hey you guys it's Christina and I'm so happy to be back with you today I'm going to be answering your questions about supplements on a raw and vegan lifestyle the question about b12 and vitamin D is one of the most frequently asked questions that I get and so I thought it would be a great video today to not only discuss those two deficiencies but also discuss other supplements that may be beneficial for you to take if you are new to this lifestyle and desire to thrive and feel your best and be the healthiest version of you possible if you're new to my channel be sure to hit the subscribe button I'm happy to have you welcome to the family I am so passionate about health and helping people be the best version of themselves I've been a raw vegan for 12 years now and I've never felt better I come from a background of having type 2 diabetes so now being healthier than ever and my purpose is to serve you and to share my experience so that you can also benefit and experience this beautiful gift as well now I may not be able to cover all of your questions about supplements in this video so if that's the case don't forget to leave your questions in the comments below I'll do my best to answer as much as I can and for those of you who want more guidance on this journey don't forget my mom and I are doing a 21-day raw vegan challenge right now you can join our private Facebook group every other day I'm doing live coaching sessions and so much more get my new ebook yet 21 days of recipes and meal plans and let's jump on into this video because you guys want to know about supplements all of the supplements that I will be recommended are going to be linked in the description below this video so if you're looking to figure out which ones that I use which ones I recommend to purchase simply look in the description click that link and it'll take you to the actual one that I recommend it's a really bright and sunny day here in Houston a little warm outside no problem I prefer the sunshine over a hurricane any day video is not sponsored by any company all of the recommendations that I'm giving you are from my own person experience and also have been recommended by one of my closest and dearest friends Anthony Williamson medical medium for those of you who don't have his book who haven't tried his protocol it's amazing and I definitely want to recommend that to you right now if you haven't already gotten it so let's talk about b12 b12 is in the vitamin B family which is typically known as the stress family I say stress family because most people take vitamin B pills of any kind to eliminate stress and when you're really stressed and have a lot going on your body may burn your B vitamins super quickly a lot of people are very worried about being b12 deficient because it's very common to see vegans or it is a common myth that many vegans are b12 deficient now this is a myth because there are also a lot of meat-eaters and people who aren't vegan who are b12 deficient before I get into the supplement aspect of this I do want to just say that b12 is a floor that's produced in your colon some people produce it and some people don't people who are on a raw or vegan diet for an extended period of time and by extended I mean like 10 20 30 years can become b12 deficient it doesn't always happen but it can happen just like anything else in this world can happen b12 deficiencies don't happen overnight it's more of a very long drawn-out windowing process signs of a b12 deficiency include shaky hands blurry vision being faint and dizzy a lot if you've been vegan for five days and you have these symptoms it's most likely not because all of a sudden you have a b12 deficiency it's most likely because you're probably having some type of detox you're not used to just eating fruits and vegetables you've taken meat out of your diet you've taken dairy out of your diet could be many different things many people want to know if they're b12 deficient and I keep my answer down to a very simple response and I say this to anybody who thinks they're deficient in any type of vitamin or mineral get yourself checked before you make any self diagnosis this is essential there are far too many people nowadays who wake up in the morning and think oh I think I'm deficient in vitamin E so they go to the health food store they buy a bunch of vitamin E pills and they junk themselves up on vitamin E when they may not even be deficient in vitamin E the problem with that is that the second that you start taking a supplement not just an overdose of a supplement but a supplement for a long period of time your body becomes dependent on you taking it and it begins to stop the production of that vitamin or mineral itself and you become dependent on taking supplements when transitioning into this lifestyle we want you to take as little medications as possible now granted it may be necessary for you to take a lot of supplements when you first begin your journey because you may be super unhealthy you may be deficient in a lot of things and you may need to take a lot of supplements to get your help back up to where it needs to be and when you get to that point maybe perhaps your food your consumption of fruits and vegetables can take it from there that way you don't have to take as many supplements that's the goal to eliminate your dependence on pills medications of any kind some supplements like green foods powders a different story we'll get to that in a second back to getting yourself checked if you think you're deficient in b12 there are any lab tests nails on pretty much any corner that you can find now or there's places where you can get your blood checked almost anywhere you can go to the doctor's office literally anywhere so my recommendation is that before you make any self diagnosis go get your blood samples taken and get