before I walk in I just want to say for those of you who live in the Texas area Houston area United States area please share this video share this video with anyone who you think could contribute let's help to get these beautiful animals adopted are you guys ready let's go in [Music] hey you guys it's Christina and I'm here today at Houston pets alive this year I've decided to make some changes to my channel and one of those things that I have dedicated myself to do is to give back give back to as many as possible especially animals and I've made a goal for myself this year that I'm going to try and come and volunteer at this animal shelter at least once a week or at least once every other week to help give back to help get some of these beautiful animals adopted and more and this is not just any animal shelter this is a really special animal shelter in Houston because after Hurricane Harvey many of you guys know the city of Houston was completely underwater and while many families and friends and humans lost their homes there were also many animals dogs and cats who lost their homes as well who are left abandoned who were put onto euthanization list kill lists and so much more Houston pets alive is an incredible shelter for dogs and four cats and they are a no-kill shelter and they give animals a second chance at life I know many of you are animal lovers just like me you love dogs you love cats you love all living beings and for this reason I'm making this video because I really want to encourage people to come and help here if you can come help to adopt some of these animals donate money and I'll put links below also come and volunteer these animals need your time they need help feeding the animals and walking them and sometimes just even giving them a little bit of company because they're in cages all day and they really just need interaction they need love they need support they need some type of touch to know that somebody is there for them so I'm gonna walk you around this amazing shelter I'm going to show you around for those of you who do decide to come and visit volunteer you already have like a behind-the-scenes sneak of what you can find here I'm going to introduce you to some of the sweet animals especially ones who really really really need a home right now you guys ready let me show you around so if you look in different corners of this shelter you can see that they've kind of converted this space and having supplies in one corner food in another corner if you even look back there and that's where they keep all of the really sick animals who shouldn't be on the floor with all of the other animals and they have a vet who comes once or twice a week just to be able to help the animals give them medicine and care for them until they get better to put them back out here on the adoption floor and this this rescue center is at full capacity which is why they're trying to get animals homes that they can bring in more animals because there are other kill shelters that are in Houston that are euthanizing dogs daily and the shelter wants to be able to take those animals take them off of those lifts and bring them here so they can actually have homes and something else that I'm going to have one of the workers here tell you is that most of these dogs are not misbehaved dogs they're not crazy dogs from the Sandlot they are actually really sweet cuddlers I mean look at this my angel friend Italy yeah you I just the cutest oh no I don't take you home with me they just want a home and someone to love if you can imagine being in a cage for months at a time they probably are very much wanting to be outside I know my god I'm going to start crying looking at you so you'll be seeing more animal rescue videos from me every month maybe even every other week to try and help to get some of these animals a beautiful home and so for that reason I want to feature a few animals every week have a story – maybe shine some light on them so maybe somebody will want to take one of these beautiful animals and give them a lot of love and I first really want to feature Mac who is a dog who was rescued during the actual time of hurricane Harvey and he is the dog who's been in this shelter the longest and Mac as you can see he's taking a little bit of a nap he's been through quite a lot he was fostered once since the hurricane but he's been brought back several times and they said they had a little bit of a difficulty and readjusting to being back to a shelter and he's been in this cage for approximately more than six months since the hurricane and so this is Mac and I love this shelter because they give little tips about the animals who are here so when you come they'll tell you their name their gender their description the shots that they've had and more and they'll even tell you if the animal is a champion peddler what they do and some whatever so this is Mac you guys and he is so cute he's been here the longest and so we really want to find it so the next pup that I would like to introduce you to is Pippin and Oh Pippin is only six months old that means that Pippin came to the shelter when she was just a wee wee wee little one and Pippin is a champion cuddler and as you can see she is just as cute as can be she's wearing a little sweater today she's a little bit shy but she's just so cute you