another month another favorites video here we go [Music] this month has definitely been interesting I have traveled which has been amazing I had a cut on my face which was less amazing but I also got some really great skin care recommendations from you guys in terms of helping to heal the cut on my face so I am just gonna go over everything that I have been loving this month and one major thing has been because of you guys you have saved my skin this month you will see what it is in a minute in the shower I've really been loving the gel Malone shower oil this is of course the peony and blush suede scent which is my signature scent it is the one scent that I always wear and I love all the peony and blush suede products I also really love the candle it is safe to say that I am obsessed obsessed is actually an understatement so if you ever go to a gel Malone counter and smell peony and blush suede then you know what I smell like but I've really been loving this shower oil because it just feels really luxurious if you've never used a shower oil before they're really amazing they start off as an oil obviously but when you use them in the shower they emulsify into a really nice lather and it just feels really pampering to use it and often times shower oils have a really lovely scent to because it does start off as an oil that really lends itself to the possibility of amazing fragrances that also stay on your skin after you use them this has been my favorite thing to use on my body in the shower it makes me smell good and it makes my skin super soft I don't feel like this is a substitute for soap I'm using it because I love the way that it makes my skin smell and feel another thing I've been using in the shower and loving is this face mask so this does not look like it's a face mask but it is it is by a Korean brand called Blythe and it is the patting water pack and it is energy yellow citrus and honey so this is for deep cleansing moisturizing balancing and lifting so this really works with the steam in your shower so this is the very last thing I do in the shower after washing my hair my body and my face I will use this and I just pour out a little bit into the cap I fill the cap all the way up I then pour that into my hand and I Pat it onto my face so I just pat pat pat pat pat for about 15 seconds and then I use the water coming out of the shower and I just splash it on my face so I don't touch my face with my hands I'm just splashing the water onto my face like a Neutrogena commercial just get it on there you want to make sure that the water is not scalding hot because it's not good to be using super hot water on your face in general it can just be really harsh and drying after I do that for about 15 seconds and it's all washed off I get out of the shower grab my towel I don't touch my face I just let it air dry and then I go into my toner and my moisturizer and whatever else I'm using on my face I use this in the morning because I love the citrus scent and I also love that this is a face mask that I can quickly use in the shower it takes 30 seconds and a lot of times in the morning I don't have time to you know sit around for like twenty or thirty minutes with a face mask on my face so this allows me to really get the benefits of a face mask in a short amount of time and I love that it's super efficient it really makes your complexion immediately glowy really clear and I feel like if I'm wearing makeup that day it just helps everything look a lot better for toner I have been using this one from Lamesa buy glow recipe and this is a new line that is exclusive to Target stores and I love glow recipe I loved the watermelon mask I'm obsessed with that mask and I'm really excited that there is this new line that you can get at Target and I especially love the green tea serum toner so this is for balancing and really hydrating your skin after I wash my face I pour a little bit of the into my hands and I Pat it onto my skin and I let it dry before putting on any kind of serum or moisturizer afterwards I love how this feels because it's really smooth and cushiony and it doesn't feel sticky on your face because sometimes toners can feel a little bit sticky and I don't like that this is to help make your skin feel really plump and glowy and I feel like it does exactly that it immediately hydrates your skin and just really makes it feel good plus the scent is amazing I love this scent it's just really fresh and light and especially in the morning it just feels really good to use I have been all about make Prem especially this moisturizer it is the safe me relief moisture cream and it is made from only 12 ingredients I have been using this every single day pretty much every morning and every night this was amazing to travel with because I didn't have to bring a separate nighttime moisturizer with me I can just use the same thing during the day and at night and I love how this has made my skin feel my skin feels really hydrated and balanced I had this cut right underneath my eye and I couldn't use a lot of the moisturizers that I have because they had fragrances in them or they would just make the cut sting and this was the only moisturizer that I could really use both day and night that wasn't irritating that cut on my face it's really really gentle but also super effective I love the consistency of it it's just really fluffy it feels really hydrating when you put it on your skin but it doesn't make you feel greasy definitely obsessed with the sunscreen from make Prem so this is the UV defense me capsules Sun gel with SPF 50 and this is awesome so if you're familiar with the glossy a sunscreen that sunscreen is a gel it goes onto your face completely clear but I really like this one better number one you get more than double the product which is awesome and I believe it costs a little bit less to number two is that I just like the consistency of this better and the way that it feels on my skin so the glossier sunscreen for me after it dries can feel a little bit dry on my face not super dry but I especially notice it more after using this sunscreen and this just makes my skin feel a lot more hydrated and balanced I love the scent it's really light and it doesn't linger on your face I love the way that this dries clear on your skin it doesn't leave a residue it also doesn't feel drying it's amazing when you put makeup over the top of it or if you're not wearing makeup so I have just really really