okay under the rest sit baby dude times it Betty 800 wonderful fabulous person [Laughter] hey you guys is Christina hey guys it's Sandra and we are so excited to be back in the kitchen with you today today what are we making today mom we're making sauces we are making three fully raw vegan sauces that you must have in your life if you haven't already hit the subscribe button because we have some epic recipes coming for you today join the family as we celebrate help life and you becoming the best version of you possible mom and I are in the middle of our 21-day a fully raw vegan challenge and we're doing great mom is doing great and as you can tell she looks fantastic full of energy life be feeling good mom feeling really good awesome if you guys want to join our 21-day challenge go ahead and go to challenge top fully rom-com get my new 60 page ebook with the 21 meal plans and recipes that we're doing right now in this challenge you can sign up all the way until the end of the challenge once you join you'll also get access to our private Facebook group where I'm doing group coaching Facebook lives q and A's and so much more so if you guys want to join us in our challenge go to challenge blue rod comm and sign up the video that we're making today is three fully raw vegan sauces that will change your life you must have these in your life if you are trying to go vegan or raw or simply just eat one fully raw meal a day having a good dressing or a sauce changes everything so we're gonna give you our top three favorites today we're gonna be doing an almond pad thai sauce we're gonna be doing a tomato sesame mint creamy sauce and we're also going to be doing an avocado mint sauce so all of these sauces dressings are here to help you achieve your health goals you can put them on salads you can put them on zucchini pasta and so much more and also dips and you ever dips are you ready I'm ready all right to make these three dressings we are going to be using my Vitamix blender and if you guys are interested in a Vitamix go ahead and use the affiliate code listed on the screen the first dressing that we're gonna make is the almond pad thai sauce when ready go ahead and add into your Vitamix blender approximately one cup of raw soaked almonds one cup of freshly squeezed orange juice one large tablespoon of raw and imma show you one large thumb of ginger and the juice of one large squeezed lemon if you want to go ahead and add in some sesame seeds in here or even some green onion that works great as well blend it up until it is completely smooth pour and enjoy next up we are going to be making a tomato tahini creamy mint sauce go ahead and add on into your Vitamix blender approximately one huge large cut tomato half to one cup of raw unhold sesame seeds one to two stalks of green onions a little bit of cilantro and some dried mint if you want to add in some Himalayan salt here go ahead and add in a pinch okay now blend it up until it is completely smooth pour and enjoy good that good it's a really good and should I try mmm that's pretty good okay that's really yummy the third dressing that we are gonna be making is a creamy mint or basil avocado dressing when ready go ahead and add aim to your Vitamix blender three stalks of celery one to two ripe avocados depending on how much avocado you want a half to one cup of raw hemp seeds one large bunch of fresh basil or mint you can use whichever you choose optional would be one stalk of green onion and if desired some fresh mint and Himalayan salt pour it in to your bowl of choice and doesn't this look delicious [Music] okay so time for the taste test it's a time for the taste test we're gonna do art we're gonna do our almond pad thai sauce first okay ready ready mmm that's really creamy and yummy I read all the senses in my tongue her current puckering up I like that it's really good okay next up next boom next up we're gonna do our creamy tomato tahini sauce that was good okay ready ready cheers Cheers mmm very different that one does just like a nice palate it's just so good going down I can't even explain them because they're so good no one is eating them that one is tomatoey and tangy and lemony but like also just like smooth and just like a nice soft flavor very very smooth all right and now for the creamy avocado mint basil okay mmm that's creamy very creaming I love it which one's your favorite and creamy I think I like the Pattaya let me add the almond I like all of them the same actually because I feel that on different days when I have different moods each of those would be perfect that's why you have so many wonderful sauces you cannot live your life without the good sauces you cannot believe your life make everything very special so enjoy whatever I send you all right you guys if you are excited to try one of these sauces give this video a thumbs up and comment below and let us know which one looks the best to you if you haven't already hit the subscribe button join the family plenty more videos to come and don't forget to join our challenge challenge coulis rom-com and if you want to follow my other social media you can find me on Facebook on Instagram and Pinterest all at fully raw Christina and fully raw let's go dance Christina we're gonna go dance all right you guys we're gonna go get our salsas and dressing we're getting exhausted eyes out with we're gonna use if it's Aussie the south side bye bye see you later we're gonna go have fun cause you and I are defying gravity wishing me goodbye I'm defying gravity and you can't pull me down