taste banana on probably that's my morning smoothie it is really yummy doesn't I think I just started something because all of a sudden they all started barking at me you pet one of them and they're like I want attention to that so they all start barking this is little Natasha and she is a pit bull which I like to call Harvey dogs like I like to say be a true Houstonian and adopt a Harvey dog but I have a she is so sweet and unfortunately she's like a lot of our pit bulls here where somebody was trying to crop their ears but they did a very unfortunate job of it and I like to call him crunchy ears well her little crunch crunchy ears hey Miss Natasha and she is so sweet and just so calm and lovable come here sweet girl come on I know there's a few people looking right come here baby watch me baby come on good girl and the deal is it just drives me crazy because I'd tell people will are you wanting you want a calm dog give it a small young dog he's gentle and got so well with others and the first thing I say is well are you okay with pit bulls and obviously a lot of the reactions are no absolutely not that just breaks my heart but that's the sweet Natasha hey baby hello she just takes some getting used to our shelter is full these little hidden gems like Natasha and it just kills me I just do really enjoy coming here though and look around and saying all of them are okay we're just out you know what they're all here to be okay it's a no-kill shelter and that's the only way I can really go home but anyway so she's a sweet girl aren't you a little baby with your crunch bounced around scratching a little but that's her little face Oh it'll Malthus split do you have a hmm I hope you don't cleft palate anyway alright baby I'm gonna have to put you back in you've been out a little too long everybody's gonna get nervous oh jeez like I said be a true Houstonian and adopt the Harvey dog that's just really what it means to live here and love these animals because they're everywhere people don't realize we have a climate that's warm all year round and these dogs were able to survive out on their own but that means heartworms that means dogs that are living out eating trash and that sort of thing and I don't know HP is a no-kill shelter I know of in Houston and we'd take as many as we can if you can come out here and adopt a Harvey dog that'd probably be the happiest thing I'd ever get this year most of my life to be honest I appreciate any suggestion it would be to foster a dog get to know that dog in its personality first because that's how you know you're going to love that dog just because it looks a certain way or it gives off a certain aura like it's tough or something like that that's not how you find a pet you want to live with for the rest of your life and that's what they are is they're animals they have to be taken for the rest of their lives and taken care of and so really try and find their personalities out first ask about what you want in a dog not what type of dog you want and that's really what matters I know and just let people know most of the dogs who are here are bigger dogs they're they're not toy animals they're not toy puppies these are dogs who've been through a lot and like they know it these are the dogs that are gonna love you the hardest and they're gonna be the most grateful when you take them home god these dogs do show just so much appreciation when you take them home it almost blows me away we have a little girl named hippo at our house right now a big fat head of American Bully and honest to god almost every day you can just feel in a how happy she is to be home somewhere where she's gonna be okay and not out on the streets and miss cold right now yeah so for those of you who do come who do want to send people here just know that's like these are the dogs who really need it the most and that are gonna be the most appreciative and they are bigger dogs but they're so loving and so sweet give them a chance really find out what they're like inside that's what really really all right thank you [Music] [Applause] so I really want to introduce you to my favorite pup so far I really bonded with her last week and she's so sweet and has the sweetest fur and she held my hand for like an hour her name is Ethel she's a champion cuddler and oh do you remember me I absolutely loved miss Ethel and as you can see she's wearing the cutest little red sweater yeah you are so we matched today oh look at that you won't touch my hands I know Ethel is also a puppy and as you can tell she's just oh yeah oh I know you always sweet heart she has puppy breath I knew I wonder if I can take her out taken out okay so as you can see miss Ethel is so happy to be out of her cage she's so loving she's so sweet I know honey she's the cutest cutest cutest ever pretty sure she's like my favorite one in this whole place she's probably thinking she's about to get a walk but she's just about to get it cuddle yeah I know we are filming today oh hi miss Reed she's like hugging me yes she went on an event on Saturday for the walk in the woods and she got to go do a little was that at the Houston Arboretum it was at the Memorial trails oh yeah across from you so now I'm here with crystal she is the adoptions manager expert here at Houston pet celeb and she's going to tell you a little bit more about