somebody who understands what these charts mean to give you a reading on it let them tell you if your b12 deficient vitamin D deficient and so much more this is essential and crucial because then you can figure out what you do need to take and what you don't need to take we want your body to become strong not dependent for those of you who haven't seen my blood test video with dr. Garth Davis I'm gonna go ahead and link it in the end of this video and link it below I think around my nine-year raw anniversary oh my gosh that's been 12 years now it could have been 9 or 10 years I went and got my blood taken and read by dr. Garth Davis in his office and through this video that I made with dr. Garth in getting my blood taken on camera and showing the results we showed that a raw vegan can be healthy over a 10-year time period and not be deficient in anything my blood lab results came out amazing I wasn't deficient in anything healthier than ever and I believe that those lab results still exist today maybe I'll do another update video for you guys soon so I'll be sure to link that video below for those of you who have gotten your blood checked and you are b12 deficient and you're looking for a good b12 supplement the one that I recommend is by global healing center the global healing center b12 supplement I like this one because it's not a capsule it's in liquid form it is a vegan form of b12 and and anytime that you are looking for a b12 supplement you want to make sure you're getting the methyl version the methyl cobalamin version believe I said that right so this is the one that I recommend and I'll link it below for you so let's jump in and talk about vitamin D I know a lot of people think that vitamin D is a vegan deficiency thing but it's not there are so many people nowadays who are deficient in vitamin D it's not just a vegan thing more and more people are spending time indoors they're not spending time in the sunshine every day they're scared to be in the Sun because of getting a skin condition or skin cancer and they're told not to be in the Sun they're told to wear massive amounts of sunscreen there's a lot of contradictions happening right now and there's one thing for sure more and more people every single day are getting vitamin D deficiencies I spend time in the Sun every single day I run in the morning in the Sun I lay out sometimes just to let my skin touch the Sun for 20 minutes even in the winter time when it's cold outside I'll lay under my window and just let the Sun touch my skin I believe that we are all nature babies and that we should be outside playing and I know that the Sun is not the same Sun that it was 2,000 years ago but I still do believe that being outside playing in nature and getting in a little bit of Sun is very good for you if you want to know which vitamin D supplement I recommend I've linked it below for you but before you go and take it be sure to always get tested before you self diagnosed cannot recommend not enough I also have a lot of people who ask me about zinc and iodine on a raw or vegan diet because there have been some people who've gone deficient over long periods of time eating this way and have not been able to get enough iodine iron zinc and a few more minerals if you're not eating enough greens every day if you're not drinking enough green juice there is a large chance that you are not consuming enough minerals for your body we get our minerals through our greens greens are the most important thing that you can consume along with fruit I recommend 2 to 3 pounds of leafy greens every single day John Rose recommends that amount of greens every day dr. Graham recommends that amount of greens every day it's good to eat your greens juice them blend them eat them whatever you have to do if you've gotten yourself checked and you're still deficient I recommend these supplements Anthony Williams told me about these brands and I trust them thanks Anthony this is the one that I recommend for zinc liquid drops this brand right here aaden's or ID on zinc for iodine also get survival shield and this one was also recommended to me by Anthony Williams the medical media for those of you deficient and iron I'll link that one below if there's more be sure to look in the description below for them there is one more that I want to talk about before I finish this video and it is spirulina I don't necessarily consider spirulina to be a supplement I consider this to be a green food it does have b12 and it has so many minerals in it green superfood power this has become my favorite for those of you looking for a great spirulina source I really like the spirulina Pacific it's the pure Hawaiian one I'll be sure to link that below for you as well and for those of you who have questions about spirulina what to use it for just a simple teaspoon and your smoothie everyday or even putting it into your salad dressing if you have some of my recipes I put some of this in my salad dressings I really enjoy it and you may not be able to feel a difference immediately but over time you develop a taste for it you feel good when you take it and it's the amount of vitamins and minerals in here are crazy so it can't hurt to get a little extra greens in your day all right you guys that is my video today on a supplement I hope that you've liked it if you have be sure to give it a thumbs up subscribe to my channel and if you have more questions about this be sure to leave it in the comment section below I love you guys so much more to discuss and to talk about and also if you're interested in going rock for 21 days be sure to join the challenge with me and my mom at challenge believe as calm how are you guys I hope you're having an amazing day I'm sending my love to you right now and so many more blessings you've gotta learn to let go put past behind you baby I know