now isn't this just a little bit better it's about time that I dressed up as a pumpkin hey you guys it's Christina it's about that time of year where I dress up as a pumpkin and I share with you a delicious pumpkin pie recipe and celebration of the upcoming holiday season I know you love this outfit you've seen it before when I made my fully raw pumpkin pie most epic recipe of all time I thought I'd do a little spin on my classic recipe today what if we made pumpkin pie ice cream does that sound delicious well I hope so because that is exactly what we are going to be making today in the kitchen I'm going to be showing you how to make your very own delicious pumpkin pie ice cream you can even make this ice cream to share with all of your loved ones and have not an ounce of guilt and eating it yourself if you haven't already hit the subscribe button or if you love pumpkin pie hit subscribe because we have some deliciousness coming up and I think you're gonna love it I'm gonna be using my Vitamix blender to make this ice cream if you guys don't have a high speed blender like a Vitamix you can use the affiliate code on the screen to get free shipping on any of your Vitamix orders when ready go ahead and add on into your Vitamix approximately four to five frozen heeled and ripe bananas next you're going to add in three frozen persimmons and be sure to destem them these are gonna be somewhat hard you can cut them up if it makes it easier for you next you're going to put in approximately one and a half cups of ripe cut hi pumpkin one cup of fresh fully raw almond milk and I've shown you how to make this in a past video and you can watch that by clicking in the link in the description below next up we're gonna add in one scoop of Sunwarrior vanilla protein powder this gives it a creamy vanilla flavor you're gonna add in one teaspoon of cinnamon and as much pumpkin spice as you desire blend this until it becomes completely free me and smooth blend blend blend when it's thick enough to be an ice cream go ahead and pour it into your bowl or glass jar of a choice if you want this recipe to be sweeter you can always add in pitted dates sprinkle it with some pumpkin spice on top and voila ladies and gentleman you have some pumpkin pie ice cream how incredible does this look YUM for those of you who love pumpkin pie it's like pumpkin pie but it's ice cream hmm and for those of you who are thinking that this would taste really good with like pumpkin pie mix in it too you can do that as well but it's pretty darn good just as it is all right you guys if you'd like this recipe be sure to give it a thumbs up and comment below let me know what you think and what other recipes you'd like for me to make for you this holiday season you guys need more tips tricks or recipes on how to go Faliro hit subscribe join the family and you can also find me on my other social media channels at Facebook Pinterest Instagram Twitter snapchat all the above at fully raw and fully rock Kristina are you guys I will see you in my next video and sending you all my hugs mama we're all little happy pumpkins aren't we if you like pumpkin pie and if you like my recipes hit the subscribe wha