on my own but it smells lovely I love it it smells so good it makes me think um that I'm on the beach which I really love and it controls odors so well and I really really loved it and she was telling me that she really loves that deodorant and I was running low on my Schmidt's she given me this native deodorant and so I started trying it and I'm really liking it so far so you're probably gonna see it in a favorites video towards the beginning of 2018 because okay let's see favorite drugstore moisturizer I really love the simple rich moisturizer and the Lamesa glow recipe green tea moisturizer and the make hydrate me moisturizer those three awesome okay so I think that is going to be it for today thank you so much everyone for watching we've been here for almost 40 minutes oh my god it went by so fast but it was really great getting to chat with all of you I hope you all have a spectacular holiday season thank you for just coming to hang out today and make sure you go on to my Instagram because I'm about to do today's giveaway on Instagram and there are lots of amazing prizes coming up in the days ahead so you don't want to miss the giveaways that are happening okay I'll see you guys later bye everyone