this amazing shelter yes so this isn't a temporary shelter with Houston pets alive and also in conjunction with Austin pencil life we started this with hurricane Harvey when we had a lot of displaced animals so right now all the animals that are here in the dog shelter as well as the cat shelter have been saved from the euthanize list so they are here awaiting their forever home our adoptions are between 12 and 6 daily and right now all of our fees are waived so we hope that we can have you know a large amount of people come out come and save these animals get them in their forever home so that's basically what we do here with Houston pets 11 also awesome pets alive so this is an old grocery store it converted into an animal shelter and I know you guys need more money I'll be sure to put a link below for those of you who who maybe aren't in the area but who want to donate money to help the shelter as well and can you tell me a little bit more about what happened during Hurricane harvey and how many of these dogs have come to be here so during Hurricane harvey you know again we had a lot of displaced animals they were coming from other shelters around Houston and surrounding areas so we kind of had to just makeshift this grocery store we were actually in the katie mills parking lot prior to this we found this location which also had been flooded as well so as you can see you know it's missing some boarding and things like that so we just kind of had to find a place wherever you want and so here we are and yeah thank you thank you for what you do for those who are watching like maybe just encourage them that like anybody can come in we want you to volunteer we need your help adopt anything yes so we are heavily heavily based off of volunteers that's like our livelihood that's our blood you know so we need Evan anyone and everyone to come out volunteer also donations monetary and also just you know you know small items we also need like hand sanitizer Clorox wipes you know things like that so we are always asking for that we also need adoptions I mean that's you know if we have adoptions we save two lives the life of the animal that's here and then also the life of the animal that is on the euthanized list so not only are you saving one life but two and that's really our main model and our goal is to say both of those lives as well as all the other animals so yeah we just encourage everyone to come out volunteer donate and adopt thank you and I think it's truly amazing the people who are running the shelter like do an amazing job and so I just want to say thank you to you guys as well you're helping so many animals cannot say thank you enough no thank you for coming out and just you know reaching out to your you know subscribers and your family online alright teen you can't let them down can't let them down so whatever way a new animal comes in from the other shelters that were on the euthanize list every animal here comes in in this checked by our vet staff in our intake team and what they do is just kind of look over the animal make sure you know it's healthy if it's not and we'll move them you know to the isolation we also vaccinate we make sure that every animal that we have here is microchipped so that way you know when they get adopted out everyone can find them so they get all of their rabies again their microchips and all their vaccinations here unfortunately we do not have puppies here but that's only because they're better in a foster environment so but people can also come and foster some of these animals absolutely yes so not only do we take in animals and do adoptions but we also offer fostering so if anyone wants to open up their home to any one of these guys one two three or more you're more than welcome to yes I mean there's some animals here that really really need to be in a home because they just don't do very well in a shelter environment so we'd like to get those things out as soon as possible and then and with that our foster you know parents they take them to off-site events so they can get adopted out there thank you guys for having us featured on your blog in your website and all that good stuff thank you please fill out shout out – you better live awesome Pez alive please come out join us saving the saving of animals out here so thank you thank you I want to thank you guys for joining me in this video today for those of you who have appreciated this who want more animal adoption videos be sure to give this video a thumbs up and for those of you who live in this area who live anywhere near this area or maybe you don't live near this area and you want to help all the information is going to be in the description below whether you want to donate fostered adopt volunteer all of the above like I said I'm making an effort to come here once a week or every other week to come and volunteer it help spread the message to support these animals the shelter and so much more and I really would appreciate you guys to come and join me and support me if you're with me and be sure to leave a yes in the comments below if you are for for this not against it put a yes in the comments below and don't forget to hit the subscribe button because there's so much more to come and want to thank you all so much for your love and your support and send you all my hugs in my love