if you like avocados hit the subscribe button because it's about to get delicious [Music] are you guys it's Christina and I'm so excited to be back in the kitchen with you today because we're gonna be making avocado boats and not just any avocado boats fully raw vegan rainbow delicious avocado boats these are the perfect appetizer for any party for any event they're quick they're simple and they're delicious and so much fun are you ready – avocados avocado me too I'm gonna shred through my veggie bullet carrots blah senado kale and purple cabbage once you get all of these together it's basically a beautiful rainbow salad go ahead and sprinkle in some fresh basil some sage and some pomegranate seeds this my friends is a beautiful festive and delicious salad and we're going to make a delicious vinaigrette to sprinkle in on top go ahead and sprinkle in two large tablespoons of coconut vinegar if you prefer to use apple cider vinegar you can use this as well after this mix in two to three tablespoons of lemon juice a teaspoon of salt and a little paprika this my friends is a beautiful and festive holiday salad sweet and simple and you could definitely eat it just like this however we're gonna take it one step further take your avocados and cut them in half you're going to take your knife and remove the pits just like this and with a spoon take your salad and start sprinkling your salad within each of these avocado boats you can sprinkle a little bit of Himalayan salt on top or any dried herbs of choice ladies and gentlemen how delicious do these avocado boats look and the perfect snack for any party any vent or even just to enjoy on your own how delicious and beautiful do these avocado boats look if these look good to you give this video a thumbs up comment below and let me know what you think hit the subscribe button and join the family show some love and you can also find me on my other social media out fully rock Kristina fully raw Facebook Pinterest Instagram Twitter all the above as well and you guys know I'm sending you all my hugs in my love today so I hope you guys get to go and enjoy these avocado boats and I'm gonna go and do the same