[Music] hey guys and welcome back to my channel today's video I am giving you guys a sick nighttime routine and the first thing I like to do when the kids are sick I like to give them a hot light dinner so I just made some soup and some toast to go on the side just in case they wanted something a little heavier I did offer them some toast [Music] so when the kids are sick I like to give them some sort of vitamin enriched water or something with electrolytes just to make sure they're staying hydrated [Music] the next thing I do is give them a bath and I like to put some Epsom salt in their bath just to flush all the toxins out and try to get rid of the toxins in their body and all the bacteria and when my kids are sick I like to bathe them separately I don't know what it is I don't know if it makes the difference or not but I just like to think that you know the germs aren't spreading whenever I bathe them separately [Music] so after I get them out of the bath I put on their pajamas and I like to put them in the spare bedroom lately if they've been sick I go ahead and I just put them in the spare bedroom and that way no one is having to climb up on the bunk beds and they're both in the same spot that way it's just it just makes it a whole lot easier for me and the spare bedroom is closer to the bathroom than any of the other bedrooms so it just makes it that much more easier [Music] I try to make them comfortable and first up in on some Vicks VapoRub on their chest help them feel better at night and help with their coughing Vicks is actually the number one pediatrician recommended cough rub and it also lasts for eight hours so it helps them sleep through the night and without coughing and this video is actually sponsored by Vicks VapoRub so thank you so much Vicks for sponsoring today's video [Music] one of my subscribers also sent me this germ Buster rollerball and it has essential oils in there so what I like to do is put this on the bottom of the kids feet whenever they are feeling sick and then I just put socks on top of that [Music] then I'll get some essential oils going in the diffuser and I'll put some of my favorite like recipes in the description box for when my kids are sick and I like to put the light on red because red actually helps you sleep better I don't know if you guys knew that but I thought that was a really helpful tip when I learned it so whenever I'm trying to get them to sleep and relax I turned the diffuser on red and then I just read some books with them in the bed and trying to keep them occupied in bed sometimes we'll watch TV but I really like to read to them whenever they are sick instead of watching TV just because when I'm sick I don't really like watching that much TV because it hurts my eyes so reading to them is a good option and then I'll also just try to lay down with them normally when my kids are sick they just want to snuggle mama and that makes everything so much better [Music] after they have fallen asleep I try to go downstairs and clean up and disinfect the house as much as I can I like to clean up every night anyway but it's especially helpful when the kids are sick just in case they need extra attention the next day I won't have to worry about the housework and it also helps to disinfect and try to kill the germs before everyone else gets sick I know as parents like I don't have time to be getting sick so I definitely like to just go ahead and disinfect that way I don't get it [Music] I hope you guys enjoyed today's video please leave it a thumbs up if you did and don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you are new I have a giveaway going on right now and I will also have Vicks VapoRub website down below in the description box just in case you guys want to go check it out and I will see you guys in the next video bye [Music]