really been loving this I love how easy it is to use there's a pump it is just awesome it's definitely one of the best sunscreens I've ever used on my face this is the thing that has saved me this last month and it's all because of you guys in my Instagram DM is recommending this to me this is what I used on the cut underneath my eye it is rosehip oil I went on Instagram and asked you guys if you had any recommendations for how to heal a cut on your face especially because my skin tends to scar so I looked at my Instagram DMS and so many of you recommended rosehip oils so I went out and it was a little bit tricky to find at first but I eventually found it at Whole Foods they had so many different kinds and I put this on my face two to three times every single day and this helped heal the cut within a 5 day span so within five days the cut was closed up and I was able to put makeup around it and buy a full week it was even better the scab was completely gone and now it's just this mark that's on my face so I'm using bio oil on it now but this really just helped heal my cut and I want to thank you guys so much because it definitely healed up a lot faster and so much smoother and more seamlessly than it would have if I had just been like putting Neosporin on it [Music] I have been growing out my eyebrows for almost a full year now and I promise I am going to do a dedicated eyebrow video for you guys but I'm still in the process of everything so once I just get through this phase a little bit more then I'll be able to give you more of a full picture experience I mentioned in my last favorites video that I went to Christy Stryker to get my brows touched up she put me on a growth plan which involves using a brow serum to help my brows grow and also coming in every six to eight weeks to just get a touch-up to help stimulate the hair growth it's kind of like when you're growing out your hair and you need to get it trim so it grows more it's like that but with my eyebrows we're really working on trying to get my brows to just grow a little bit more hair on the ends and so I have been using this brow serum that she recommended it is called grande brow it's just a clear gel that I put on my brows every morning and every single night I am super diligent about this I've been using this browser for about a month now and I have to say that I definitely notice growth from it I am noticing that this brow especially has a lot more hair than before because there is definitely a very significant sparse area right here and I'm seeing hair coming in and really growing and I'm like whoa this is working and it makes me really excited so now it's just like this brow over here needs some more hair on the end crossing my fingers that the brow serum will also help some more hair over here grow but I've really been loving this and I definitely recommend it I've never used a brow serum before so I can't really compare it to anything else but I can say that it hasn't irritated my skin or my eyes in any way also Christy said that if you use a brow serum you do have to be really regular and diligent about it so it's only gonna work if you use it twice a day every day I've really been liking this palette from Tarte it is the tartlet in bloom palette and I have been bringing this everywhere with me because I just really love all the neutral colors I've really been enjoying using this because I can create so many different looks from it I can go dark I can do something really natural I can use the darker colors as eyeliner and I just think it's a really great palette in general but especially for this time of year this is such a great size too and that is something that's really important to me because whenever I look at products I always think about the portability factor since I do travel quite a bit so I always think is this something that I can take with me easily on the other end of the spectrum something that is not easy to take with me that is also from Tarte is this this is the big blush book 3 I mean look at this this is so cool there are so many blushes in here my two favorites have been mindful and peachy which is what I have on my cheeks today so I just mix those two together peach is like a little bit more shimmery and then mindful leans more on the pink side and doesn't have any shimmer in it I love all the blushes in here and then there's a highlighter in the middle but it's so cumbersome like this packaging is just so big it's also really flimsy and cheap like this just kind of flips around and doesn't actually really protect the blush that well so I just feel like this was a huge oversight with packaging but the product inside is so great and it's really disappointing because this is totally something that I would want to bring with me when I travel but I am NOT packing this in my suitcase also because I would be so afraid that the blushes would break because the packaging is just so weird it's literally just foam that slides around that's it I really think that they should have put more thought into this packaging last but not least I have been loving the RMS living Luminizer so you guys know that I really love the RMS uncover-up concealer I've heard such great things about the living Luminizer it's a highlighter that's in a pot like this so it's really similar to uncover-up but when you put this on your face it just creates the most natural highlight and I've been using this on the inner corner of my eyes and actually just like bringing it down underneath a little bit to really bring an extra light to my eyes I love how easy this is to apply because you can just tap it on with your finger I've been putting it right in the center of my eyelids and it doesn't look like a crazy shimmery highlighter it really just looks like you have a natural glow and I love it because it just works with your skin so that is it for my favorites today I know that I don't have a book to show you guys but that is because I did a whole video on books I just talked about a bunch of books that I've read recently so if you want to know my thoughts and what I've been enjoying I will have a link to that video down below so that can kind of be like a continuation of my favorites as always thank you so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it please give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel because I will have more videos coming your way I will see you guys later I hope you're having an awesome day bye