hi I am trying something new I thought it would be fun to react to my sister's new video if you don't know who my sister is her name is Ellen Fisher and she has a really amazing YouTube channel and every time she post the video I watch it immediately and I just like have so much fun watching it I thought I could share that experience with you guys um and I know you probably love her too because she truly is an incredible person and she puts out such great videos and I'm going to Maui in in like less than a month I'm going to Maui to be there to help out with their new baby that they're having so I'm just really excited and I can't wait to watch this video this is called a day our pregnant family life another four five year olds two-year-old taste okay sounds good injuries in belly back from a run when the boys would love to go running one time when they get back I'm so excited to ride with Andrew when I go now I've been running lately well everything's so much right now just say sandy gives the best side I he's just like okay smiling too betcha run some errands today this this feels like I'm facetiming with them whenever I face time they're just like pushing each other out of the way look why wisely why here's their whites makes me so sick me too Alan that would be a totally avoidable plastic that needs to be used in the first place exactly Ellen's really helped me with the reducing my waist thing it was like more and more trash everywhere it's like once you start you can't stop [Music] it's like once you see it you cannot see it not mix with me so gonna get gas and she looks amazing Oh both also go to the library I hope it's a reader like me I'm so excited because when I go visit I'm basically gonna be like a nanny and I just get to watch them and hang out and actually I'm so excited because I get to read Elvis it's my favorite book Harry Potter for the first time he's finally old enough and I can't wait to share that with him it's like yeah I'm so excited [Music] that's the sexiest tea shop I've ever seen for sure that does not look like raspberry bar dates are the best you haven't had good dates unless you've had berry dates they just started making their own coconut milk and it looks so good I can't go to and our neighbors invited them to invite him to come need some help put my shoes yeah this will see you in like an hour and a half oh my god you look so big I can't no don't leave me he's so big anything again you look very sandy and he's starting baseball I've read this book to them a thousand Oh Sammy can you please sleep till the Sun comes up tomorrow by the way Ellen and I had bunk beds when we were growing up and I was the second and I was on the bottom two and one time there was an earthquake and Ellen blamed me because she thought that I was shaking the bed but it was just an earthquake oh you guys oh my gosh oh you guys I am I missed them so much and it's one of those things like I can't imagine if Ellen didn't have it YouTube channel cuz I feel like I just get so much of their life because she gets to post and everything else we face I mean everything but anyway I just missed them a ton thanks for watching