hi everyone it's been a while since the last sense of self but we're coming back with a really good one today I am really excited because we are going to get a look inside Alexis jeez all space and this was actually right before she moved so it was a really interesting time to be coming into her space because things were starting the transition process of getting ready to be packed up and moved and I think that it's really cool too because we caught her right at this time where she will get to remember this space in video form also by the way I have to say if you follow her on Instagram if you saw what was happening while she was actually moving then r.i.p Joanna's hair you definitely know what that means if you saw her Instagram story about that and I have to say I'm slightly devastated I actually got to spend real time with Alexis this last playlist and it was just really cool and natural and organic I just really enjoyed hanging out with her she is probably one of the funniest people that I have ever met and then there's also this side to her that is just so kind and so sweet and just genuinely good which you can just sense from her when you spend time with her I love that somebody that is so good and so talented is getting attention because she definitely deserves it she is gonna do some awesome amazing things and I can't wait to see what they are I hope you're ready because this is definitely one of the most interesting places that we have ever visited on sense of self so here we go hey how are you go whatever you do welcome to my own we have a ride lots of sights and smells to me now left in you I can't wait [Music] all right so we're starting off with smell we're just trying to remember what all the scents yeah what are we gonna be sniffing okay it's very near to us so it's a have it lit currently but it's a love candle if you wanna take a whiff so the idea of the candle it's not even like romantic love it's just like love that smells really so when you light it it emits like good energy and loving it yes exactly and so in turn it comes back to you what is that is there like Oh Mandarin pink pepper sweet pitch patchouli mm-hmm and a car would yes it's a very nice scent it smells really good and honestly I was going to guess that this was like gardenia or Jasmine like some one of those flowers but no way off so yeah where'd you get it so it's from this shop called Spitfire girl but it was actually a gift from like someone I love and loves me and that's not part of the idea so do you think of that person every time you lied I do yes oh I love that [Music] taste is now a taste I love having like interactive things in the apartment and like things that visitors can partake in so I have a star so I always keep it here and whenever I travel I like get candy from wherever I am and fill it up here so there's like hard and like chewy candies from Germany and then there's some classic Kinder's what has been your favorite international candy so far I am today that I tried these and they're doing yeah I think honestly the really they're like chewy I got them landed a little cute like lavender store on the streets of Germany so I think that's like part of what makes it fun experience and then I had before this like these chocolates I got in Malaysia and they were so bad but I think that was also like part of the fun and it's like tasting them and then like two people who tried them liked them so again something forever it's interesting to you how food and especially I think candy is really apparent when you go to other countries the distinct taste that cultures have it's interesting how much of like the culture we grew up in shapes what we like yeah and then what has been one of your favorite international candies aside from those like chewy German yes oh my god there's some really good they're like starburst but different well I think a favor I mean kinder is a classic like international candy that's just always really good I had this thing I was in England it's like a banana shaped chocolate it had like fluffy bananas stuff in the middle and I don't think I would like eat it all the time it was very fun to eat yeah I've seen that one before my roommate Stefan arias is of such a talented musician and he is always in his room like singing and playing instruments and just there's always like a slight like dududududu like going on throughout the apartment and I've talked to his sister about who grew up with him and she's like God so annoying but I love it like just a little bit of music you're like I'm on my computer in the living room he's like to do to do and I'm like I don't even have to turn anything on exactly it's so perfect so should I like grab see if he'll yeah [Music] they were never true never true [Music] oh my god I totally see why I don't love that oh my God thank you thank her yes I'm trying to imagine how happy I would be if that was just in my living space all the time it's so good like imagine replying to emails while he's like singing ballads Oh wonderful it's like the best way to live [Music] site yes so what are we looking at are we seeing there's so much to look at in here yes so again like my favorite thing about having like my home is having like interactive different elements so one of my favorite things to look at is I got this like poster called a toilet cam and it's a bunch of different like party scandalous situations that might happen in the bathroom at like a club and they're all like very intense and vulgar but I think it's fun to have people like tag themselves as which one they feel represents them my god I see Chris Klieman oh yeah so it's obviously they're all like super famous so it's not like we're you calling anyone out so do you want to tag yourself yeah let me have a good look okay yeah take it in if that isn't me then like if that ain't me the pooping one is yeah just really being thorough about it so I'm gonna choose okay I'll get you that one oh my god I feel so official but now I love it oh my god I could seriously just stare at this for so I I'm a Sofia I love it more stuff like this for touch this is definitely something I recognized from Instagram for sure I've definitely seen this a few times so this is our sab chair and they're they're sort of a it's sort of an evolution like we weren't one day just like we should have a chair that we stabbed so we had a desk chair and one of the legs was wobbly and we put off getting anyone forever and finally order food online so we had this two dusters and one was like all Wiggly and so my roommates up and had the idea to stab it we were just like destroy it and then throw it away so one night we were like stabbing and stabbing it and then we rode on it like give it a stab and then we just didn't get rid of it and so it would like stay in our living room and then people would come over they would also give it some stab and it sort of became like a staple of our apartment so as that stature was dying my roommate ran into this news tab chair just on the street and so we adopted her and this is our second ever stop chair my gosh I love it would you like to give it a stab sure oh my god I've seen this on Instagram and this is really making me feel very official okay get it oh my god that feels gonna have the back yeah that's good I feel like you can tell a lot about a person based on the first stab and snap sure and you did a pretty strong one I'm kind of worried about how much oh it's super good you're having a bad day come home get it ah this spot yeah I like the sound it makes until the ripping so I guess I'm constructive at heart that was good you did a really good job I don't know I could never you really went for it I was hoping that this would be here so I could do that not gonna lie alright so that is gonna be it for today thank you so much Alexis so we're showing us around of course any time I think I have to say this is definitely one of the most interesting I thank you I love it there's just so much to take in here and I love that there's a story behind everything to like just even the most random things that you see around you have a story for it it's like fun too nice fun space yeah and I have to say that I don't think I'm ever gonna enter anybody else's space that has a stabbed chair so pretty happy then I got to experience it thank you again so where can everybody find you online you can find me on YouTube Twitter Instagram all Alexis cheese all my name turnout we'll have all the links down below make sure you go and check her out she is so funny thank you so much thanks for having me subscribe to Ingrid and check more up here from me yeah if you want to find me online my links will be down below right see you guys later bye [Music] [Music]