if you guys like juice be sure to give this video a thumbs up and hit the subscribe button because it's about to get juice hey you guys it's Christina and today I'm gonna be showing you how to make a sixth ingredient juice for quick and mune system recovery it is that time of year when many people are getting the cold or the flu and your immune system needs a little boost so today I'm gonna be showing you how to make a delicious juice that is filled with vitamins and minerals and electrolytes for your system this is a juice that you cannot find at grocery stores this is a juice that you're going to need to make in your own home fresh not oxidized and if you can with these exact six ingredients this is a really simple juice to make it's really fun are you guys ready for an immune boost let's get started I'm gonna be using my kuvings juicer for this recipe and I'm so excited to be using this new model if you guys are interested in a kuvings juicer you can check out the link in the description below first up I'm gonna add in approximately 3 to 4 peeled oranges into my kuvings juicer oranges also help to fight off viruses from your system they protect your body from radiation and they help to deactivate toxic heavy metals in your system next up we're going to be adding in approximately one to two peeled lemons or limes lemons and limes are two highly antibacterial anti-inflammatory fruits and they really help to flush out toxins from your body after this add in approximately for the 5 stalks of celery celery is filled with so many nutrients especially a natural sodium that helps to balance your body celery juice in the mornings is incredible and I know Anthony Williams recommends us as well add in one cucumber cucumbers are essential for hydrating your cells in your body also add in approximately one medium-sized handful of cilantro cilantro is filled with IO photons and phytochemicals that are incredible for your blood and your body and last but not least we are going to add in the water from one young coconut let's crack open this Coco shall we young coconut water is the most electrolyte filled liquid on the planet and in some countries they actually use it for blood transfusions once you've finished juicing all of these ingredients together you can strain it again into another Bowl if you'd like or you can simply pour it into your glass jar a choice I recommend that you drink this juice at least 32 ounces of it every single morning when you wake up how delicious and refreshing does this immune booster look Wow are you guys ready for the final taste I know I am hmm Wow oh that is so good it's like a light refreshing citrus coconut and green juice oh it just doesn't get much better than that but I know it will oh if you like juice be sure to give this video a thumbs up and hit the subscribe button because it's only gonna get more delicious from here you guys need more tips tricks or recipes on how to go fully raw you can also find me on my other social media app fully raw and fully rocked Christina all right you guys I'm gonna go and enjoy the rest of this delicious juice and I hope that you get to go and do the same sending you all my hugs and my love